In April 1985 Lewis Edwards, a student oi Edinburgh University, returned to his Liverpool home iorthe Easter vacation. The tollowing Sunday, with no wamlng, he was admitted to hospital with haemorrhaglng behind the eyes, dying later that day irom an acute lorm ol leukemia.

Since then, a number at ventures have taken place to raise money tor Lewis’s memorial lund, including a sponsored walk, inlull Roman costume, along Hadrian’s Wall, and the posthumous publication at a volume at his writings. This led to the establishment by the University at an annual creative writing award. It is to safeguard the luture 01 this prize, and to make some contribution to the Leukemia Research Find, that a benetit concert ls being staged on Wed 1 October at Edinburgh's Coasters.

The concert leatures six oi Edinburgh’s Iinest up-and-coming bands and, as well as being a lund-raiser, the organisers hope that the concert will help act as some kind at springboard to help propel them into the public's consciousness nationwide. The best-known band on the bill is the wondertul Shop Assistants, whose combination Oi

two-minute Ramones-style buzzsaw guitar numbers and wistlul rellective ballads has already seen them top the independent singles charts. Their newly-completed debut LP will probably make them stars.

Also on the bill, the BMX Bandits, who have divided audiences by being unashamedly the wimpiest band in the country, an image encouraged by the irrepressible singer Douglas, yearning between songs to get back home tO his hot chocolate and teddy bear. In

complete contrast, Rote Kapelle whip up a raw aggressive sound (tooling nobody) and are not so much wacko as somewhat oil-centre, spitting out songs like the classic ‘Fergusl The Sheep!’ and the new “These Animals are Dangeroos'.

Less-established, but with bags at potential, are the Dancing Bears, Jesse Garon and The Desperadoes, and littingly opening the show, The Beautiiul Pea Green Boat, the band tor whom Lewis Edwards once played guitar.


Remember ‘Hands Across America"? In a tew weeks time everybody across Central Scotland will have the chance

dmso x) '00


8 .so’ «Li H “D

(L 6 ’/



to take part in a similarly conceived mass demonstration - potentially the biggest anti-nuclear demonstration ever held in Scotland to date.

‘Arms Around Scotland' is planned as a human chain oi approximately 35,000 people already many groups have signed up tor a particular space in the route. The chain will link up at 3pm on Sunday 5 October along a route stretching 26 miles lrom East to West irom Grangemouth Town Hall to Glasgow Green, passing through Falkirk, Bonnybridge, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch amongst others.

Though clearly intended as a serious and peacelul statement, there will be entertainment all along the route, in the shape at street theatre and busking, and a plane will lly overhead trailing a message at3pm. Anybody and everybody can take part. Groups who are interested in participating can be

= allocated a particular stretch oi the

route, whilst individuals may join the chain where they wish, or be put in contact with one at the participating groups. Fordetalls oi the route and oi how to get involved, lind transport or make contact with a group taking part,


i please call Arms Around Scotland, 146 Holland Street, Glasgow G2, tel: 041 332 5309.

l The same weekend, a weekend oi

i protest against nucleararms, CND are

I organising a ‘Mass Trespass' at

: Coulport on the Clyde, to symbolically

‘repossess' land now owned by the

a Minister Ol Delence. For iurther

the site, please contact Chris Small on i 041 331 2878 or 041 339 4654.


The List is happy to receive all letters. debating. disagreeing. disagreeable or desirable.

Whatever. send them to The List. 14

High Street. Edinburgh EH1 l'I‘E or 13 Bath Street. Glasgow (i2 lIIY.


I thought I‘d give you a piece of my

' mind regarding something that really irritates me! Television. or to put it

i more precisely, Television Soaps.

It doesn‘t matter where I go or

f what I do there is always a Soap of some kind on that little box which sits in the corner. Seven days a week there is bound to be a Soap on the telly as sure as soap is soap. And if it isn’t a Soap it‘s an omnibus edition. Don‘t get me wrong, I‘m not

- opposed to Soaps altogether I‘m one of the many who are addicted to EastEnders. What really infuriates me is the fact that though the British Soaps at least have a realistic storyline to them. the USA Soaps are so pathetically unrealistic it‘s


Don‘t you or any other List readers .

think there are too many Soaps on

3 the TV channels? I think we should

i all get out and about more instead of letting that soapy little box we call Telly rule our lives. Yours

Fed up of Soaps A Marillion Fan Edinburgh






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‘Still Life is Alive and Kicking‘ by Ron O'Donnell.


Ron O’Donnell and Calum E COlvin

Alice Bain meets two ofScotlagd‘s exciting young photographers.



Emily Golden and Gary Bachlund, stars of Scottish Opera‘s English version of Bizet‘s opera interviewed .'

by Sally Kinnes.

6 l Alan Alda

We talk to the star of MASH about ' his new film. Sweet Liberty.



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