I There's a lively bluebeat and ska in

Princes Street Gardens on Sat 13 with

the Potato 5 and The Deltones

(pictured), an 11-piece all-iemale

1 ragbag oi beginners and experienced 2 musicians. Until now they’ve been

i burning up the London pub and club

circuit but, aitera John Peel session 3 earlier this year, they are beginning to i probetheirieelers northwards.

Trumpeter Penny Leyton, iormerly

? with The Bodysnatchers and The Belle

i i

Stars, puts theirappeal down to their

than our abilities as musicians. We can’t play songs where we improvise ior hours in the middle because we’re

justnot capable oi it.’ This leads to bold and melodically

i bright music, and a three-part irontline 5 olvocalists whose radiant harmonies

have been declared reminiscent oi the great girl-groups oi the Sixties.

So iar, apart irom their Peel session, The Deltones have been shy at

§ recording, although legendary i Jamaican ska artist Laurel Aitken is

known to be interested in working with them. ‘lt’s betterior us,’ says Penny, ‘ii

3 we can see people dancing, because reliance ‘on songs and melodies rather

that's really the right response to the music we're playing I ieel.‘ You heard. Goto it.

a band, not a medical ailment as their name implies.

o This Periect Heart/All That Jazz Lucifers, Jamaica Street. 10.30pm. £1.50. All That Jazz play a youthful pop noise, and one of them owns his own venetian blind company. This Perfect Heart were tipped as ‘most likely to‘ late last year, but haven‘t yet. Their best feature is their vocalist. despite the fact she sings ‘It’s a social disease . . .‘ at the start of one oftheir songs.

MONDAY 8 Edinburgh

0 Deal Heights Cajun Aces High Dive Club. Buster Brown’s, Market Street. Louisiana cajun sounds. Support slot by punk folk We Free Kings. Still to be confirmed.

0 Band Contest Jailhouse, Calton Road. Free. To be held over the next four nights, with A&R managers, local radio representatives and a journalist from each of the national music papers in attendance at the final.

0 Radio Max Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

TUESDAY 9 Edinburgh

0 Band Contest Jailhouse, Calton Road. Free. See Monday 8.


0 Street Child Shadows, Bath Street. 9pm. Free. ‘And remember, son! Be home by 10.30 or Dad‘ll confiscate your guitar!‘ ‘But Mum, I’ve got a gig tonights in Shadows!’



WEDNESDAY 10 ' Edinburgh

0 Band ContestJailhouse. Calton Road. Free. See Monday 8.



0 New Order Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place. 7.30pm. £5.

0 Band Contest Jailhouse, Calton Road. Free. The final.

0 Heart Industry Clowns, High Street. 9pm. Free. See Sat 6.

0 Channel 2 Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.


0 Lyin’ Rampant Shadows, Bath Street. 9pm. Free. ‘Hey. guys! Let’s go pick us up some chicks and go cruisin‘.‘

O The Bodines Daddy Warbucks, West George Street. 10.30pm. £2 in advance. £2.500n door.

lDAY 12 Edinburgh

0 Metallica Playhouse Theatre. Greenside Place. £4.50. 7.30pm. Heavy Metal three-piece veering, voices tell me, more to the thrash-hardcore end of the spectrum.

O The Bodlnes Hoochie Coochie Club. West Tollcross. 10.30pm. One of the bands on the massively-hyped Creation Records. producing 60s-influenced material, and receiving huge accolades for their single, ‘Therese‘, earlier this year.

0 Zero Zero Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. Slick and professional Heavy Metal band.

0 Go Ferrit and Blue Brothers Jailhouse. Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free.

0 Avail Clowns. High Street. 9pm. Free.

Glasgow 0 Arizona Shadows. Bath Street.

9pm. Free. Arizona. I believe. come from Bearsden.

O The Crows Rooftops. Sauchiehall’ Street. 10.30pm. £2. ln l970'l‘he

Crows pathetic rock ‘n‘ roll

posturing might have been funny. in 1986. it‘s a joke. Let's all do the timewarp.

0 New Order Barrowlands. 8pm. £5. Wear a raincoat. a blank expression. black clothes and eyeliner. Then go to a New Order gig and everyone will think you're ‘deep‘. ‘sensitive’ and ‘angst-ridden‘.


O The Bhundu Boys Warehouse. Kirkgate. Still here, after having their work permits extended. Zimbabwe‘s Number One band. Joyful African dance music.

SATURDAY 13 Ediburgh

o The Potato 5 and The Deltones Ross Open Air Theatre. Princes Street Gardens. 1pm. Free. Two ska bands. Potato 5 a 9-piece. their sound augmented by fiddle and accordion,

r The Deltones an 1 l-piece all-female


0 Sanity Clause Jailhouse, Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free. Funk/Reggae.

is Polish up your dancing shoes - Stranger And Brothers have got a new record out.

For those oi you saying who? Strangers And Brothers are a Glasgow outiit comprising two (not so very strangely) Brothers, Jack and Charles Reilly and three others, Brendan Moon (bass), John Wilson (drums) and


Collectively they play loud noisy rock music with inreasingly regular heroic

guitar solos, (from Charles, who insists = that he’s not that great a guitarist but is

obviously a iibber), and very strange

and twisted nervy and comic gyrations : lrom singer Jack.

They have been getting along very



o Ranacanteen Warehouse. Kirkgate. Boppy pop with African and reggae tinges.

SUNDAY 14 Edinburgh

0 Billy McKenzie and Paul Haig (To be confirmed) Wilkie House. Cowgate. Two semi-legendary figures in the last five years of Scottish music. McKenzie ofThe Associates and Haig ofJosef K. team up on stage for a followup to their Glasgow show of a month or so back.

0 Tam White and the Dexters Jailhouse. Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free. See Fri 5.


0 Hearts and Minds Rock Garden. Queen Street. 9pm. Free.

MONDAY 15 Edinburgh

0 Chris de Burgh Playhouse Theatre. Greenside Place. 8pm. SOLD OUT. 0 The Janitors and Rate Kapelle Onion Cellar. The Mission. Victoria Street. £2.50 (£2). What we in the trade call a ‘Neil Taylor band’. continuing the run ofcult indie groups at the Onion Cellar. supported by local heroes Rote Kapelle, single out in Intape soon.

0 The Hook’n' Pull Gang (Tobe confirmed) The High Dive Club, Buster Brown‘s. Market Street. Loud guitars. gutsy female singer/drummer. the odd heart—rending song.

0 Great Shakes Jailhouse. Calton

i Road. 10.30pm. Free. Very mellow | jazz-funk.


well thank you outwith the hip and hyperbole oi The Glasgow Music Scene tor a year and a hall now with the only drastic drawback being the total Iimpness oi theiriirst single release earlierthis year, ‘Sensational’— which, uniortunater was not. The

release this week of their second single _

‘Don't Stop The Candytrain' (and not a drug reference in sight) should mend all that. What they do best is play live, and live they are an exciting mixture oi early Roxy Music with an undertaste at 22 Top ( l). Producer Paulo Duiiy has captured that true ieel beautilully with the new single, so get stomping immediately. (Andrea Miller)


The List 5 lBSepternber 15