I Blood and Ice Sat 4 ()et. 7.30pm.

Winged Horse in their production of

Liz Loehhead‘s fascinating play

about Mary Shelley and her creation

of Frankenstein. See Touring and


We'll Support You Evermore ‘l'ue

()et. 7.30pm. ('umbernauld 'I‘heatre

(‘ompany in Robert Robson's

comedy about Scotland winning the

World (up. See 'l'ouring.

HeatherUp YourKilts‘ar t 1 ()ct.

7.30pm. Ll.5li(tl l. Wildcat in their

touring show taking a jaundiced look

i at the Scottish tourist industry. See



Place. 2265425. Box office .\lon- Sal 9.3(lain-5._‘~llprii. Bar. (’afe. [l)| Theatre Workshop celebrate their

i twenty-first birthday with a fortnight

ofshoyvs and late night cabaret. See panel. See also next [N for further


Heaven on Earth The ,"7 Sat 11 ()ct.

8pm. £2 ( Ll ). The latest of Theatre

Workshop‘s famous community

projects -— put together by a company

of professionals and local

volunteers. This one is a black

comedy using music and visual

effects to describe events since

World War Two. lipic indeed. \\ ith a

suitably proportioned cast ol (\‘(l

People Show NO 91 slim 13- \\‘c-ti 15

()et. Spm. £3 ( L2 ). 'l‘hc ama/ing

People Show with the latest of their


i Children and animals maybe, but hot

P air balloons? In the Lyceum‘s next production a balloon will actually be built and flown onstage appropriately

ambitious, given the play‘s subject. Andrew Dallmeyer's new play, The Grand Edinburgh Fire Balloon, (See Listings) is about the 18th century pioneer, James Tytler—the first man in Britain to fly and an amazing, enigmatic character, as Dallmeyer explains. ‘He was a surgeon, a chemist, a mathematician, a

available frotn the Ticket ('entre. 22 MarketStreet. ’l‘he 'I’rav erse re-opcns after its

l’estival l-‘ringe (none of them in the

next Us! for details of further shovvs.

[icon members £4; I’ull members

. attempts to get airborne, two Of which

was there to see him succeed, though

against overwhelming odds. lthink , every body can identify with that-the

feeling that the whole world is against mechanic, a musician and a printer. He l them.’(SH)


Schools Revue Project 'I‘hurs In ()et. 2pm. Free. The finale ofthe 'Sehools Revue l’rojeet'. Primary and Secondary School pupils present

their own revues. i - THOMAS MORTON HALL 28 Ferry Road. Leith. Heather Up Your Kill 'l'hurs ‘) ( )et. 7.30pm. £2 ( L'l ). Tickets available from Iidinburgh District ('ouncil

(3rd floor). 24‘) High Street. 225

242-1 ext (1633: Kard Box. 74 (ireat .lunction Street and (ioldenaere Post Office. Wildcat in their touring shovx

highly visual. off-beat shovvs. See

taking a jaundiced look at the

Scottish tourist industry. See Touring. 0 TRAVERSE THEATRE l 12 West Bovv.

22(12033. Boxofl'icc 'l‘ue—Sun l


returns in

trumpets and raspberries

by Dario Fo directed by Morag Fullarton

‘you will have to search long and hard to find a funnier two hours’ Richard Mowe, Evening News.

MORAY HOUSE THEATRE, CANONGATE, ROYAL MILE Thurs 2nd - Sat 4th Oct at 7.30pm. Tickets from the Fringe Office, 170 High Street, Edinburgh and from Theatre on the night.

lilam—Hpm. Bar. Rest. 'I'icketsalso

post-Fringe break -- and continues the Fringe? A fistful ofshovvs that were a great success during the

'l‘raverse) runs until November. See

Dreaming Of Babylon 'l'ue H-—Sun Zn ()et. 7.3llpm. Temp members £4.50;

£3.50: Student. ()Al’. [713-10. £2.50 (Members £2). (‘oneessions novv bookable in advance. First of the l

edited the Encyclopaedia Britannica, 2nd edition, by himself—10 volumes. He made his own printing press out of '


presents THE LASS WI’ THE MUCKLE MOU' by Alexander Reid

’. . . an innovative and enjoyable pieceoftheatre. Don’tmiss it.’ Glasgow Herald Touring throughout (jentral Scotland in October Fri 3rd (ireenock Arts (iuild; Sat 4th -- Shotts Arts (Suild; Mon 6th MoffatTown Hall; Tue 7th --Wa|lace Hall Academy, Thornhill; Wed 8th The High School, Castle Douglas; Thurs 9th -- Douglas fiwart High School, Newton Stewart; Tue 14th to Sat 18th Tron Theatre Club, Glasgow; Mon 20th FortroseAeademy; Tue 2 1 st —Thurso; Wed 22nd -U||apool; Thurs 2.3rd Kyle; Fri 24th Aeharacle; Sat 25th Ballachulish. Forfurtherdetails, please ('ontactTHEATRE ALBA on (Hi 2262427.

wood and metal with his bare hands.’ He constructed the balloon himself

too, and lit it, risking his life in the

process four times (it took him tour

Dallmeyer portrays). Sadly, nobody

they were there in plenty when he failed. As Dallmeyer points out, he was a loner in the narrow-minded society around him— partly because of his character: “Another reason I‘m very attracted to him is because he was an outsider. He was a pioneer, ahead of his time. He was also a drunk, shabby, sarcastic, rude, tactics: and irritable. He was a sort of Aunt Sally, a figure of tun.‘

in the end he was kicked out of Scotland for his advanced ideas. ‘He

A world premiere of a new play from Scotland set in Edinburgh

about the first man in Britain to “navigate the air” in . . .


by Andrew Dallmeyer. 10 October 1 November 7.45 pm

Free Preview 9 October 7.45 o m

Seats from £2.50 Booking now (031) 229 9697 PERFORMED BY


published a pamphlet that was considered seditious— it was the time of Thomas Payne and there was a lot of social upheaval in Edinburgh. He suggested that people withhold tax.‘ Dallmeyer's play then is as much about the times and society as the man, and he hopes it will have a broader appeal yet. ‘Above all Ithinkthe most important thing to see in the theatre is feelings. And Mr Tytler is a man who had a dream and an obsession to do something when the whole world was moving in a different direction. 80 he got no credit. But it's not just an attempt to credit somebody remarkable - it's also a hymn to human endeavour


st 7th October - lst November 1986

Theatre Workshop Performance Project People Show

The Grand Theatre of Lemmings John Otway

Merry Mac Fun CO. Wire Less Wireless Theatre Centre

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