rGordon Cruikshank and Brian

Keddie. See also rock page.

a Tam White and the Dexters Platform 1, Rutland Street. Evening. The hat with a voice, go early or you won’t get a glimpse of the nine-piece band, it gets so crowded.

0 Mike Hart's Selection Basin Street,

5 Haymarket. Small traditional jazz

; band. Evening. j 0 Delta Devils Boogie and Blues Band


Gladstones, High Street. Evening.



0 Kit Carey’s Jazz Band Duke of Touraine, Ingram Street, 5520140. Evening. Mainstream and popular. 0 Jazz Cocktail Tolbooth Bar, Glasgow Cross. Evening. Little

: corner renovated, but not

plasticised. traditional pub, with trad music.

0 Ricki Fernandez and Friends The Tron Bar, Tron Theatre, Parnie Street, 552 4267. Lunchtime.


0 Swing ’86 Gilded Balloon, Cowgate. Evening. Djangoesque music among the flagstones.

a Mike Hart’s Society Syncopators L‘Attache, Rutland Hotel, Rutland Street. Evening. Classicjazz with banjo; smooth vocals from Wendy


0 Celsius Bannerman’s Bar, Cowgate. Evening. New young band.

0 Melanie D’Rellly and Francis Cowan Windsor Buffet, Elm Row, Leith Walk. Evening. Singer of mainstream, mainly standards, with


0 Tam White and the Dexters Preservation Hall, Victoria Street, 226 3816. Evening. Soul/Rock band

with brass.

o Basin Street Stompers Basin Street, Haymarket Terrace. Evening. Trad revivalists.

0 Delta Devils Maxies Bistro, West

Nicolson Street, 667 0845. Evening.

Electric Blues and Swing.



0 Saint Stephen Street Stampers Basin Street, Haymarket Terrace. Evening. New Orleans Venue with

small stage like riverboat lounge.

0 Sophie Bancrott Trio Malt Shovel,

; Cockburn Street. Evening.

0 East Coast Jazz Band Blue Lagoon,

. Angle Park Terrace. Evening.

Straight early tunes and


0 Delta Devils Shore Bar, Leith. Evening. Piano boogie, guitar and




0 Bobby Wishart Group Halt Bar, Woodlands Road, 332 1210. Evening. Top musicians. Amazing music from superb saxophonist.

0 Kit Carey Jazz Band Esquire House, Great Western Road, 334 9491. Evening. New Orleans Trad Jazz.


0 Swing ’86 Malt Shovel, Cockburn 14 The Lis.t"1—9HS—ept_ :‘i‘o‘a‘ " r i

Street, 225 6843. Evening. Hot club sound. Four-man line-up. Strings and reeds.

0 West End Jazz Band Basin Street, Haymarket. Evening.

0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Navaar House Hotel, Mayfield Gardens, 667 2828. Evening.

0 Brian Lock Trio L’Attache, Rutland Street. Evening.



0 Bob Busby's New Orleans Band Ca Va Bar, High Street. Evening.

0 John Burgess Duintet Gladstones, Royal Mile. 8pm. Be-Bop and Modern.

0 Charlie McNair’s Band Preservation Hall, Victoria Street, 226 3816. Evening. Trad/swing band.

0 Louisiana Ragtime Band Basin Street, Haymarket Terrace. Evening. Dixieland.

0 Take 3 Maxies Bistro, West Nicolson Street, 6670845. Evening. Good Modern Jazz.

THURSDAY 2 Glasgow

0 Rootsy Tootsy Blues Band Halt Bar, Woodlands Road. Evening.

0 Burton, Clark, Coutts La Taverna, Woodlands Road. Post be-bop, dynamic modern jazz.

0 Loose Tubes Moir Hall, Mitchell Theatre, Granville Street, 221 3198. 8pm. £6 (£5). Tickets from Mitchell, King’s Theatre and Ticket Centre, Candleriggs,041552 5961. (Credit

cards 041 227 5015). Sensational young 22-piece band, based in London but making waves everywhere. Appearing Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh on Fri 3 Oct (see next issue). See panel.


0 Delta Devils Blues and Boogie Gladstones, High Street. Evening. Electric guitars, fiddle, country blues songs.

0 Jazz Knights Brando’s, Blair Street. Evening.

0 Spirits of Rhythm Basin Street, Haymarket Terrace. Evening. Straight trad band.




0 Bing Hitler The Fixx, Miller Street. 10.30pm. Free. Worth missing Budgie for. See panel.

0 Balaam and the Angel Rooftops, Sauchiehall Street, 10.30pm. £4. Gothic monstrosities with a pretentious side. Stay in and watch Budgie.

0 Blood Uncles (To be confirmed) Heathery Club, Glasgow Road, Wishaw.


0 Watch With Mother and The Alice House Jailhouse, Calton Road.


Persistence is easily one at the most valuable attributes that any aspiring young pop star can have, and it is just one oi the talents oi Ricky Ross oi Deacon Blue. Ricky is the mainstay ol the band, a singer songwriter ol extraordinary talent with a iair dollop ol social conscience thrown in.

Starting on in a band called ‘Woza’ (alter South Airica’s Market Theatre play ‘Woza Albert’) he has been plugging away with his brand oi Prelab Sprout meets The Waterboys music tor quite some time before hitting the precise lineup with Deacon Blue. Recently they impressed several oi the men with the cheque books and have just signed a maiordeal oi typically gargantuan Glaswegian proportions

gt. .1) r with CBS.

Ricky’s speciality is beautiiui ballands, his political passion the plight oi the people oi Nicaragua and this combination ot sensitivity and pop sensibility seems to have its inevitable result in success. The strange thing about Ross, an utterly sensible ex-English teacher, is his weakness lor the music oi one Bruce Springsteen. Not only does he have every obscure Springsteen recording ever made, but the night beiore he signed his record deal with CBS was spent racking his brains about what The Boss would do in this situation. . . only one solution really, he hired a midnight blue Cadillac to sign the papers on. . . (Andrea Miller)

10.30pm. Free. Local band currently attempting the big splurge with a tour to back up their debut single ‘Suzanne’. See Listen! review.

0 Contos Medios, Frederick Street. 8pm. Latin/Salsa in a restaurant setting. Must buy food to enjoy the band, ifonly a sandwich.

o Rootsie Tootsie Band Preservation hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.


0 Makossa Warehouse, Kirkgate. Good-time reggae band.

SATURDAY 20 Edinburgh

0 Jazz Delektors Hoochie Coochie Club. 10.30pm. Dance troupe seen in Absolute Beginners, playing with live band. Fashion show tonight as well.

0 Bald Cormorant Lord Darnley, West Port. 3pm. Free. New name for the AM Band, playing 60$ R&B, country-rock.

0 Back Beat Clowns, High Street. 9pm. Free. Covers from yesteryear. 0 Go Ferrit Preservation Hall, Victoria Street.

0 Red Smithereen and Breaktast ol Champions Jailhouse, Calton Road. 10.30pm. Free.


0 Watch With Mother Warehouse, Kirkgate. See Fri 19.


0 Scheme Rooftops, Sauchiehall Street. 10.30pm. £2. Another regular Glasgow residency for Scheme, just when you thought it was safe to to back into town . . .

o The Jazz Delektors Fresh, Joe Paparazzi, Sauchiehall Street. 10.30pm. £3.50. A hipsters must night at Fresh, who are hosting a Brylcreem night, which will feature live dance act the Jazz Defektors, fasion from Michiko and Just William, and a selection of London ‘people‘ roaming Joe Paparazzi’s, looking for people who want their hair Brylcreemed. For £3.50 you get a nightclub, hair stylists, and a frenetic London dance act as live entertainment. A sober night out, I’m sure!

MONDAY 22 Edinburgh

0 Strangers and Brothers High Dive Club, Buster Browns, Market Street. Glasgow group playing loud noisy rock music with increasingly regular heroic guitar solos. New single, ‘Don‘t Stop the Candytrain’. Bigthings ahead.

01000 Violins and Blue Train Onion Cellar, The Mission, Victoria Street. 9pm. £2.50 (£2). Another gig from those awfully nice Onion Cellar people, dedicated to bring to Edinburgh all those bands you read about in NME but never thought you‘d see play here. Indie chart/Peel regulars.

0 Billy Jones Preservation Hall, Victoria Street, 9pm. Free. Pop/folk.