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O Violin ’cello and piano ' tuition, all grades to LRAM

“remains of Mary King's Close, or the Street of Sorrows, last inhabited in 1645 and supposedly the ‘last lurking place of the plague, haunted by all manner of evil creatures, deserted by all except the powers of darkness.‘ This has made it popular with visitors and to arrange a trip contact Mr Morton, 664 4525. Numbers are limited to twenty and visits are in the evenings.

UNIVERSITY The sixth-oldest in Britain, founded in 1503, Edinburgh University has a particularly fine reputation for Medicine and Sciences. James Boswell, Charles Darwin, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Robert Louis Stevenson are among its illustrious alumni and John Erickson, Professor of Politics is adviser to the American administration, among others, on issues of strategic arms and defence. VIEWS Worth the climb are the following: the (extinct) volcano Arthur’s Seat rising to a craggy 823 feet out of Holyrood Park; Calton Hill accessible from either Waterloo Place or Calton Terrace at the Leith



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0 Feel a Misfit? 17th August. Fresh.


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Walk end tor a splendid view across the Forth and along Princes Street; it is also good at night and good for a (profile) view ofthe end-of-the-festival fireworks on Thurs 21 Aug; Blackiord Hill in the Hermitage of Braid off Comiston Road on the south side ofthe city is worth the trip for both the park and the view and Ben Lomond is visible from Braid Hill a little further south. Also go to tnverleith House in the Royal Botanic Gardens for the view of the city skyline. WALKS Bracing but briefwith a good pub at the end: start at Holyrood Palace and walk round the crags to your right leaving the Palace behind you. Follow the path round and at Duddingston Loch, on your right, look for a small lane on the left which leads to the attractive Sheeps Heid Inn the oldest pub in Edinburgh. (Mon-Sat 11am—11pm, Sun 12.30pm—2.30pm and 6.30—10.30pm). Bar lunches. X MARKS THE SPOT Of the cemeteries in Edinburgh, Greyiriars Churchyard, Candlemaker Row, has a

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0 Eight Randy American SistersSeek Scots man to play bridge (and other games). Meet nightly, 8pm at The Octette Bridge Club, Viewiorth Centre. Starting

A _, , g m , ;~, .,~ a.“ . particularly remarkable history. POpularly known for ‘Greyfriars Bobby’, the terrier who refused to neglect his master‘s grave there for fourteen years, it is historically closely bound up with the Covenanters. In 1638 the National Covenant was signed, in what is now the churchyard, by an assembly of noblemen. merchants and members of the congregation, vowing to resist the infiltration ofthe ‘papist‘ religion in Scotland, and calling for a free Scottish Parliament. The Covenant was said to have been signed in blood on a tombstone, but certainly the bloodiness ofthe Covenanters‘ fight is much in evidence. The Covenanters‘ Prison, which held over 1200 Covenanters for five months in the open air on a daily ration ofone ‘penny loaf‘, stands in the southwest corner. The Lord Advocate, Sir George ‘Bluidy‘ Mackenzie, who sent many Covenanters to torture and death, is buried here, as are many of his victims. William Adam, the architect and George Buchan, tutor to Mary,

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0 Italian Lessons Contact Elena 447 2333 (evenings).

O Violin Tuition Contact Jan Karel, 6 Sciennes Gardens,

experienced final year student. Tel 031 557 0919.

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Queen of Scots, are also buried here. In the 16505 Oliver Cromwell moved out the congregation and moved in the barracks. YOUNG ATHENIANS Not quite ‘Yuppies‘ , Young Athenians aren‘t necessarily going anywhere, being

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professions are property developing and restoration with literary overtones.

ZOOLOGICAL PARK An attractive eighty-acre area with an impressive zoological collection. Constantly being improved, it includes a beaver and an otter pool, a large penguin colony (the penguins parade at 2.30pm every afternoon), a monkey house, the Steading or children‘s farm with smaller animals and a giant inflatable frog forjumping on! Open every day of the year Mon-Sat

Corstorphine Road, east of the city (on the way to Edinburgh Airport), buses 12. 26, 31,85 and 86 from city ' centre.


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