all British programme. including a Mass—settingby the lotbcentury (‘hristopher 'I‘ye and a setting ol‘one of WI I. Auden's poetns by Benjamin Britten.

TUESDAY 14 Edinburgh

0 Cappella Nova ( )ILI St Paul’s ('hurch. .lel'lrey Street. 'I‘ickets: 'I'icket ('entre. 3] 33 \Vaverley Bridge. S’pm. £3.50 ( £2). See Mon 13. Edinburgh. l'or lttll description.

0 Nelson Hall Concert .‘s‘elson l Iall. McDonald Road Public Library (ol'l' l-eith Walk ). Admission Free at door. Spm. Pttpils ol'St Mary's Mttsic School. directed by .\'igel Murray. perl'orm works by Mo/art. \Varlock ((‘apriol Suite). Berg and sortie Scots Songs and Madrigals.

WEDNESDAY 15 Glasgow

0 Lunch and Listen ’l‘heutre Royal. Hope Street. 331 I234. Iptn. £2 (FriendsolSU. £1.50) - inc lunch. Friends ol~ Scottish ()pera present another guest in their series ol lunchtime inl'ortnal talks. 'l‘his wcck it‘s Rttssian Sergei l.eil‘crk‘us. I-Zscamillo lrom the cast ol ( ‘armen. Might even be vodka and caviare lor lunch.

0 Piano Recital Stevenson l Iall. RSAMI). Si (icot‘gc‘s Place. 552 4101. 7.30pm. .-\tltilissitlll tree at door. (ins/lav Fenyo plays music by Mozart. Brahms and Schubert.

T UR DAY 16 Glasgow

0 Flora Danica(‘oneert l Iall. L'niversity ol'(ilasgow. Admission tree at door. 1.15pm. .-\spartolal'ul| and varied season ol music lroni Denmark. the Danish (‘ultttral Institute present l-‘lora Danica (see photo). one of the country's leading Baroque Ensembles. Programme includes Sonatas by l lattdel. l.eclair and Mattheson.

0 Scottish Opera‘s Carmen 'l‘heutre Royal. Hope Street. 351 i234. 7.15pm. Iixtradates: Fri 24. Mon 27 (Glasgow) and line I 1 Nov (I'idinburgh). £3--£l‘) (series discount available ). See Sat 4 lor l'ull description.


0 Please note that evening sessions begin at approx 8.30pm unless otherwise stated.

FRIDAY 3 Glasgow

0 TDIDDDth Bar ( ilasgow (Toss. Evening. Fiddle and melodeon in the hands of Nailan. with ti'ic‘iltls dropping in tor a tune.


0 North Sea Gas Platl’orm l. Rutland Street. Evening. (‘abaret lolk singers.

0 Colin Ramage Royal Oak. lnlirmary Street. Evening. Bar till 2am. Join in the sessions.

18'I‘he List 3 lo ( )ctober



1 Despite the recent theft oi their large collection oi instruments irom the van parked in the Dalkeith area, The Corries’ three nights at the Kings Theatre, Edinburgh go ahead— all the songs being rearranged iortwo voices and harmonica, and instrumental breaks played on the spoons! ln seriousness, Ronnie and Roy will be replacing all but the two Combolins, a large instrument combining mandolin and guitar with tuneable resonating drone strings. Designed and hand-built by the group, the instruments are unique and easily recognisable, so it you see one, contact an officer oi the law.



0 Ceilidh Riverside. Fox Street. oll ('lyde Street. 10pm 2am. I.ate Bar. Weekly dance and guest [k‘l'ltll‘lllcl‘\. with ( 'lachnacuddcn ( ‘eilidh Band. Also lunchtime session in same venttc every Sat.

0 Fozzie and Friends ‘l‘ollmoth Bar. (ilasgow ( ‘ross. Iivcitittg. :\1 least two guitars in the corner ol crow dcd bar.

0 Kells Kelvin Park l.orne l lotel. Sattchiehall Street. livcning. Regulars with si/cable following. Iilectric Scots Irish. Bar till 12.30am.


0 Royal Oak lnlirmary Street. 55.7 2Tb. Iivening. 'l'hc late night lolk pub has l.i/ and Maggie ( ‘ruikshank.

SUNDAY 5 Glasgow

0 Loudon Wainwright lll Pavilion ‘I‘hcatre. Spin. Sec panel.

0 Findask Riverside. (‘lytle Street. entrance by Fox Street. lllptn--2am. I.ate Bar £2. (‘ontcmporary singer songwriting duo. with some traditional material. very sttccessiul in the folk clubs.


0 Rod Paterson Young‘s Hotel. I.eamington 'I‘errace. Evening. liasy listening l’rom Dundee's Nat King (‘ole. Brings a mixed bagol‘songs lrom the last l'ew centuries.

0 Nancy Nicholson Royal Oak. lnlirmary Street. 557 297i). Iivening. Singer and melodeon player with own anti-nuke and green songs.

0 Salt ‘n’ Sauce Thistle I iotcl. Manor Place. Evening. Instrumentals and songs on traditional instruments.

The Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh will sell out on 8 Oct tor the John Stewart concert, his only Scottish appearance. A singer and guitarist with a devoted iollowing in Britain, he has moved irom the legendary Kingston Trio at the beginning oi the sixties to and through country and rock music. Forhis third visit to Edinburgh he will be accompaneed by a bass player.

Loudon Wainwright III is a hard man to describe, but easy to enjoy— his humour, in and out oi his songs, is catching. See him in Glasgow 5 Oct and Edinburgh 6 Oct. See Guestlist. (Norman Chalmers).

MONDAY 6 Glasgow

0 Limited Edition w'intersuills ls‘ur. (ireat Western Road. Evening.

0 Covers 'I‘olbooth Bar. (ilasgow (‘ross. Evening. (‘over versionsol anything l'rotn Buddy I lolly to Madonna.

. 0 Irish Music Stage Door Bar. (inrimls .Stl'c‘c‘l . 42‘) “022. I‘A'Clliilg. 'I'he (ilasgow Irish Players with champion i‘iddler Jimmy Mc(‘ue.


0 Nobody‘s Business Bannerman's Bar. ('owgatc. Iivcnings. (‘cltic clarinet and guitars operating through machines. ()ccasional bursts ol’bagpiping.

o Loudon Wainwright lll ()ueen‘s- Ilall. ('lerk Street. S'pm. Songwriter with wit and quite a following. See panel.

0 Gill Hewitt Royal ()ak. lnlirmary Street.557 207i». Evening. Bar till 2am. Songs with banjo. and singaround.

0 Fiddlers Arms ( irassmarket. 22‘) 2o55. Evening. Session.

TUESDAY 7 Glasgow

0 Sleep the Feet'liolbooth Bar. (ilasgow (loss. Evening. 'I'he authentic ( ilasgow in music and pong.


0 Barrie Band Bannerman‘s Bar. (‘owgate. 556 3254. Evening. Music

inthevaults.mainlyIrish instrumental.

; 0 Jim Knight‘s Night Royal Oak.

i lni'irmaryStreet. Evening.


0 Naiian i Ialt Bar. Woodlands Road. Evening. Melodeon and fiddle.

0 Limited Edition 'I‘olbooth Bar. (ilasgow Cross. Evening. String band. folk and country.

; Edinburgh

0 John Stewart Assembly Rooms.

(ieorge Street. 8pm. £3.50 (£2.50).

Bar. Presented by Acoustic Routes with Edinburgh District Council. Tickets from Virgin. Princes Street. or by post. phone 031 554 4003. Two previous years a sell out for this ex-Kingston 'l'rio singer and stylish guitarist.

0 Sarah Gray and Ellie Ellis Edinburgh Folk (‘lub. ()sbourne Hotel. York Place. 8pm. £1.50. Banjo and guitar. harmony singers. mainly American repertoire. Popular return visit.

0 Robin Turner Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. 557 2976. Evening.

0 Reverend Brothers Shore Bar. l.eitb. 553 5080. Evening.

THURSDAY 9 Glasgow

0 Limited Edition Star Folk Club. (‘alton Place. 8pm. £1. Country Blues and Acoustic Folk and Roll. 0 Red Neck Mothers 'I‘olbooth Bar. (ilasgow Cross. Evening. Folk and (‘ountry Blues.


0 Jim Knight Roval ()ak. Infirmary Street. Big singer and guitarist. Bar and music till 2am.

o Shetland Fiddle Society West End Hotel. Palmerston Place. Evening.

FRIDAY 10 Glasgow

0 Kelvin Park Lorne Hotel Sauchiehall Street. 334-1891. Evening. Folk trio in bar.

0 Naiian 'I'olbootb Bar. Glasgow (‘ross. Evening. Loose group named alter an Irish mountain. Instrumental music.

Edinburgh ' 0 North Sea Gas Platform I. Rutland Street. Evening. Singalong folk songs and matching shirts.

0 Royal Oak lnlirmary Street. 557 2976. Singaround downstairs with Robin I.aing. Bar till 2am.

SATURDAY 11 Glasgow

0 Isaac Guillory Third Eye Centre. Sauchiehall Street. £3 (£2). 8pm. Return visit from virtuoso guitarist and singer. an incredible versatile talent whose last show here was quickly sold ottt. I 0 Easy Club Glasgow Arts Centre. Washington Street. 8pm. £2 (£1 ). GAC‘s Folk Season brings you a swinging instrumental foursome.

0 Desperate Danz Band Riverside. Fox Street. oi'i‘ (‘lyde Street. 9pm. £2. I.ate Bar— 2am. Ceilidh with guest performers. Super venue. sprung dance floor etc. Session here every Sat afternoon: singing. music and occasional dance.