0 CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 225 2424 ext 665(). Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Sun 2—5pm. Licensed cafe. [D] The Art ofthe Portrait Ifntil Sat 25 ()ct. Portraits. in other ages. have been what photographs are today representations. records of a person‘s physical appearance with no more clttes as to the person‘s character and beliefs that that appearance might reasonably suggest. In such works. we look fora bright eye or a daring outfit for evidence of personality. Was Robert Scott Moncricff. Esquire. painted by Sir Henry Raeburn RA in the late 18th century. gentle or harsh with the orphan boys‘.’ There is ambivalence in his expression.

Most of the works are Scottish and a tentative history of Scottish art can be glimpsed in this mixed collection of faces. Holyrood Art Club Until Sat 4 ()ct. Founded in 1957 this local club has 120 members who regularly attend art lectures and drawing and painting classes. Part of the Open Space Programme for community participation in the (‘ity's gallery. Shuttle, Spindle. Hook and Needle Sat leSept—Sat 18 ()ct. New work by the Edinburgh Knitting and (‘rochet Guild. Tremble Ye Tyrants Sat 27 Sept—~Sat 1 Nov. An exhibition to commemorate the 25th anniversary ofthe founding ofthe Scottish Labour I listor)‘ Society. charting the history of working people over the past 200 years. British Toymakers‘ Guild Sat 20 Sept—Sat 25 Oct. The largest exhibition by this group outside London. The work ranges from wax and porcelain dolls to trains. horses and fluffy foxes. I Gael Fri Ill—Sat 25 ()ct. A Scottish Museums ('ouncil exhibition arranged to coincide with the National Mod in Edinburgh. lt traces the history of the (iacl from their origins in the Iron Age to modern times. 0 COLLECTIVE GALLERY 52—541ligh Street 56-1 7146. 'I‘ue. Wed. Fri 12.3ll—5.3(lpm. 'I‘hurs 12.3(l—7pm. Sat lil.3(lam--5pm. (.‘losed Sun and Mon. Walter Miller- Recent Work Paintings and Drawings Until Tue 14 ()ct. As a television designer. Miller has worked on such programmes as [)r

of; i

For‘Glesgost Style' oi the pest, visit

tea-rooms and domestic interiors.

3 Three Middelburg Artists i'ntil \y‘ctl I 22 ()ct. Paintings by Paul Bartcls.


Finlay '3' ( 'tm’houk and The House r1 '

ll'illi The (from Shutters during a .

22-year career with the BBC. This I H. N l T f S l d work (his first one-man show for °.. I some time) displays the artist as I i

The lona Community 3 in cooperation with the National Trust for Scotland 3 1 present '

Paintings of Iona

By Cadell, Peploe, D.Y. Cameron and others 1 L Entrance free donations to The MacLeod Centre I A unique chance to see some exceptional paintings lent i from private collections I l l

painter draughtsman.

Dounc 'I'errace (off Moray Place). 225 7lts’t).

Rako Ceramics —Tove Bowyer 4-31

()ct. Mon—Fri lilam—-5pm.

0 RICHARD DEMARCD GALLERY lil .leffrcy Street. 557 0707. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

at Gladstone’s Land Gallery, Lawnmarket, Edinburgh 14 31 October, 10am 4pm (Sundays 2pm——4.30pm)


l’iet l)ie|eman and Bob l’ingen. three artists from \Iiddelburg. Netherlands. The exhibition comes as the result of a unique exchange.

Simultaneously. three Scottish 'n - —~

artists. Stephen Lawson. .lohn - -—~

Kirkwood and Fred Stiven will be

exhibiting at the Zeeuws Museum in

Middelburg. The work in Edinburgh .

will transfer to Blackfriars Street

after 22 ()ct when .leffrey Street tn

officially closes and Blackfriars

becomes headquarters for Richard 1" “2"I‘I‘i'I‘I“ 3‘ I )‘I‘m"



BlackfriarsChurch. Blackfriars

Street (just off I ligh Street). 557 Sculpture


See Jeffrey Street.


Lauriston Place, 229 9311. Mon-Thurs The Fruitmarm “we”.

mam-3309M FII mam-59W 3?" 29 Market Street Edinburgh Hit IDF "i‘t-it-phunc 031 225 2333

mam—noon. Admission Free

lcelandic Artists l mu Mon o ()ct. ()pen'l'uesday—Saturday Ill—5.30 (‘art- Bookstall

Ceramics. tapestry. stone relief.

architectural studies and graphics by 5"°""’""°""‘ S‘°""" A"‘C°“"“ _ _ _ _ _.____J

artists resident in Iceland. some of

whom attended [Edinburgh (‘ollege “—

OI Art.

Norwegian Wood Jim Creative Use of

Timber’l‘hurs I) ()ct—Sat l Nov. 'I‘his _

uh'b'm’" I“ hm”? 'II‘III'IIC‘I I” University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge.

coincide with a conference at

I’restonfield Ilousc about the use of Tel:03166710next4308

timber in Norwegian architecture.

.Iointly organised by the RIAS and BAL‘HC TALES IN WOOD

the Norwegian (ieneral (‘onsul as

part ofthe Norwegian Autumn in 20 Sept _ 25 Oct 1986


{gm Eckersley Posters 'I‘hurs 9 A retrospective exhibition, but with a high 1 (ICLSIIEIS'I‘IITI‘ I.iihdfiiiIlsriiiixhiiitégere prOpomon Of recent works’ by the LaWian5b0m alsoIilasgow. .-\rt (iallerv and SCUIpIOI ZIC'FRIDS SAPIETIS~ Although WOOd

Museum. Kelvingrovc. ' carving will predominate, there will be a range of e ' EDINBURGH UNIVERSITY LIBRARY works in other natural materials.

(icorge Square. 667 101 l. Mon—Fri Mon _ Sat loam _ 5pm


L____ Subs/dised by the Scottish Arts Co_unCtl I Scottish Arts Council Touring Exhibition I

the Hunterian Museum. where, at the top oithe Mackintosh House. there is an exhibition at Annen photographs recording Mackintosh's


Collins Gallery, University of Strathclyde, Richmond Street, Glasgow G1

Monday— Friday, 10—5; Saturday 12—4 Performance by Mona Hatoum on Saturday 11 October at 3pm

Admission Free

_S__c_:o_t_t_i_sh Arts Council


file list .i 16 ( )ctober 31