EDINBURGH FILMHOUSE BAR AND RESTAURANT. Srnce Crnema 1 opened tn Fehruary l982 the Edtnburgh Ftlmhouse has deservedly won the reputatron of herng one ol the hnest lrlm centres or Europe. Wrth the operung rn June l985 ol rts har anrl restaurant the Frlmhouse rs at last complete and the new addrttons are In perlect keeprng wrth the style and atmosphere of the rest ol the hurldtng. The restaurant seats 40, rs open all day and offers an ertterprrsrng menu, and a good wrne lrst. The adrornrng har rs hoth comfortable and styhsh and ollers a wrde selecuon ol contrnental beers and exotrc spurts as well as the redouhtahle Castle Eden Ale and Stella Artors.

CAFE TANTALUS, 512 Crow Road, Glasgow. Srtnng rn the Cale lantalus you rrnght he lorgrven lor tlttnkrrtg you were on the outsktrts of Brussels, Mrlan or 1 ugano, rather than next door to the rarlway statron rnJordanhrll , , . lo the locals rt ts srmply 'lhe Cale a small, lrrendly, styhsh hrasserre hlled wrth lrght and enthusrasm. Its owners, Stephen and Grace Grudrcr, go to great lengths to oller therr customers the hest Contrnental produce,selectedlromtherrdelrcatessan next door: Segalredo collee, proscrutto lrom Parrna, prawn cocktarls as they should he made, wrth drced lresh tomatoes . . . and, ol course, the hest heer rn Europe Stella Artors.

LE CAFE NOIR, Waverley Centre, Edinburgh. When you've got a good Idea, suck wrth It and thrs rs precrsely what has happened rn the new Cale Norr rn Waverley Market lor rt rs an exact copy ol the Ingth successlul Cale Norr rn Queen Street, Glasgow. Once agarn sl<rllul use has been made ol wlnte trles, contrast rng green parntwork and glearnrng hrass and the over all mood rs hustlrng, convrvral, convrncrngly Parrsran. le Cale Norr entertarns extremely varred clrentele and customers enon collee and crorssants, cold hullet fare, tahle d'hote lwhrch changes darlyl or a la carte menus. ’lrue soplnsucates wrll apprecrate the well chosen wrne lust and the ready avarlahtlrty ol Stella Artors.

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