Cross, Evening. Varied numbers of

musicians with fiddle and melodeon in the middle.

0 Kelvin Pant Lorne Hotel Sauchiehall Street. Evening. Folksy music in the bar. Trio ‘Steam Jenny‘.


0 North Sea Gas Platform 1, Rutland Street. Evening. Folk entertainment. Wild rovers.

0 Colin Ramage Royal Oak, Infirmary Street, 557 2976. Late night sessions and singing. Crowded downstairs bar. Till 2am.


G lasgow

0 Anne Lorne Gillies and Rhona MacKay Third Eye Centre, Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. Bar. £3 (£2). Music of the Gaels. Two great talents, with the clarsach or Scottish harp accompanying. Anne Lorne Gillies’ albums are best sellers and Rhona MacKay played with the Whistebinkies and the SNO.

O Kells Kelvin Park Lorne Hotel Sauchiehall Street. Evening. Electric soft folk/rock band.

0 Ceilidh Riverside, Fox Street (off Clyde Street). 10pm—2am. Late Bar. Dancing and floor spots. £2.


0 The Guo Brothers Assembly Rooms, George Street. 8pm. £2.50 (£1.50). Three master musicians from China. They have been absorbing and studying Western music, based in England and going down a storm at this summer’s festivals. Classical and folk music played on the cheng, the world’s largest harmonica; the Chinese flute and the Chinese equivalent of the fiddle.

0 Royal Oak Infirmary Street, 557 2976. Evening. Bar till 1.30am. Session and songs downstairs.

o This 'n’ That Central Hotel (formerly the Raeburn), 4 Royal

Terrace. 9—12pm. Country/Folk.



0 Singers Night Paisley Folk Club, Ardgowan Hotel, Blackhall Road, Paisley. 8pm.

0 Archie Fisher Black Bull Hotel, Milngavie. 8pm. £1.50. The host of Travelling Folk singing for his supper, Kyleless. The best of Scottish song, some self-penned and occasional whimsy from the Seventies.

0 Riverside Concert Riverside, Clyde Street, enter by Fox Street. 7.30pm. £2.50.

0 Steam Jenny Kelvin Park Lorne Hotel, Sauchiehall Street. Evening. Folk and pleasant country music entertainers.


0 Sue Robertson and Davey Thompson Young’s Hotel, Leamington Terrace. 9pm. Swing and mainstream jazz singer and guitarist. 0 Nancy Nicholson Royal Oak, Infirmary Street, 557 2976. Evening. Singer and melodeon player.

0 Salt 'n’ Sauce Thistle Hotel, Manor Place. Evening. Concertina, fiddle, whistle and some songs.

MONDAY 10 Glasgow

0 Irish Music Stage Door Bar, Gorbals Street. 429 0922. Evening. Regular Glasgow [rish night.

0 Limited Edition Wintersgills. Great Western Road. Evening. Folk and Country Blues.


0 Nobody’s Business Bannerman‘s Bar, Cowgate. Evening. Non-sexist music from more than one country. 0 Fiddlers Arms Grassmarket, 229 2655. Evening. Old established Scottish music session. whistle, fiddle and box.

0 Gill Hewitt Royal Oak. Infirmary Street. Evening. Banjo and vocals, with other singersjoining in.

TUESDAY 11 Glasgow

0 Sleep The FeetTolbooth Bar. Glasgow Cross. Evening. Approx four singers and patter merchants from the second city ofthe Empire.


0 Davey Steele Penicuik Folk Club, Navaar Hotel. 8pm. Sings his own and other people‘s songs. Plays his own guitar. Has a store ofsongs from the Lothians and is very funny when he’s not being serious.

0 The Barrie Band Bannerman‘s Bar.

it is signiiicant that a twelve-hour Glasgow Jazz Marathon, to splash the news ol a coming purpose-built iaa venue, clashes with one of the year’s major trad/mainstream events. Lacit oi contact between players and promoters is still to blame, but the good news is that the City is heading lor the lirst Glasgow lntemational Jazz Festival (Summer 1987) on a delinite nationwide resurgence oi interest in the music.

Chesterton Lalonde conclude their admirable series of concerts with two grand SECC events. Humphrey Lyttelton (see photo) takes charge both nights, and Sunday celebrates those values Humph embodies in British jazz. The distinctive voice oi Helen Shapiro and the trombone and humour of George Chisholm will join the band and

Cowgate. Evening. Traditional tunes played through small amplifiers. flexible lineup.

0 Royal Dalt Infirmary Street. Evening. UsuallyJim Knighton guitar and vocals.

0 Andy Irvine Star Folk Club, Calton Place. 8pm. £1. Singer and instrumentalist from Planxty on rare visit. See panel.



0 Naiian Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. Evening. Popular meeting place. Traditional instrumental music.

0 Limited Edition Tolbooth Bar, Glasgow Cross. Evening. Contemporary folk ’n’ country.


0 Andy Irvine Edinburgh Folk Club, Osbourne Hotel, York Place, 556 5746. 8pm. £1.50. Singer; mandoline, mouth organ and hurdy-gurdy player from Planxty. See panel.

0 Lothian Morris Men Leith Community Centre. 7.30pm. New dancers and musicians (fiddle, squeeze box, pipe and tabor) sought. Ifinterested. phone John Green, 031 668 2754. '

o Reverend Brothers Shore Bar, Leith. Evening. Manic Irish music, and some Scottish tunes played by the order at the bar.

Milngavie stalwarts Kenny Stewart’s Trio will later give way to the much vaunted Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra oi Prague. On Monday the tone is bluer with SDs’ hit Chris Farlowe treading softly and belting it out with Chris Barber's Jan And Blues Band, and arriving on stage will be the Midnight Special, a trad and country combination oi Monty Sunshine’s Band with Pete Sayers on vols.

On Sunday 2 Nov the Jazz Marathon has the Tom Findlay Trio and the Dave Batchelor Duartet in the altemoon and in the evening traddies George Penman and Alex Dalgleish, the hard driving Bobby Wishart Duintet and the George McGowan Big Band. The music runs through midnight, giving plenty time to get down lrom the SECC to the 147 Club in Cheapside. (Norman Chalmers)


Glasgow 0 Red Neck Mothers Tolbooth Bar, Glasgow Cross. Evening. Country blues outfit.


0 Dougie MacLean FuzzFolk Club, 28 York Place. With Miro. 8.30pm. £2.50. Scottish singer-songwriter, great voice and guitar style, but writes some gooey lyrics and support from the hit of this year‘s Lorient Festival, a surreal musical experience.

0 Shetland Fiddlers West End Hotel, Palmerston Place. Evening. All welcome, with or without a fiddle.

0 Royal Oak Infirmary Street, 557 2976. Evening. Very late bar. Music and singing till way past midnight.

JAZZ ewes

Please note that evening sessions begin at approx 8.30pm unless othenvise stated.



0 Mary Kiani Willy’s Bar. Virginia Street. Evening. Younger singer, good voice, with keyboard or guitar accompaniment.

0 George McGowan Duintet Riverside, Fox Street, off Clyde Street. lOpm—2am.


0 Fionna Duncan’s Hot Five Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street. 10pm. £3 (£2.50). The well-known singer with her new group. George Kidd on trombone and all the Raes in the rhythm section. Presented by Platform Jazz. 0 Spirits oi Rhythm Basin Street, Haymarket Terrace. Evening.

0 Royal Mile Jazz Quartet Central Hotel (formerly the Raeburn), 4 Royal Terrace. 9—12pm.



0 George McGowan Orchestra Daniel Brown‘s, St Vincent Street, 226 4685. 1.30—4.30pm. Brassy and loud Big Band settings.

0 Bill Fanning Big Band Shadows, Bath Street, 332 0352. Lunchtime. 0 George Penman Jazzman The Midas, St. Vincent Street. Lunchtime. Trad Band from way back when.

0 Jimmy Feighan Duintet with Shelagh Buchanan Kelvin Park Lorne Hotel, Sauchiehall Street. Lunchtime. Vibraphone and sax with smooth vocalist.

0 Mary Kiani Baby Grand, Elmbank Gardens. Evening. Piano bar has young mainstream singer.


0 Robert Gray Band Usher Hall. 8pm.

The List31 Oct— 13 Nov33