normally held in the McLeilan Galleries in Sauchiehall Street.


Second hand is obviously the best way to buy both text and personal interest books, however it can be difficult to find what you want . . . O The ABC Bookshop 80 West Regent Street, 041 3321894. Mon-Fri 9am—5.30pm; Sat 9am—5pm. A second hand place which deals specifically in college and university texts. You may have to order though as books they do get sell out fast. 0 Voltaire and Rousseau 12 Otago Lane, 0413391811. Mon-Sat 11am-6pm. Masses of dusty second hand books on every subject imaginable. 0 Gibson Street Books 7/9 Gibson Street, 041 339 3527. Mon—Sat 10.30am—6pm. Similar to Voltaire and Rousseau but not quite as interesting. 0 Glimorehill Books 43 Bank Street, 041 339 7504. Mon—Sat 10.45am—5.30pm. Has probably the best college-orientated selection of them all but not really the same curiosity value. 0 Changes 340 West Princes Street, 041 357 3631. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. An excellent selection of political literature both old and new. 0 FutureShock 200 Woodlands Road, 041 333 0784. Mon—Fri 10.30am—6pm; Sat 10am—6pm. Stocks all kinds of science fiction and adventure comics. 0 Obelist Books Virginia Galleries, 31 Virginia Street, 552 8640. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm. Inexpensive collection of crime and sci-fi mags, many dating back to 405 and 505. o AKA Books & Comics Address and opening times as for Obelist. Mostly American, early 605. Also sells some original comic artwork. 0 Arthur De Courcey's Ashton Lane (behind Byres Road). Small shop mostly Marvel and DC comics. 0 Bargain Books 89 Byres Road, 041 339 8184. Mon—Sat 9am—6pm; Sun 12noon—5pm. W.H. Smith’s sort of books at ridiculously low prices (ie £1 and £2). NB It’s always important to bear in mind that university and college books can often be obtained from the notice boards on campus. Things are going to hot up on the Glasgow book front with the planned entry of Waterstone’s and Hatchards to the market. But the city already has some good bookshops . . . 0 John Smith’s 57 St Vincent Street, 226 3047. Probably the most ' comprehensive general and academic bookshop in the city. Authors often to be found here at signings and readings. A Glasgow University branch (334 1210) can be found in the John Macintyre Building. 0 Hope Street Book Centre 321 Hope Street, 332 8881. Good for alternative titles and for books on politics and the media in particular. 0 Third Eye Centre Bookshop 350 Sauchiehall Street, 332 7521. Large selection of art, photography and local interest books - and of course Third Eye books.


Food after drink and records - is a fairly important component of student life. It’s best to stock up the fridge from the supermarket most weeks and not live too much from the takeaway shop. Yet eating out isn’t that expensive, and again, students benefit from various reductions.

Business lunches can be a good. cheap way to have a filling meal in the afternoon most restaurants have special offers. Many pubs also offer excellent value lunches in the afternoon, although the money saved on a cheap pub lunch can often go on that extra drink . . . Pizzas and kebabs can also provide cheap and filling lunches and should not be considered the province only of the late night drunk. Glasgow also has many family run cafes which provide varied and reasonably priced menus, including the near legendary Grosvenor Cafe. Listed below are a few face-fillers from each.

0 The Spaghetti Factory 30 Gibson Street, 334 2665. One of the restaurants with special offers for students. Does a reasonable lunch (2 courses) for under £2.

0 The Shish Mahal 45 Gibson Street, 339 7899. 11.45am—11.30pm. 7 days for Indian food. Offers good Indian meals for £2.50.

0 The Shalimar 23 Gibson Street, 339 6453. Many students prefer it to the ‘Shish‘ and it’s licensed.

o The Koh I floor 235 North Street, 204 1444. Favourite among businessmen - quite classy.

O The Grittin Elmbank Street. One of the many pubs to offer good food at lunchtime. Has a pub lunch and a pint for £1 .40.

0 The Captain's Rest Great Western Road. Does a two course lunch for £1.25

0 The Bitteki Gibson Street. Offers a complete lunch menu ofexcellent pizzas and kebabs for only £1 each and offers reasonable student discounts on production of a matric card.

0 The Three-in-One Elmbank Street. Late night multi-purpose carry-out Emprium (pizzas, kebabs, burgers etc). Its chief raison d’etre is to satisfy the drunken post-dancing munchies of the Sauchiehall Street crowds. Student discount available. 0 Goodies 2 645 Great Western Road, 334 8848. Staff here sport T-shirts which boast ‘best curry in Scotland’. A title conferred on them by a Sunday Mail ‘exclusive‘ survey last year. Carry out only, but well worth the visit just for the Chicken Pakora which is the best you’ll taste in Glasgow. Student discount avilable. Open till 2am.

o Grosvenor Cate 33 Ashton Lane, 339 1848. Has a great selection of filled rolls and is very cheap.

0 The University Cate! Byres Road. Has a more varied menu than the Grosvenor, but neither the service nor the food are as good.

0 Equis 449 Sauchiehall Street, 332 4537. A little more pricey than either the Grosvenor or the University Shop, but the filled rolls are good and the coffee and minestrone soup are excellent.

O The Kings 0816 71 Elmbank Street, 332 0898 (next to the Three-in-One and across from the Griffin) has perhaps the most extensive menu in the city. Everything from steaks to pizzas and lasagne and filled rolls. As well as the cafe upstairs. there is a licensed restaurant downstairs with everything priced exactly the same as upstairs.

0 Third Eye Centre Cate 350 Sauchiehall Street, 332 7521 . Tue—Sat 10am—6pm. Cafe’ plus bar offering hot dishes and snacks, all vegetarian. A good range ofsalads, relaxed atmosphere and the added attraction ofthe gallery, bookshop and theatre.

These are largely the places where you can eat well and cheaply, however, there are also many ‘quality’ restaurants in Glasgow, more expensive, but worth it for special occasions.

o The Cui de Sac Creperie 44/46 Ashton Lane, 334 4686/4789. A pleasant French style eaterie which

cabaret sometimes.

0 Joe’s Garage 52 Bank Street, Hillhead, 339 5407. has the rather well-worn (in Glasgow anyway) 50$

Americana theme the Flip/Rock Garden equivalent in a restaurant. Yet the food is good and so is the service.

0 The Amber 130 Byres Road, 339

6121. Chinese specialities. Very good (ifvery expensive) it is too.

0 Cafe Gandolti 64 Albion Street, Candleriggs. 552 6813. Serves good food, although it is a little over-priced for what you get. The salads are well made and the interior decor is worth seeing.


E First off, the regular drinking shops.

These are of course no longer the exclusively male bastions they once were, but most retain that old-fashioned notion that a good pub atmosphere is created by the


O The Halt Bar 160 Woodlands Road, 2 332 1210. Generally reckoned to be

one of the best of its kind, it has been singled out by Jack McLean, Elaine

, . ' ' i C. Smith, Bill Forsyth and Bing has a great late mgm atmosphere and ' Hitler as being among their favourite

: pubs. As well as the

afore-mentioned atmosphere, it provides great live music most

i nights.

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Art, politics, poetry, rock music, alternative medicine, drama, film . ..

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Just some of the subjects from Third Eye Centre Bookshop’s extensive stock, plus a wide variety of new and classic fiction and Third Eye publications.

Plus a selection of interesting and unusual greetings cards, postcards, posters and stationery.


Open: Tues-Sat, loam—5.30pm; Sun 2—5.30pm. Open during evening events. Closed Mons.


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