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THE GILDED BALLOON, Cowgate, Edinburgh. lnrueI I:|Ir:hes, ahandon prer:unr:epI:nns and Ir‘, and Imamne a pedeml‘,’ sen/reed SllEIIZIE IhaI has ever\,'dunr; IhaI's hesI ahnuI a har, tale and :;rassene and ‘,eI manages Io ereaIe a umuue lusrnn of us oun Sounds Impossrhle, sounds expensrve? You'd he mono on lJIJIl‘ enunIs. WIIh IllillIEIE and erurssanIs all day; a menu Il‘EII meludes tropes, huruers, veuelanan drshes; a rude seler:IIon of drmks meludmr; [IasIle [den Ale and SIella ArIms, nm In menIInn SDEIIIIB, an, a lounIam and llapsInnes, and us dune I3|ear IhaI lhe Grlded Balloon Is liellhenI on suhvenmu ennvenuonal aIIIIudes. Salvahon Is aI hand Prepare ye lor Ihe neu. ane.

DIVA, Park Terrace, Glasgow. lhe slvle Is seduI:IIve, Il‘e llavnur eunImenIal, Ihe pIaI:e [)Iva. A eumlnnahun ol pasIel shades, pool marhle and uhsremnr; elmme mve an mdehnahle aImosphere In Ihrs hrruhI neo hold on [ilasprm's har and resIauranI seene. Savnur Ihe uasIrImnmn: delruhIs of lrenrzh I:|assn:a| anrl nnuvelle I2Insme l\\llll a IempImI; W of over lllll nmesl m Ihe dIsI:reeI mhmae‘; of [he splrI level resIauranI Ur Iry Ihe Island har [or a long cool glass nl SIella ArIms, and choose from a menu ol [hva huruers, pales, salads and IzonImenIal pahssenes for anyone who's anyone, Ihere's somedanr} drvme aI Drva.

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BUSTER BROWN'S, Market Street, Edinburgh. Smee 19/9 BusIer Brown's has managed In :Iax' xx ell ahead ol Ihe pack of drsr:os m Edmhurgh l); keepmu a hnger hrme on Ihe pulse of lunar makes a good mghI greaI. The newly relurhrshed BIISIer's rs Ihe same as II ever was, our a whole loI heIIer BeIIer lruhIs, heIIer sounds, heIIer decor. DJ Ronme McKeown Is a masIer of hrs eralI and msuneuvely knows how Io seI Ihe lloor on hre. WIIh an Impressrve s-leeuon ol drmks, Ihe heSI mremanonal beers Includmr; tl‘e nughu SIella ArIors, Busrer Brown's wrll he hrsr and foremost for Ihe lorseeahle fqure. Ger hIp Io Ihar Irrp and hop ull you drop.