.This month and next Glasgow Film Theatre is showing a series of films examining lesbian relationships. The List spoke to Director/Producer Donna Deitch, whose film Desert Hearts is part of

the series.

about how the film came to be made. ‘I felt as though I wanted to make a film about a relationship between two women. I was at a party when I

In Donna Deitch’s Desert Hearts a mid-thirtyish New York professor of English literature arrives in Reno, Nevade. It is 1959. Her nerves are in

tatters and she retreats to the quiet was talkmg abom th'sfmd someone have“ Ofa dcscrt ranch where she handed me Jane Rule 5 book Desert intends to pass the necessary ofthe Heart. That‘s how it all started requirement of a six weeks residency m 1979' [guess I “'35 essent‘al'y

in order to Obtain a divorce. drawn to the central metaphor ofthe Battered and bruised by the novel; the idea of the risk of break-up of her marriage and the 33mph“ '"herem m [W9 women unfocused feelings of dissatisfaction Commg together 56‘ agamstthe,

that have provoked it She context ofthe risk of gambling in apparently seeks only peace and Reno in the gambling state. I was tranquility to repair the fragments of also draw" to the place {and the "me- a Shattered life. However her I feel there are lots of mirrors sojourn in Reno marks not only the betwecnfhe 50 5 end the 80 5' I thmk passing of one relationship but m Amenca the": '5 a Very

celebrates a rebirth and renewal as she embarks upon an initially tentative but ultimately passionate romance with an attractive younger woman.

When Desert Hearts opened in New York last April its first weekend

‘emotionally explicit’

conservative, reactionary political climate and an administration that recalls the 50’s in many ways. I also think that there is a return towards

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