head for Ibrox waiting to see if there will be a repeat of the season‘s

i opening game‘s antics. Ilighly

unlikely you might have thought. but Rangers will be out for revenge. DIVISION 1 o Airdrie v East File Broomfield. Airdrie (see above).

0 Clyde v Dunlermline Firhill. Glasgow (see above). 0 Morton V Brechin Cappielow. Greenock (see above).


o Ayr United v Stenhousemuir Somerset Park Ayr. (Ground 10 mins from Ayr anti Newton-on-Ayr stations).

0 Stirling vAIbion Rovers Firs Park. Falkirk (Ground 10mins from Grahamstown station).

0 Meadowbank Thistle vAlloa Meadowbank. Edinburgh (Buses4. 5. 26. 35. 42.44).

0 Queen’s Park v Cowdenbeath Hampden Park. Glasgow (Buses 5. 67, 89. 90).

o Raith Rovers v St Johnstone Stark‘s Park. Kirkcaldy (Edinburgh. Dunfermline. I.even buses pass ground).


o EdinburgMHat). Monday 13/Tuesday 14

o Ayr(I“Iat).

RUGBY Saturday 4


0 West 01 Scotland v Heriots FP Burnbrae. .‘Vlilngavie. 3pm.

0 Watsonians v Boroughmuir Myreside. Edinburgh. 3pm.

0 Ayr v Stewarts/Melville FP Millbrae. Ayr. 3pm.

0 Edinburgh Accies v Glasgow Accies Raeburn Place. Edinburgh. 3pm.

Saturday 11


0 Heriots F? v Melrose Goldenacre. Edinburgh. 3pm.

0 West 01 Scotland v Hawick Burnbrae. Milngavie. 3pm.

0 Boroughmuirv Kelso Meggetland. Edinburgh. 3pm.

0 Stewarts/Melville FP v Selkirk Inverleith. Edinburgh. 3pm.

0 Glasgow Acadstyr New Anniesland. Glasgow. 3pm.

Saturday 4



0 Western v Ruthrieslon Linwood Sports Centre. Paisley. 2.30pm.

0 Grange v Menzieshill Mary Erskine High School. Edinburgh. 2.30pm.

0 Inverleith v ICI Pfeffermill. Edinburgh. 2.30pm.

Saturday 11



0 ICI v Western The Tryst.

38'I‘he List 3 lb October

| Stenhousemuir.2.30pm.

0 Edinburgh CSvGordonians I

Meadowbank. Edinburgha2.30pm. o Kelburne v lnverleith Linwood Sports Centre. Paisley. 2.30pm.


Saturday 4

0 Glasgow Summit Eagles v File Flyers Summit Centre. Finnieston. Glasgow. Face-off5.30pm. £2.50.


o Murraytield Racers v Glasgow Summit Eagles Murrayfield Ice Rink, Edinburghl Face-off6.30pm. £2.50.

Saturday 11

0 Glasgow Summit Eagles vAyr Bruins Summit Centre. Finnieston. Glasgow. Face-off5.30pm. £2 (£1). 0 File Flyers v Dundee Rockets Kirkcaldy Ice Rink. Kirkcaldy. Face-off7. 15pm. £2.75 (£1.75).

0 Ayr Bruins v Murraylield Racers Ayr Ice Rink. Ayr. Face-off 7pm. £2.50.


0 Edinburgh Royals v Glasgow Airport Forester I Iigh School. Edinburgh. 7.45pm. (Women Div 1).

Saturday 4

0 Mutual Lite v Edzell Stags Linwood SC. 3.45pm. (Men Div I)

o Stirling v Falkirk Stirling University. 7pm. (Men Div 1)

Sunday 5

O GEAR V Dundee East St Mungo‘s Academy. Glasgow. 12.45pm. (Women Div 2)

0 Murray IL v Royal Oeeside Wester Hailes Education Centre. 2pm. (Women Div 1)

o GEAR v Glasgow Airport AleXandra Park SP. Glasgow. 3pm. (Men Div I)

0 Magnum v Murray IL Magnum Centre. Irvine. 3pm. (Men Div 1)

o Clydebank v Fair City Jordanhill College. Glasgow. 3pm. (Men Div 1) O TAPSA V Bruins American School. 3pm. (Men Div 2)

o lnverclyde v Coasters Greenock Sports Centre. 3pm. (Men Div 2)

o MecszoroughmuirAces Bellahouston SC. Glasgow. 4.45pm. (Women Div I)

o Seahawks v Bo’ness Wildcats Ardnadam. 3pm. (Women Div 2)

o J. Watt College v Barr Electrics J. Watt College. Greenock. 2pm. (Men Div 2)

Monday 6

O Dunedin V GEAR St Augustine's High School. Edinburgh. 8.15pm. (Women Div 2)

Tuesday 7

o Bo’ness v Fair City Bo'ness RC. 7.15pm. (Women Div 2)


o Boroughmuir Aces v All Blacks Meadowbank. Edinburgh. 2.15pm. (Women Div 1)

o Dunedin v Coasters St Augustine's High School. Edinburgh. 2.15pm. (Women Div 2)

o Boroughmulrv Cumnock Curries Meadowbank. Edinburgh. 3pm. (Men Div 1)




o The Luck ol the Vails and The Freaks ol Maylair E. F. Benson (£4.50each.

Hogarth Press) 'I‘wo delicious period

pieces from the prolific son of an Archbishop ofCanterbury. The first. afin device/e thriller. involves Harry. Lord Vail. who discovers an accursed. exquisite gold cup just as he comes of age. The second depicts

a forgotten society engaged on trivial

pursuits while the Battle ofthe

Somme rages. Predictably it struck a

false note at the wrong time. but as Christopher 1 Iawtree points out in his introduction. ‘Time has blurred London‘s geography. but the freaks remain.‘ Mais certainemcnt.

0 When the Wind Blows Raymond Briggs (£2.95 Penguin) Jim retires and is given three days to build a fallout shelter. A comic-strip deterrent. more eloquent than the acres of verbiage encouraged by the incipient Armageddon.

o A Long Weekend with Marcel Proust Ronald Frame (£9.95 Bodley Head) Seven delicate and resilient stories and a short novel are included in this latest collection by Bearsden‘s brightest spark.

O Alias David Bowie Peter and Leni Gillman (£10.95 Hodder and Stoughton) All (and much more)

you’ll ever need to know about Ziggy

Stardust. 'I‘here‘s the usual drugs. sex and rock ‘n' roll scandals and an expose of the starman‘s callous treatment of his demented brother 'I‘erry. So unsavoury but hardly surprising.

0 Charles Dickens: His Tragedy and Triumph EdgarJohnson (£5.95 Penguin) Revised and abridged version of the standard biography. readable and as enthralling as Great Expectations.

0 Kilrenny and Cellardyke Harry D.. Watson 10 John Donald) There are no neuks like the East Neuk as is confirmed in this copious and committed history oftwo ofthe Kingdom of Fife‘s most overlooked coastal villages. Admirany parochial.

0 Paradise Postponed John Mortimer

(£3.50 Penguin) The book ofthe television series whose progress threatens to drop to a snail's pace after the extended first episode which covered a third of the story. Shall we spare you the ennui and

reveal why the eccentric Revd leaves

his beer money to Leslie Titmuss rather than to his sons? Turn to Revelations. . .


0 City Whitelight John Mackenzie (Mainstream £8.95). Hokum. up-front. heart on its sleeve. can be tolerable. But hokum that doesn't know it‘s hokum. hokum that comes

' embarrassing. Mr Mackenzie‘s novel

silent. but no matter. we are to take 2 it that eponymous hero Whitelight‘s travails in fantasyland correspond in

everyman in 'I’hatcherland. Well

; that all thoughts ofa sub-text tend to seek egress through ears battered

i recommend a coupla nips— stiff ones. (Bert Wright)

- (£10.95 Robert Hale)

togged out in the gladrags ofmore serious genres (in this case. apocalyptic fiction) is often merely

falls into the latter category with a resounding thud. Colluding in the deception. the

. . . l

blurb-writer hints at the ‘obvrous I

modern implications‘ fora Britain

' ‘accustomed to eruptions of urban

discontent‘. About the eruption of daft novels he is understandany

some allegorical sense with those of

maybe. but so ill-written is the book

into submission by the attrition of bad prose. 'I‘o endure this apocalypse. I

0 Past Caring Robert Goddard

0 Missing Persons David Cook (£9.95 The Alison Press/Seeker I and Warburg) o The Death of the Body C. K. Stead (£9.95 Collins) Fowles. cry the publishers of Robert Goddard‘s first novel. inviting comparisons between Past Caring

. and TIwMagiis. It would not be fair— 2

or advantageous to the debutante

I to pursue this claim too vigorously. but there are superficial similarities.

Martin Radford. the wimpish Nicholas Urfe (10 nos‘jours. is an unemployed history graduate anti

7 defrocked dorninie who eagerly

accepts an assignment to investigate the enigma of Edwin Strafford‘s sudden resignation from Asquith's

. Cabinet. All he has to go on is

Strafford's memoir. conveniently fed to him by his curious employer. Leo Sellick, a wealthy expatriate South African now in retirement in

Madeira. Radford returns to Oxford where he picks up Strafford's trail

and a winsome ambitious Suffragette scholar. In the Bodleian the bibliosleuth begins to brush away the cobwebs of the past and uncovers a conspiracy to discredit Strafford. indicting in the process Christabcl Pankhurst. Lloyd George and almost the entire cast of the novel. Readers are advised to follow the redoubtable Inspector (,‘Iouseau‘s recommendation to suspect no one and everyone. Goddard‘s compelling ifwordy story is one of honour regained. in which the goodies do the decent thing and the

baddies don‘t. though in view of 5 what has preceded it has to be said that the ending is unduly optimistic.

One could say the same of David Cook’s gem. Missing Persons but it