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235 The Cowgate, Edinburgh




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369 GALLERY Open 12.30pm—6.30pm

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possible tastes and persuasions. English students may be initially baffled by the new beer terminology Mild is Light (or 6()/-). while Bitter becomes Heavy (7()/-)s and Export (80/-) - but the best way to get acquainted is to get drinking! Here are some of the great (and not so great) Edinburgh pubs. treated to some shamefully subjective reviews. 0 Athletic Arms 11—13 Angle Park Terrace. 337 3822) Mon—Sat 11am—2.3()pm. 5—l().3(lpm. Closed Sun. Known to everyone as ‘Diggers‘. and serves the best pint in Edinburgh/Britain/The World McEwan’s 8()/-. doctored to Diggers‘ secret recipe. A drinkers‘ pub.

O Starbank Inn 64 Laverockbank Road. Newhaven. 552 4141. Mon—Wed 11am—l lpm. Thurs—Sat Ham—11.30pm. Sun 12.3(1—2.3()pm. 630—] lpm. OK. so it requires a bit ofeffort to get to but the reward is excellent beer served in comfortable surroundings with views over the Firth of Forth. One for the connoisseurs.

o Bennet's Bar 8 Leven Street. 229 5143. Mon—Sat 11am—11pm. Closed Sun. Renowned for its carefully preserved decor (stained glass doors!) Bennet‘s is perhaps the finest example ofpub architecture in the city. Plus good beer and a friendly atmosphere.

0 Volunteer Arms 237 Morningside Road. 447 1484. The infamous ‘Canny Man’s‘ which houses a weird and wonderful collection of Victorian and Edwardian junk. All of this serves to distract one from the fact that the drink is merely average. 0 Greyhiars Bobby 34 Candlemaker Row, 225 8300. Mon. Tue. Sat 11am—lam;Wed—Fri 11am—2am; Sun 12.3()—2.3()pm., 6.30—1 lpm.s Named after THAT dog and hugely popular with students. it would seem. Why?? It‘s crowded. dirty and the beer is rotten. Avoid the ‘There‘s always Greyfriars‘ syndrome and support plans to rename it ‘the jobbie’.

0 Malt Shovel 13 Cockburn Street. 225 6843. Mon—Fri 11am—lam; Sat 11am—1 1.30pm; Sun 12.3()—2.3()pm. 6.30—11.30pm. Busy lounge that is most notable for its extensive selection of real ales. featuring ‘guest beers’ from south of the border (Theakston‘s etc).

Live jazz Mon—Wed.

0 Oxford Bar 8 Young Street. 225 4262. Mon—Fri l lam—1.30pm; Sat 11am—1am; Sun 12.30—2.3()pm.

6—1 lpm. Small local pub retaining the traditional nineteenth century layout with sitting rooms adjoining the main bar. Listen to the regulars swapping stories about Willie Ross. the ex-landlord. who would open and close when he felt like it and refused to serve English customers if he deemed their accident too posh! He‘s gone but the Oxford is still full of character.

0 Fiddler's Arms 9—] 1 Grassmarket. 229 2665. Mon-Sat 11am—1 1pm; Sun 12.30—2.30pm. 630—] 1pm. The best pub in the Grassmarket not much competition. I‘m afraid that swings with a vengeance on Monday's folk nights. A must if you enjoy swinging with a vengeance (and who doesn‘t). o Preservation Hall 9 Victoria Street.



o Palmers 65 Lothian Road. 229 7867. Mon—Wed llam—l 1pm;

plastic plants. video screens.

g clientele are the main ingredients. 1 o Filmhouse Bar88 Lothian Road.

3 Sun 630—] lpm. Without doubt, the

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i One thing Edinburgh does not lack is

shops where stylish and cheap garments can be found by the patient

the best but one should also make

226 3816. Mon—Wed

11am—1 1 .45pm; Thurs. Fri Ham—12.45pm; Sat Ham-12.30am; Sun llam—l 1pm. A converted church which now throngs with jazz worshippers who turn up to hear the nightly sessions. Big. loud and busy.

Thurs—Sat l lam—lam; Sun 7—11pm. Lothian Road has many pubs. almost all of them tackey lounges patrolled by fat men in frilly shirts. Palmers is one ofthe few worth visiting ifonly to appreciate how utterly over the top it is. Neon lights.

expensive drink and a very loud

228 2688. Mon—Sat 12noon—1 1pm;

best place to drink on this street of shame. Comfortable and quiet. ifa little expensive. the pleasant

disrupted by an over-loud film ‘expert‘.

a vast array of second hand clothes

shopper. Listed below are a few of

use of the various jumble sales every Saturday. Find out the time and

venue from the Evening News or the Edinburgh Advertiserand guard

yourself against old ladies who aren‘t nearly as sweet as they look.

O Allez Cats Fleshmarket Close (off Cockburn Street). Sells 1930s and L onwards period clothes for both

women and men. Also jewellery. Staff are extremely helpful and will offer to contact you ifsomething you

particularly want turns up.

0 Echo 26 St Mary's Street. 557 2686.

' Period clothes for both sexes. often

in beautiful condition and very reasonably priced. Also jewellery

and accessories.

0 Flip 60—62 South Bridge. 556 4966.

Mon—Wed l(l.3()am—5.3()pm. Thurs and Sat ll).3()am—6.45pm. The famous chain of new and used American-style clothing. A good selection but one always feels that most of their stuff could be found cheaper in less obvious places.

0 Hand in Hand 3 North West Circus Place. 226 3598. Tue—Sat l().3()am—5pm. Mainly women‘s clothes and accessories but does have a selection of suits. Good stuff but quite pricey. perhaps due in part to its up-market location.

0 Herman Brown 1 East Fountainbridge. 228 2589. Lots of suits. ties and dresses; good quality and reasonably priced.

o Underneath the Arches 42 London

Street. 556 8329. Mon—Sat

mam—5.30pm. Not open Suns. 3 Pleasant basement shop with a small but quality selection of clothes and


There are also certain areas with

; more than just the odd second hand store. The principal one is St I ; Stephen Street in Stockbridge. but also the Grassmarket and the eastern

I end ofthe Cowgatc (St Mary’s