(Woody Allen, US, 1984) Woody

Allen. Mia Farrow. Milton Berle. 84 mins. Danny Rose is one of life‘s

born losers; a small-time agent for no-hope artists who run from his management at the slightest whiffof acclaim. Opportunity knocks with a tubby singer riding a nostalgia boom for Fifties crooners. However, the singer’s temperamental girlfriend Tina is linked with the Mafia. . . Glasgow; GET

0 Bugsy Malone (U) (Alan Parker, UK, 1976) Scott Baio, Jodie Foster, Martin Lev. 93 mins. Musical spoof of Prohibition-era gagster films with an all-child cast. Winsome, simple family fun, one ofa kind. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Cat People (PG) (Jacques Tourneur, US, 1942) Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Tom Conway. 73 mins. A young New York draughtsman falls in love with a beautiful but mysterious fashion model he meets

at the Central Park Zoo _ Atmospheric vintage creepie that

achieves its effects by what is implied rather than graphically depicted. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Chinatown (18) (Roman Polanski, US, 1974) Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway,John Huston. 131 mins. Private Eye Jake Gittes takes on a routine casein 1937 LA, but ends up uncovering more than he bargained for. Handsomer-mounted period thriller Edinburgh; Edinburgh UniversityFiIm Society

0 The Color Purple (15) (Steven Spielberg, US. 1985) Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover, Margaret Avery. 152 mins. Spielberg turns sen'ous, turning Alice Walker‘s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel into a sort ofBlack American Pulitzer Prize-winning novel into a sort of Black American Feminist David Lean-style epic. Glasgow; Grosvenor 0 Dance With A Stranger ( 15) (Mike Newell, UK, 1985) Miranda Richardson, Rupert Everett, Ian Holm. 102 mins. The true story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman in Britain to be hanged for murder.

A brilliantly acted, atmospheric production that captures a snapshot of 1955 and a society wrought by social and sexual hypocrises. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Dark Crystal (PG) (Jim Henson, Frank 02, UK, 1983) 94 mins. Worthy but dullish adventure,


Would you like to see over a hundred

only £15 11 you are waged, or (gasp!) £10 if you are a student or umemployed? Thought so. Well, now


. . 11.15pm on Fri 10 Oct, and later and Slim lllms lorlhe 111111186018 sum 01 . apres-pub classics to be shown include

i Nightmare On Elm Street and The Blues I Brothers.

You do NOT have to be a student to

yourchance has come with the onset of _= join, anyone over 16 can do so. Simply the Edinburgh University Film Society's : take a passport-sized photo along to

new season, which runs from the start at October 1986 until the end of may 1987 and takes in a veritable cornucopia ol cinemative delights ranging from Mt. to A Zed And Two Noughts and taking in masterpieces like Taxi Driver, Last Tango In Paris, Ran and My Beautiful Laundrette along the way. Brand new 35mm equipment means that image quality is just as good as any other cinema, it not better.

Filmsoc, as those in the know call it, is such an unutterably wondrous organ (the largest film society in the UK) promoting a series of Late Nite movies atthe Edinburgh Odeon. The first double bill, and a pretty splendiierous one at that, is a fun-filled coupling of Desperately Seeking Susan and Back To The Future (pictured above) at

1 any performance in October, or to the

1 Filmsoc office in the Societies Centre, 60 The Plesance(12.3D—1.3me

weekdays) and sign up. Each issue of

1 THE LIST includes the programme

details forthe coming fortnight.

§ Thereafteryou do not have to part with any more money, and can look forward ' to the prospect of months of free


individual performances are available (see EUFS heading in the Listings section for details) priced £1 .25, but it probably makes more sense to become a member. After all, itworks out at under 10 pence a film ifyou go to everything, which seems a pretty unbeatable bargain—one you’d be crazy not to take up. (Trevor Johnston)

involving a tussle between good and evil to recover the missing shard of the powerful Dark Crystal. Good creature work from the Muppets team. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Death In A French Garden (18) (Michel Deville. France. 1985) Michel Pieoli, Nicole Garcia. Christopher Malavoy. 1(11 mins. Smart. stylish thriller redolent of The Draughtsman‘s Contract. an air ofclinieal calculation detracts from

3 its full impact but it‘s cool.

sophisticated and often erotic fun in the French manner all the same. Edinburgh; Edinburgh University Film Society

0 Desert Hearts ( 18) (Donna Deitch. US. 1985) Helen Shaver. Patricia Charbonneau. Audra Lindley. 91 mins. Reno, Nevada, 1959. Vivian Bell arrives to complete the

' formalities ofa quick and convenient divorce. Her desert retreat is meant

v to provrde tranqurlity and solitude. a

chance to smooth a worried brow.


Instead. the city of gamblers pushes her towards taking a chance on love with an attractive younger woman. A commendany intelligent and positive lesbian drama Glasgow; GET 0 Desperately Seeking Susan (15) (Susan Seidelman.US. 1985) Rosanna Arquette. Madonna. Aidan Quinn. 1(13mins. Feminist fantasy revolving round a case of mistaken identity in the Big Apple. Sheerdelight. Edinburgh University Film Society. Edinburgh Odeon. Late. (See panel). 0 Diva ( 15) (Jean Jacques Beineix, France. 1981) Frederic Andrei. Roland Berton. Richard Bohringer. 117 mins. The twisted fate oftwo tapes. one an illegal recording ofan American opera star. the other exposing a crime ring. are the central strands in this daffy Gallic cult favourite. Glasgow; GFT 0 Echo Park( 15) (Robert Dornhelm, Austria. 1985) Susan Dey. Bowen. Tom Hulce. 90 mins. Fantasy and reality co-mingle in the lives ofthree showbiz hopefuls in a rundown Los Angeles suburb Pleasant. low-key study of modest charm and gentle wit. Edinburgh; Edinburgh University Film Society 0 Erendira (18) (RuyGuerra. France/Mexico/Germany. 1983) Claudia (‘hana, ()liver Wehe. 103 mins, Erendiraisabeautifulyoung girl trapped in a life ofsexual servitude by her deranged grandmother. a legendary object of desire and the star attraction of the eccentric old lady‘s travelling show. An incredibly bizarre. typically South American tall tale of vigorously perverse characters and situations Edinburgh; Filmhouse O Fright Night ( 18) (Tom Holland. US, 1985) Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale. Roddy McDowalI. 106 mins. Ragsdale grows convinced that his new next-door-neighbour is a

; vampire. No one takes him seriously

but the vampire knows that his accusations are true . . . Glasgow; Grosvenor o The Grapes of Wrath (U) (John Ford, US. 1940) Henry Fonda, Jane Darwell,John Carradine. 129mins. Exemplary adaptation of the Steinbeck novel with memorable contributions from all concerned. Fonda never bettered his portrait of Tom Joad Edinburgh; Edinburgh Film Guild


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