Pick of the Fringe Kerry Shale displays his tremendous chameleon ability. lngeniously sliding in and out ofcharacter in his one man show. he peoples the stage with the unsavoury flotsam and jetsam ofsleezy underworld San Francisco. who surround his main character a downtrodden. down-at-heel. self-styled ‘l’rivate Eye'. C. Card as he becomes embroiled in a shady affair. Shale's own stage adaptation of Richard Brautigan‘s novel is as elastic and deliciously black as his performance. (S.H.)


i 0 As You Like It A lucid and dynamic production ofShakespeare's comedy 1 about love by TAG Theatre

i Company. What the characters learn

about love. illusion and reality. is : illuminated by setting the whole play within Rosalind‘s dream. and the i slightly magical feel to the whole 3 thing is enhanced by Richard é Sisson‘s music and the emphasis on i movement. From a versatile cast. i Andrew Price. llelen McGregor and 1 Tony Cownie stand out in particular. ( butUiisisgenerally a strikingly ! intelligent and vivid production. 3 balancing comedywithwistfulness. i Well worth seeing. (S.ll. ) For further details please contact TAG on 041 429 2877 or03l 226 2427. Glasgow Arts Centre. Glasgow Until Sat4()ct.7.30pni.0412214526. Tour continues to Northern Ireland. 0 The Albannach 7:84 Scotland begin a new tour of a new production of John McGrath’s adaptation ofthe book by Fionn MacColla celebrating the repressed spirit of music and j poetryin Scotland and castigating the repressive power of the Church. A great success last year. this new production includes Vincent Friell as Murdo. the young ‘Albannach‘. For further in formatit in . please Contact 7:84 Scotland on 031 557 2442. Assembly Rooms. George Street. Edinburgh Until Sat 4 ()ct. 7.45pm. 031 557 2442. Tour continues around 3 the Highlands: ,7 ."llcl.aren High School. ('allander Tue 14 ()ct. 8pm. Tickets from G. Addison. Newsagent. 32 Main ‘; Street. ('allander. 0877 30969: Muse ’I'heatre. Livingston Wed 15 Oct. 1 7.45pm. 5s 33634 or s 413188. 0 Blood and Ice Despite cast illness , Wingedllorse continuetotourtheir i intelligentproduction of Liz Loch head‘s fascinating play Sec Review. For further ; details contact Winged : llol‘sconll312262427. Springwell House. Edinburgh Sat 4 1 ()ct.7.30pm.031337 1971;Tour : continues round Scotland. ‘» House/till ( 'ommunity Centre. 1 Glasgolt' Tue 14 ()ct. 7.30pm. 041 i 881 8083; Tour continues. 0 The Cry oi Spain Winged llorse Touring Company in the second of the productions they are touring at PFC-‘9'" " Sec Review. For further information please contact Winged llorse on 031 226 2427. Glasgoit' Community Venue Fri 3 Oct. 7.30me Bonar Hall. Dundee Wed 8 ()ct. 7.30pm. 0382


Winged Horse, On Tour. Winged Horse could scarcely have chosen two more ditierent-yet equally compelling productions ior their tour. Liz Lochhead's Blood and Ice is a richly imaginative play exploring Mary Shelley’s creation of Frankenstein. Lochhead weaves in biographical facts - Mary’s curious relationship with Shelley, the death of her children, her own mother's death at her birth, the atmosphere in the Geneva villa, the threatening presence of Byron - all possibly lamenting to explain a preoccupation with the proximity of liie and death, with the creation oi something alien and hali-lormed. But

29450/23530: Stranraer Academy Hall. Stranraer Sat 1 1 ()Ct. 7.30pm. Dumfries 63822 ext 2829.

Tour continues.

0 DesileCommunicado in their reworked production of Stephen Jeffreys‘ adaption of Stevenson’s allegorical tale about the nature of greed.

For further details contact Communieado on 031 225 3398. Tron Theatre. Glasgow Until Fri 5 ()ct. 8pm. 041 552 4267: l.eith Community Centre. Edinburgh Tue 7 Oct. 7.30pm. 031 554 4750; Elliott. Royston and Wardieburn (.‘ommunity Centre. Edinburgh Wed 8 Oct. 7.30pm. ()31 552 5700: Stanwix Arts Theatre. ('arlisle Thurs 9 Oct. 8pm: Lomond Centre. Glenrothes Fri 10 Oct. 7.30pm. 0592 752199/756633 ext 27: Town Hall. Penicuik Sat 11 Oct. 8pm. Penicuik 73969; Tour continues.

0 Heather Up Your Kilt Wildcat Stage Productions in a jaded view of Scottish tourists and the tourist industry as the American MacGregor family return to discover more than their roots. Musically on target. comically wider of the mark.

a but asmashing chameleon

performance from Myra McFadyen as a whole clan of ‘MacGregors‘. For further details please contact Wildcat on 041 334 4866.

Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow Until Sat 5 Oct. 7.30pm. ()41 552 6961; Theatre ll’orkshop. Biggar Mon 6 Oct. 7.30pm. 0899 20486; l’ortobello Town Hall. Portobello Tue 7 ()ct. 7.30pm. ()31 225 2424 ext 6633: Denny Civic Theatre. Dumbarton Wed 8 ()ct. 7.30pm. 37 62015: Thomas Morton Hall. Leith. Edinburgh Thurs 9 ()ct. 7.30pm. 031 225 2424 ext 6633; A lloa Town Hall Fri 10 ()ct. 7.30pm. Tel: Public

Lochhead never suggests this Is the whole story, touching on a lingering leartul iascination with possible ‘monsters', darit areas, both within and outside of us.

it’s iascinating about writing and creation, and about the iascination with these at the time and Minty Donald’s atmospheric ice-green set gets this era across beautiiully. Balanced against this, the cast play with humour and sensitivity, showing Byron, Shelley and Mary as both inspired and very human, partly a group at young people experimenting with defying convention. The play is less satisiactory in the second halt, but its poetry and economy together with the clarity oi the production (a very sensitive perionnance irom lsabella Jarrett as Mary) make it well worth seeing.

As is Robin Munro’s Cry oi Spain. A splintered chronicle oi the Spanish Civil War, it uses a complex stylised form that parallels the development oi the war with that oi a bull light. It is a vivid, taut production, bringing home sharply the barvery of those that resisited Fascism and the noble generosity oi ordinary people who left everything to join the Intematlonal Brigade. (Sarah Hamming).

Library; Springwell House, Gorgie, Edinburgh Sat 11 Oct. 7.30pm. 031 337 1971.

o The Lass Wi’ The Muckle Mou' Theatre Alba continue to tour their successful production of Alexander Reid‘s play in braid Scots about a lass with toothsome prospects. For further information please contact Theatre Alba on 031 226 2427. Greenock Arts Guild Fri 3 Oct. . 7.30pm. 0475 23038; Shotts Arts Guild Sat 4 Oct. 7.30pm. 0501 11805; Moffat Town Hall Mon 6 Oct. 7.30pm; Wallace Hall, Thornhill Tue 7 Oct. 7.30pm: High School, Castle Douglas Wed 8 Oct. 7.30pm; Douglas Ewart High School, Newton Stewart Thurs 9 Oct. 7.30pm; The Academy, Annan Fri 10 Oct, 7.30pm.

Tickets for all the above from Mon 6 Oct onwards. from Dumfries and Galloway Arts Association: tel 0387 63822 ext 69.

o Trumpets and Raspberries Borderline Theatre Company continue their tour oftheir tremendously funny production of Dario Fo‘s politcal farce. Andy Gray excelling in the double role of a Fiat factory owner who, confused in a kidnap mishap, is mistaken for one of his workters and Elaine C. Smith ably abetting him as the worker‘s confused wife. For further details please contact Borderline on 0292 281010.

Moray House Theatre, Edinburgh Until Sat 4 ()ct, 7.30pm. Tickets from Edinburgh Fringe Office and on the door; MacRobertArts Centre, Stirling Mon 6 and Tue 7 Oct, 7.30pm. 0786 61081 ; Victoria Hall, Selkirk Thurs 9 Oct, 7.30pm. Selkirk 21279; Gaiety Theatre, Ayr Fri 10 and Sat 11 Oct. 8pm. ()292 2646139. Tour continues to Northern Ireland.

o We'll Support You Evermore Cumbernauld Theatre Company take out on tour their production of Robert Robson‘s comic speculation on the time Scotland wins the World Cup. . . in 1990. For further information please contact Cumbernauld Theatre 023 67 32887. Glasgow University Student Union Fri 3 Oct. Freshers only; StAndrew’s School. Clydebank Sat 4 Oct, 2pm. 041 941 3795; Springwell House, Gorgie. Edinburgh Tue 7 Oct, 7.30pm. ()31 337 1971; Househill Community Centre, Priesthill, Glasgow Wed 8 Oct. 7.30pm. 041 881 0263; HarbourArts Centre, Irvine Thurs 9 Oct , 7.45pm. 0294 78167; Paisley Town Hall, Renfrew Fri 10 Oct. 7.30pm. 041 889 3151; Carlibar Community Centre, Barrhead, Glasgow Sat 11 Oct. 7.30pm. 041 8893151; Mitchell Theatre. Glasgow Mon 13—Sat 18 Oct.7.30pm.0412213198.


This is a new section for cabaret/comedy/music acts that would not like to be called Theatre! For venue details, unless otherwise specified, please see Theatre section.


0 DOLPHIN ARTS CENTRE 7 James Street, Bridgeton, 554 7449. Fundraising Cabaret Evening Fri 31 Oct. 7.30pm (Time and price to be confirmed check with venue). A cabaret evening to raise funds for the drama department at the Dolphin Arts Centre.

0 JAMES MOIR HALL Mitchell Theatre.

Harvey and the Wallbangers Sat 11 Oct. 10pm. £4.50 (£3.50). Edinburgh Fringe favourites. with their blend ofgently self-mocking humour and wide range of music, from swing to a cappella. to rock ‘n‘ roll, now with a new show, more of their own music and a new image.


0 COMEDY BOOM Abercraig Lounge, 2 Picardy Place. 556 0499.

Sitint Video: Mani Miwurdz and John Moloney Sat 11 & Sun 12 Oct. Doors open 9pm. £3. Tickets from Abercraig Lounge (Upstairs) in advance. Late bar. Opening up the Comedy Boom again for two nights and wafting a bit of Festival spirit around, John Moloney and Mark Miwurdz bring you their abrasively satirical Top 20 fresh from the Labour Party Conference in Blackpool. New single ‘Cops on 45’. See Shortlist.


Harvey and the Wallbangers Sun 12 Oct. 7.45pm. £5 (£4.50). Edinburgh Fringe favourites with their blend of gently self-mocking humour and a wide range of music, from swing to a cappella. to rock ’n‘ roll, now with more of their own music


Double Bill Fri 10 and Sat 11 Oct. Starts around 9pm. Free. Two cabaret acts join in Theatre Workshop‘s let birthday celebrations. Acts unconfirmed

16'l‘he1.ist3— 16()ctober