a ‘rattling’ good watch.” —- THE DAILY MAIL. Shaun Usher

° §“WHOOPEE for Whoopi Goldberg, ; whose sensational performance in Steven Spielberg’s


turns a great film into a classic.” —— THE SUN. David Hancock

“It exerts an emotional gn’p. .. ...superb performances from an extraordinary cast. . .

In these days of Movie Brats and film latest and most financially successful

3 schoolgraduatesit’sraretofind . production,shown earlierthisyear, well worth 588mg.”

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' Pialat is such a man. Born in 1925, his cop brooding about hisfuture which

5 lfifiéimillepaaél'ti'égillflian 3?a1?$§§item°mei's°°mm" ‘.‘ . .bristling with genius. . .Spielberg 5233321153553lifiififiiifia‘llve, priflifi'fliiil’irfié’:Silllailiiié” is still magnificently Spielberg.”

: irif'é'l‘iiril‘éi' ; ELSEL°82:L'1°1"§2Srif’l’dfil‘lc‘ifem THE FINANCIAL TIMES Nigel Andrews

assistantdirectorintheIateFifties.fie theFrench‘Oscar’in1984,tellsthe

; iflii‘al‘i"§l33‘iflis'3iiTn‘iLiZ"§r?zi°:i“ : é‘i’flflifl'i’fi'fiii‘é"?$2233.33..m. “The technical mastery on hand XSSZflEJiZfirl’Jli'lSponasmug . 2313213 Elilil‘iii‘l‘é'f,'ilfl‘iéiim here is of the first order. Siié'ri'l‘éi'ifiéiiiiiiirii'fal‘e‘?:53... 2223333?i°o"$fiii‘é§2.ii'§l‘él‘229“ The filming itself unforgettable flglfgdChildhood,is , * and breathtaking.”

; {35:32:33}:g‘lnifiiiiili’ln?“'“'i ' 123323.?iiilii'lii'léi’fliSign?" - TODAY Angela Brooks

i Edinburgh Filmhouse and presented in . film with Depardieu and Isabelle 5 association with the Institut Francais . Huppert, which dissects a tempestuous i d’Ecosse. Eerhaps the age at which relationship between well-to-do girl A STE-MEN SPIEI BERG FILM

: Pialat came to the cinema partly and layabout biker, similarly show a

explains the humanity and maturity of concern for the young. Using youthful his work. Naked Childhood (17 Sept) actors enables Pialat to channel their tackles the subject of an unwanted freshness into improvisation for a orphan with compassion and an greater naturalism. lnterveiwed in emotional pragmatism that refuses to ' 1983, he said: ‘l’m very keen on e offerany easy ways out. Hi31974 film improvisation. Even if I chose to return ‘5 The Mouth Agape (25 Sept) earned him to a more traditional concept of cinema Air v warm paw my \k'mnmfi em

a reputation as ‘the French Bergman' there's no doubt that I would still make as Itcentres on the turmoil for a family i sure that I could create such privileged when their mother is diagnosed as f moments. They are lndispensable'. As terminally ill, yet does so with a grim are Pialat’s challenging, wise films as humour and a noticeable lack of ; a whole. (TrevorJohnston)

cloying sentimentality. Police, his

once promising talents of the lead AVlldSCfL US. 1986) Ralph MHCCth.

actors. No great Shakes Noriyuki ipat‘ Morita‘ Tamlyn WARNER BROS. ViuwmthTEVEN SPIELBERO l :im THE COLOR PURPLE Edinburgh; Odcon. Glasgow; ABC Tommi. 113 minsi Set some Six sum-m DANNY CLOVER ' ADOLPH CAESAR ° MARGARET AVERY Clarkston Road‘ Cinema, months after the b0x_officc and Infrrx‘iuitfi‘; .nf n'lzv Grosvenor‘ Odcon‘ Rio. Lothian; smash‘ this sequel takes young Itim l .sz- .: MICHAEL KAHN. ACE I’nxiurlzu': Designer J. MICHAEL RIVA ABC Strathclydc; ABC Greenock‘ champion Danie) and his [mm m of remnahmm ALLEN DAVIAU Ham-(S upon m:- mm: m ALICE WALKER ABC Kilmarnock‘ Kclbumc. La wisdom_dispcnsing mentor Miyagi Minx QUINCY JONEb \n'rnpldk 'm MENNO MEYJES Scala‘ Odeon Avr‘ Odcon , [0 [he Iatter‘s ancestral home in I;u'<:il:\i’l’f1xlllls’f\ and l’rl .im m! is Hamilton‘ Okinawa where the youngster learns '

0 Jewel ofthe Nile (PG) (Lewis a little more ofdignity, honour and 99,333,521" Wer M STEVEN SPIEl-BERG

Teague. US. 1985) Michael the karate code of honour. Rm WWW“PW “Wm” ‘7 I when.“deuterium Douglas. Kathleen Turner. 108 Glasgow? Cinema» GTOSVCHOR 9—: A I < I “I I '1 ~ WWWRWHM'1 “I”

mins, Lacklustrc. ramshackle | Odeon. Strathclyde; Kelburne -3"r-‘.‘3‘"‘-’l"”-mi‘ ll? A "3717’ sequel-by-numbers to the altogether o Ladyhawke (PG) (Richard Donner.

more persuasive Romancing the us. 1985) Matthew Broderick. ? NOW SHOWING ; 5’0’“’- Edinburgh? Odcon Rutger Hauer. Michelle Pfeiffer. 121 i ' The Karate Kld Pan 2 (PG) (10hr! mins. An impressive breadth ofscale I

The List geptember 21