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deep in beer and bodies. But earlier it can be quite nice.

It's remarkable how this town handles the Festival. Look at it; processions, thousands of people. inflatable acropolises. the fireworks. The fireworks - I love that. A couple of years ago I knew someone with a flat right up by the Castle. We g sneaked into the gardens and sat later we rolled under the Castle walls. We had a large bottle of Scotch and the fireworks cascading j over us. and below. the orchestra j fiddling away at Handel‘s Fireworks ? Music— there’s a European flavour to Edinburgh you just don‘t get in 3 London. I 0 Stockbridge A distinctive area of f Edinburgh. formally part oi the New 5 Town but with its own atmosphere. The Stock Bridge itselfcrosses the Water of Leith and the Water of Leith Trail can be picked up from here taking you south to Leith.

0 Glenogle Baths Glenogle Road

(Nos 27 and 23 buses from Hanover ' Street). Open Mon—Fri 9am-7pm. Sat 9am—3pm, Sun 9am~l 1.40am. A Victorian curiosity with buttressed j towers designed by Robert Morham. i 0 Royal Botanic Garden 552 7171 (entrance in Inverleith Row Nos 8. 9,19,23 and 27 buses). Open 7 days dawn to dusk. Second oldest gardens in Britain with surprising views across the city.

0 Herbie’s Delicatessen 66 Raeburn Place. 332 9888.

0 Marty’s Grill 29 West Maitland Street (near Haymarket). 225 3199. i ‘Authentic‘ American Fifties-style cafe. A must. i o The Ping 0n Chinese Restaurant 28 I Deanhaugh Street. 332 3621— you'll l' just have to take Paul‘s word for it. i 0 John Dickson and Son 21 Frederick Street. 225 4218. Established in Edinburgh since 1820. this is the [ 100th anniversary ofthe famous l Dickson Round Action Gun. Duck calls range in price from £5 to £15.

0 The Fringe Club Teviot Row. Bristo Square. 667 2091. Until 30 Aug.

when it reverts to being the main 1 Students’ Union. Nos 41 . 2. 23. 27 l and 45 bus routes. The club. which has had many locations over the years has recently settled. ()pen till 3am seven days a week. day membership £2. weekly £4. available

from Fringe Office or from the Club. .


£0 Marthe) [\Qh’

Russell Harty on 21 Aug at 7.30pm. 0 Fireworks 2] Aug. See Information section at start of this issue.

ROYAL MILEThis is not so much one

street as four. beginning briefly by 2” EYRE PLACE

Edinburgh Castle as Castle Hill. the (5584608

o|dcst street in Edinburgh. FRENCH PROVINCIAL COOKING AT ITS BEST! becoming the Lawnmarket. the LUNCHEON

original market place ofthe Old 3 COURSES AND COFFEE £6.50

Town. then the ngh Street and DINNER

finishing UP 85 Elm ( “WE”? , 2 EXTENSIVE MENUS AT £10 AND £14.50 leading to Holy rood Palace. ( Ihe I ATE SUPPER

‘canons' were the Augustinian MENU AVAILABLE

canons ofHolyrood. the ‘gait‘ the path between the abbey and the Royal Burgh of Edinburgh).

The heart ofthe Old 'l‘own. this 'royal‘ stretch was the scene of many ungodly acts and the numerous closes running off the central spine have all manner ofghosts and murders to their credit. Try taking The Witchery Murder and Mystery Tour 332 3429 which starts at 10pm every evening and is conducted by notorious highwayman Adam Ler (executed in 1811!).

STOCKBRIDGE An attractive ‘village‘ with a tendancy towards the wholemeal. Good for cafes (the Blue Parrot 49 St Stephen Street Mon—Sat 9am-5pm). delicatessens (try Eliery‘s Deli 43 Raeburn Place Mon-Sat 9am—5.50pm. Thurs and Fri until 6.30pm). Theatre (Theatre Workshop 34 Hamilton Place 225 7942). second hand and antique shops (St Stephen Street) and bakers (The Breadwinner l Raeburn Place; also lunches and suppers). The 19th century archway leading to the old market still stands at the bottom ofSt Stephen Street. but unfortunately no longer leads anywhere interesting. The Water oi Leith. once a city boundary. runs through Stockbridge and there is a good walk along the bank to Dean Village.

TRAINS The triple-arched. double-columned entrance of the Caledonian Hotel used to form the monumental Victorian entrance to a station at the west end of Princes Street. The hotel. described by the RIA as a ‘blousyintrusion . . . . . all in blushing pockmarked sandstone‘ was built on the trainsth and Platform One is these days a bar and the place to catch jazz.

UNDER the City (‘hambers in the High Street are the substantial


The original vegetarian and wholefood self service restaurant

Open 6 days, Monday—Saturday 8am—late, food served all day and evening

Live music nightly in the Wine Bar Quality, consistency and valuefor money

94 Hanover Street Edinburgh EH2 1DR Tel: 031 225 2131


V”? \ Q


(3 lies i' " R.


12/14 Victoria St.,

Tel:226 (3695 _, EDINBURGH

’7. ‘1 o‘

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The List 22 Aug :4Sept 59