Top Gun (15) (Tony Scott, US, 1986) Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer. 110 mins. Miramar Naval Air Station is the home at the US Navy Fighter Weapons School - known in the trade as Top Gun. It is here that the elite 1% at American lighter pilots are trained to

become the best in the world (sic).

Someone who aims to be just that, and win the coveted Top Gun Trophy into the bargain, is Lt Pete ‘Maverlck‘ Mitchell, but he laces tough competition trom the cool ‘lceman’ (Kilmer) and his own, impetuous

nature. Falling in love with teacher— the ever delicious Kelly McGillis is an added complication. Alter a great many ups and downs— at 30,000 it a minute - things resolve themselves with the ultimate challenge, somewhere over the Indian Ocean.

‘Top Gun’ has been mistakenly

described by some as the latest lrom

j the gung ho, ‘Rambo’ ‘Delta Force’ school oi movie making. What we've

I got here is a damn line adventure illm

3 with some at the best tlying sequences you've ever seen. So what it a iew

Bussky MiGs get totalled? Le Carré and Delghton have been bumping oil Reds loryears and no one thinksthe worse at them tor it. East-West conlrontations are not what this iilm is about. Rather

‘Top Gun' is a cross between ‘An Officer j and a Gentleman‘ and ‘The

0ambusters'. This is man and machine

in perfect harmony stull and any

questionable morality is more than compensated lor by the giddily realistic doglights and the desirable Ms McGlllis. And it airplanes aren't your thing, Tom Cruise looks good too. (Graham Caldwell)

0 Hannah and ller Sisters ( 15) (Woody Allen, US, 1986) Woody Allen, Michael Caine, Mia Farrow. 107 mins. A mellow, meaningful riposte to the gloom-ridden Interiors, Hannah is an upbeat celebration of the cohesion and support within the family unit.

Blessed with a terrific ensemble cast, the film is achineg funny, touching and extremely perceptive Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road. Edinburgh; Dominion. Lothian; Regal o Heavenly Pursuits (15) (Charles Gormley, UK, 1986) Tom Conti,



Written and Directed by CHARLES GORMLEY Produced by MICHAEL RELPH Executive Producer ANN SKINNER Composer B. A. ROBERTSON Distributed by RECORDED RELEASING



Glasgow: ABC Sauchiehall Street, ABC Muirend, Grosvenor; The Cameo, Edinburgh; ABC Greenock; ABC Kilmarnock; ABC Kirkcaldy;

8 The List 3 - 16 October

ABC Falkirk; Picture House, St Andrews

Helen Mirren, David Hayman. 92 mins. Conti is the caring teacher caught up in his remedial school‘s miracle fever who must determine the plausibility of divine intervention in contemporary Glasgow.

An engaging, lightweight

j comedy-drama told with wit and § charm and performed with assurance Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road,

ABC Sauchiehall Street, Grosvenor,

Rio. Edinburgh; Cameo. Lothian;

ABC. Strathclyde; ABC Greenock, ABC Kilmarnock

0 Henry V (PG) (Laurence Olivier, UK, 1944) Laurence Olivier, Robert Newton, Esmond Knight. 137 mins.

i Splendidly acted, adeptly stylized

version of the Bard with some of the most stirring battle scenes ever filmed. Part ofa season entitled

. Shakespeare: The Movie.

: Edinburgh; Edinburgh University

Film Society.

3 O Highlander (15) (Russell Mulcahy, . UK, 1986) Christopher Lambest,

, Sean Connery, Beatie Edney. 116

mins. A handful of immortals battle through the centuries to win a

mythical prize. Inelegant, often

é ludicrous, but enjoyany daffy

fantasy adventure.

Glasgow; ABC Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; ABC. Strathclyde; Odeon Hamilton, Rialto

o The Karate Kid (PG) (john G Avildsen, US, 1984) Ralph Macchio, Noriyuki ‘Pat’ Mon'ta. 126 mins. Wimpish teenager Macchio has trouble adapting to his new neighbourhood, a task unaided by the presence of local bullies. Edinburgh; Odeon. Lothian; ABC. Strathclyde; ABC Greenock, Odeon Hamilton

0 The Karate Kid, Part 2 (PG) (John G. Avildsen, US, 1986) Ralph Macchio, Noriyuki ‘Pat’ Morita, Tamlyn Tomita. 113 mins. Set some six months after the 1984 box-office smash, this equally winning sequel

takes young champion Daniel and his wisdom-dispensing mentor Miyagi to the Iatter‘s ancestral home Edinburgh; Odeon. Lothian; ABC. Strathclyde; ABC Greenock, Odeon Hamilton 0 Kiss Me Deadly (18) (Robert Aldrich. US. 1955) Ralph Meeker, Cloris Leachman. 103 mins. Aldrich’s intensely downbeat version of Mickey Spillane has Ralph Meeker‘s memorably sour Mike Hammer on a case involving a stolen case of radio-active material. This is the private dick thriller taken to its logical extreme, with a collection of the most brutal. nastiest, meanest characters ever assembled mixed in a potent cocktail ofsleazy sex and bone-crunching violence to create a bleak vision of hell on earth. Brilliant. Edinburgh; Edinburgh University Film Society 0 The Last Laugh (PG) (F.W. Murnau, Germany, 1924) Emil Jannings. 73 mins. The head porter at a plush hotel is devoted to his job. When he is replaced by a younger man and demoted to the post of lavatory attendant he attempts to maintain the pretence that all is well. One of the masterpieces of the 5 German expressionist cinema milestone in German and world cinema brought director Murnau and leading man Jannings to Hollywood’s attention. Touchingly acted and fluidly directed in a manner ahead of its time. Part of an excellent season compiled by the Goethe Institute (see panel). Edinburgh; Filmhouse o The Leopard (PG) (Luchino Visconti, US-Italy, 1963) Burt Lancaster, Alain Delon, Claudia Cardinale. 185 mins. Beautiful. grandiloquent family saga set against l the unification of Italy in the 18605. I l l

Lancaster is one of the old nobility, wearied by age and the changing world, testily adapting to the new

era. Edinburgh; Edinburgh Film Guild

0 Lust in the Dust (15) (Paul Bartel I US, 1985) Tab Hunter, Divine, : Cesar Romero. 84 mins. Obvious l and tentative spoof of Western conventions with a game cast. Glasgow; Grosvenor

O M (PG) (Fritz Lang, Germany, 1931) Peter Lorre. 117 mins. A sadistic child murderer, as well as the § attentions of the police force, faces the wrath of the criminal underworld and is hunted down by them when

the scale of the police investigation grows to such a penetration that it interferes with their own nefarious 3 activities. Extraordinarily relentless, famous melodrama with an § astonishing and shadowy visual style I perfectly complementing the twitchingly malign of Lorre as the . killer. Very powerful indeed. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

o The Man With Two Brains (15) (Carl 3 Reiner, US, 1983) Steve Martin, Kathleen Turner, David Warner. 93 mins. Delightfully zany Martin-Reiner romp in which the great man plays a brilliant brain surgeon driven to the depths of frustration when he weds Turner, a man-hungry murderess with a penchant for driving elderly