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Aliens (18) (James Cameron, US, 1986) Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Blehn. 137 mins. Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), believe it or not, has been slumbering in deep space for 57 years. As the sole survivor ol the gut-wrenching events that betell the Nostromo in the wake at John Hurt’s stomach disorder, she probably needed the rest. Discovered by a rogue salvage vessel she is restored to consciousness and summoned belore a committee at bigwigs who are openly sceptical about her impassioned tale at a lethal organism that gestates within a living human being and has concentrated acid tor blood.

The tile on the Nostromo is marked closed and Ripley learns that lar irom being oil-limits the once unknown planet LB426 is now colonised by dozens ol unsuspecting earthlings. When communication with the colony abruptly ceases she is cajoled into i accompanying a marine mission back into the heart oi intergalactic darkness. 57 years is along spell in which to go lorth and multiply and the original nasty organism has done just that. Once again a light to the death ensues as the aliens methodically munch and crunch their way up the cast list towards a breathtaking linale.

It is a pleasure to report that Aliens not only matches but cleverly surpasses its predecessor; this is one

occasion where familiarity breeds only unease not comtempt. Cameron’s nerve-shattering sequel is a taut, lluld rollercoaster ride that perfectly judges the balance between humour and

i horror to skiliuily exploit our most primeval tears that the bogey-man is outto get us. There is no room lorlaise security here; at the slightest lull he will whiplash an audience back in their seats with a jolt and then allow a briel respite of laughter that borders on the hysterical.

Running over two hours, the lilm lairly whlzzes along, the tempo rarely llagging and the tension mounting with the unbearable corkscrew-tightening precision one might have anticipated irom the director of The Terminator. The monsters scare, the sets are cavernous, the hardware awesome while Sigourney Weaver ably provides the human eye oi the hurricane as the tough. resourcelul Ripley.

Aliens is unquestionably one at the lilms ol the year; an underwear-drenching, nail-devouring, pulsatingly visceral piece ol iilmcrafting. It's the kind at heart-attack inducing experience that should carry a health warning; you probably won't be able to sleep ior at least two days afterwards. Crash! Bang! Wailop! What a picture. (Allan Hunter)


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“A GRIPPING PIECE OF CINEMA” some: “Savager brilliant.” .. .. “Truly moving.”

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“AN EXTRAORDINARY FlLMilluminated by a superb performance by Gary OIdman.Splendid, imaginative, original, and often very funny. See it”





O Alter Hours (15) (Martin Scorsese, US, 1985) Griffin Dunne, John

Heard, Rosanna Arquette. 97 mins. 3

Mild-mannered word processor Dunne spends an unforgettably nightmarish night on the town in this 3 fast, furious and extremely funny black comedy. ;

He loses all his money, is caught in - torrential rain, can’t afford the ' increased tube fares, discovers a corpse, is mistaken for a burglar. . . and the night is yet young. Who’d ever complain about a dull life again?

Breathless, brilliant filmmaking. Edinburgh; Cameo. Glasgow; GFT o Alamo Bay ( 15) (Louis Malle, US. 1985) Amy Madigan, Ed Harris, Ho Nguyen. 99 mins. Vietnamese refugee Dinh warmly embraces the American Way and secures employment as a hard-working fisherman in the Texas town of Port Alamo. However he soon encounters the simmering resentment of a native generation who fought in ’Nam and now view a the boat people as an alien threat to their livelihood.

Emotive, over-plotted and surprisingly conventional racist melodrama with strong performances and a characteristically evocative Ry Cooder score. Glasgow; GFT 0 Aliens (18) fi' (James Cameron, ? US. 1986) Sigourney Weaver, Carrie i Henri, MichaelBiehn. 137 mins. See 5 Caption Review , Edinburgh; Odeon. Glasgow;

Odeon. Strathclyde; La Scala,

Odeon Ayr

o Backto the Future (PG) (Robert Zemeckis, US, 1985) Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Crispin Glover. 116 mins. Expertly-cast, wittily scripted time-travelling fantasy adventure. A worthy crowd pleaser. Glasgow; Rio

0 Blood Simple (18) (Joel Coen. US. 1984) Dan Hedaya, M. Emmet

‘WW—_i F1 | I15]:

Walsh. 98 mins. A Texan bar-owner

hires a private eye to kill his wife and her lover, but the detective tries to trick him by faking their deaths. A gleefully serpentine film noir bearing more than a passing resemblance to the steamy, tangled tales ofJames M. Cain. One to savour. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Blue Mountains (PG) :5: (Eldar Shengelaya. USSR, 1984) 97 mins. A young writer approaches a publishing house seeking the publication of his short story. Over the ensuing twelve months ofdelay, indolence and frustration we receive a detailed view of bureaucratic incompetence run wild.

Satirical Russian comedy that has been praised for its self-mocking sense ofsurrealism and allegory. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 A Chorus Line (PG) (Richard Attenborough. US, 1985) Michael Douglas, Alyson Reed, Terrence Mann. 118 mins. Sixteen dancers reveal their innermost secrets and fears to director-choreographer Douglas in a bid to secure one of eight coveted roles in a Broadway musical. Lavish, splashy, showbizzy drama-musical; 42nd Street meets

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