0 QUEEN'S HALL (‘Ierk Street. 668 3456.

More Images of Caithness Sun 11) Oct—Sat S .\'ov. Watercolours by Barbara Myatt.

Playing Cards t'ntil Fri 17 ( )ct. An exhibition to coincide with the international conference on playing cards being held at the Queen's I lall duringthis period.

0 RIAS GALLERY 15 Rutland Square. 22‘) 7205. Mon—Fri 0..“s0am—5pm.

0 ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleith llouse. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm. Stilt 11am—5pm. 'l'hree exhibitions have

; reopened the lh‘th century mansion j house in the tniddle of the ( iarden.

previously home of the (iallery of Modern Art. All three exhibitions run until Fri 31 ()ct. The story of John Hope. enlightened gardener. doctor. teacher and creator ol the long-gone five-acre garden in l,eith Walk in the 18th centttry. is told in

the central gallery. Next door 3 MargaretStone‘sexquisite

watercolours capture the flowers of the Himalayas with botanical

; exactitude and upstairs Heather ' Angel'scolourphotographsl'oettson

both the beauty of nature as

conceived by gardeners past and present. and of nature under the

magnilying-glass. A must l'orall

; gardenenthusiasts.

O ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND (‘hamhers Street. 225 7534. .‘Vlon—Sat Illattt-»5ptn. Sttn 2- 5pm. The museum re-opens this month on Mon 6 ( )ct. 'l‘he linterprisittg Scot closes at the Royal Academy on Sun 5 ()ct.

O ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Queen Street. 556 8021. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2-—5pm.


The Enterprising Scot Until Sun 5 ()ct. £1.50(£1).The collection (or at least a proportion of it) from the Royal Museum of Scotland. ('hamhers Street. a controversial look at the reasons behind the success of Scottish enterprise abroad and at home. Charles Rennie Mackintosh l'ntil 5 ()ct. Beautifuland unassuming drawings which. for Mackintosh. took the place of a photograph alhum. Each drawing is inscribed with the initials of the people who were with him when it was made. 'l'hey lack movement and human figures httt the artist's particular sensibility is evident in each line. in the shaded petals of every gorgeous flower.


6 Howard Street, 556 6337. Mon-Sat 10am-4pm. Sun 2—4pm.

0 SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE 1-10 ('anongate. 556 8136. Mon—Sat lllam—5.30pm. A permanent showcase for the crafts of Scotland. The craftsmen and women of Scotland gather their work together here for sale. Knitwear. ceramics. glass. pottery etc.

0 THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 9-1 (ieorge Street. 225 5955. Mon—Fri 9am—530pm. Sat 9.30am— 1 pm.

Jim Nicholson—The Hebrides and the NOl’lh WCSI Mon (y—Wed 2‘) ()ct. Watercolours.

Janet Pierce Recent Flower-Painting Mon 6—\\'ed 2‘) ()ct. Watercolours. 0 THE SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM Lady Victoria Colliery. Newtongrange. .‘ylidlothian. 663 751‘). 'l‘ue—li‘ri ll)am—-l.30pm.

Sat Sun Noon-5pm.


Prescote Gallery, Edinburgh. 369 High

Gallery have just moved in under the energetic direction of Ann Hartree, iounder oi the original Prescote in Oxtordshire, which closed in 1983. Wishing a change from the gallery’s previously rural setting, she has come back to Edinburgh, where six years ago she organised a prestigious Prescote exhibition to mark the opening of the City Art Centre.

Specialising in British applied and decorative arts, in other words, art translated into tunctional objects, the

Prescote is the first in Scotland to present such a wide-ranging programme in this area. Along with other galleries and shops who exhibit some term of the decorative arts (Open Eye, Scottish Gallery, ln-House, etc.), it looks ready to elevate the craft in

1 Scotland, or as some would preter, ; throw out that ambiguous word . altogether. It is worth pointing out too,

thalthe applied arts have no lunding lrom any body in this country, the SAC and the SOA having no provision tor them in their present grant structures. The opening exhibition at Prescote

tickles the appetite tor more, with over - a dozen designers showing lurniture

} and lighting and constructions (collage . pictures) by Linda Green. The overall

1 impression is sleek and sophisticated,

the only rustic hint being the old stone Street is tlying a new tlag. The Prescote f

walls. ‘The Million Wardrobe’ by Jane

Dillon and Julian Gibbwasseenthis i summeratthe Vienna ’86 exhibition.

lts lightweight doors, rubbed and lacquered to give a glitzy sheen are made at the aluminium used tor spacecralt. With walls of silk it’s made for the robes ot a science liction movie

goddess. Other surprises like G1 ; Bonnar's Cleo and Toni his and her

chairs and a giant-sized nutcracker as the last word in concealed light, makes this new gallery worth a visit and one to watch out lor. (Alice Bain)

A Day in the Lite ot a Coal Company Journey back to the early days of the colliery via a series of tableaux using artefacts and costumed models. Prestongrange (between Prestonpans and Musselburgh) Tue—Fri 10am—4pm. Sat’Sun Noon—5pm. Visitor Centre. Historic Cornish Beam Engine and displays showing coal-mining through the ages.

0 THE SHORE GALLERY 59 Bernard Street. Leith. Mon—Fri 11am—4pm. Odette Kemp Recent Works Until Fri 3 ()ct.

0 STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street. 557 11-10.'I‘ue—Sat. 12.30—6pm. Constructed Narratives Until Sat 18 ()ct. (‘olour photographs by Calum (‘olvin and Ron O‘Donnell.

0 TALBOT RICE ART CENTRE Old College. University of Edinburgh. 667 1011 ext 4308. Mon—Sat. 10am—5pm.

Baltic Tales in Wood Until Sat 25 Oct. A retrospective exhibition (with recent works included) by the Latvian-born Sculptor Zigsrids Sapietis. Though woodcarving will predominate there will be a range of works in other natural materials. See paneL

0 THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 225 7942. Mon—Sat 9.30am-late.

Photographs lor21 Years Tue 7 Oct—Sat 1 Nov. Theatre Workshop celebrates 21 years of productions since it was founded in 1965. Programmes and posters will also be included. Anyone with any memorabilia they would like to loan from Theatre Workshop‘s activities is asked to contact the Publicity Office.

0 TORRANCE GALLERY 29h Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri 11am—6pm. Sat 10.30am—4pm. Haswell Smith Until Sat ll()ct. Watercolours and sketches.

O 369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate. 225 3013. Mon—Sat 12.30—5.30pm. Thurs and Fri until 8pm. Phil Outhie Sat 4—Sat 25 ()ct. Work by a young Aberdeen artist. last exhibited by 369in 1983.

O TRAVERSE THEATRE 112 West Bow. 226 2633.

Five Printmakers Until Sat 1 1 ()ct. A continuation ofthe exhibition on display at the Printmakers‘ Workshop.

The National Gallery of Scotlan o The Mound, Edinbur

031-556 8921

Mon-Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 2-5pm




. 19 October A major international loan exhibition. Pictures by Cezanne, Monet, Pissarro, Sisley and their predecessors Corot, Courbet and Delacroix, from

Britain, Europe and the United States. Admission £1 (concessions 60p).

Sponsored by Guinness PLC



'5 c of;

An Exhibition presented by the

National Museums of Scotland

in the Royal Scottish Academy Princes Street

8th August - 5th October 1986

Mon-Sat 10am—6pm and Sun 11am-6pm. Tel 225 7534


The List 3 - 16 October 33