EDINBURGH FILMHUUSE BAR AND RESTAURANT. Srnce [Irnerna I opened ill l-ehruary 1982 the Edrnhurglr Frlrnhouse has deservedly won the reputatron ol herng one ol the lrnest lrlrtr centres or Europe. Wrtlr the openrng rn June 198$) ol rts har arrtl restaurarn the Frlnthouse rs at last complete and the new addrtrons are rn perlect keeprng wrth the style and atmosphere ol the rest ol the hurldrrrg. lhe restaurant seats 40, rs open all day and ollers art errterprrsrng menu, and a good wrrre lrst. lhe adtornrng har rs hoth cornlortahle atrd styhsh and ollers a wrde selectron ol corrtrrrenral beers and exotrc sprrrts as well as the redouhtahle Castle Eden Ale and Stella Artors.

CAFE TANTALUS, 512 Crow Road, Glasgow. Srttrng tn the llale lantalus you rtrrglrt he lorgrverr lot thrnkrng you were on the outskrrts ol Brussels, Mrlan or l ugarro, rather than next door to the rarlway statrorr rnJordanhrll . . lo the locals rt rs srrtrply 'l he Cale a srtrall, lrrerrdly, styhsh hrasserre lrllerl wnh lrglrt arrtl enthusrasnr. lts owners, Stephen arrtl Grace Grudrcr, go to great lengths to oller therr customers the hest Contrnental produce, selected lronr therr dehcatessan next door; Segalredo collee, proscrutto lrorn Parrna, prawn cocktarls as they should he rnarle, wrtlr drced lreslr tornatoes . . . and, ol course, the hest heer rn l urope Stella Artors.

LE CAFE NOIR, Waverley Centre, Edinburgh. When you've got a good rtlea, Slitlk rtrth rt and Ilrrs rs nrecrseh' rtnat has happened rtr the new (Iale Norr rn l‘Vaverlet Market for rt rs an exact copy ol the hrghly successful [Iale Norr rn [lueen Street, Glasgow [lnce agarn skrllul use has heerr nrade ol rthrte trles, contrast rng greerr parntuork and gleartrrrrg hrass and the trver all rnood rs husthng, convrvral, convrncrngly l’arrsran. le [Iale Non errtertarrrs extrerttely varred crerrtele and customers entoy collee and crorssarrts, cold hullet late. tahle d'hote l\\ltrt:lr changes darlyl or a la carte rnenus lrue sophrstrcates urll apptecrate the well chosen wrne lrst arrrl rhe ready avarlahrlrty ol Stella Artors