0 Scheme Rooftops. 10.30pm. What can I say? The fourth best band in Easterhouse?

URSDAY 6 Edinburgh

0 The Mission Coasters, West Tollcross. 9pm. £4. The Mission is Wayne Hussey’s continuation of the monstrously overrated Sisters of Mercy, rather than Andrew Eldritch’s, but what difference does it really make? The Sisters plugged a gap in young Gothic mythology purely because there was nobody better around at the time, ie Jim Morrison is dead. Gloomy tunes, portentous echoey vocals, black in abundance.

o The Proclaimers Nicky Tam’s, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. Just back from supporting the Housemartins into a regular Thursday night slot.

0 Political Asylum Clowns, High Street. 9pm. Free. A bit of punk rock.

0 Bobbin’ John Preservation Hall. 9pm. Free.

0 Billy Jones Lord Darnley, West Port. 9.30pm. Free. POp/folk.

0 Touch ol Fever Top 0’ the Walk, St James Centre. 8pm. Free.

o llucho apologies for inconvenience caused by last issue's mix-up, which transplanted all oi Thursday 30 Oct's entries in the Edinburgh Bock section to Wednesday 29. The responsible party has since been kneecapped (bobble, bobble).

0 Come out oi the closet, all ye addicts oi Beatlemania (there must still be some out there), tor The 1986 Scottish Beatles Fair, to be held in the City Hall, ST John’s Place, Perth, lestivities starting at 10am. Claimed to be the first truly major Beatles event in Scotland, there should be at least so stall-holders selling a vast array of memorabilia, an auction, continuous screenings oi rare videos and an illustrated talk on Stuart Sulciilie by his biographer (and iorrner Cavern musician) Mike Evans. Alan Williams (‘the man who gave The Beatles away’), Bob Waoler (who was once suggested as their manager) and Mike McCartney’s highly-praised one-man show will also be on hand. Forgive Listen! ior sounding sceptical, but isn’t this twenty years too late?


0 APB: Something To Believe in (Red lllver). I've had something against APB since i saw them for the iirst time, around three years ago, to be greatly irritated by vocal melody lines devoid oi any interest and the same 9th chord progression which seemed to make up hall their set. Their version at lunk seemed to me at the time to be a curiously complacent one. One suspected thatthey were having a lot more fun than tireir audience, endlessly rliiing lines that weren’t worth repeating more than once. That period is well represented In this ten-track collection oi their singles irom 1981-1985, so watch out.

The title is an appropriate one -

0 Watch With Mother Stag’s Head, High Street, South Queensferry. Pot-pourri of rock and soul and so on. Good to drink and dance to. Single, ‘Suzanne‘, out now.


0 Purple Hearts Shadows, Bath Street. 9pm. Free.

0 M'74 Midas. 10.30pm. Free. Comeback time for local band who had established a fair pub following before a relatively lengthy lay-off.

O Hue and Cry Furey Murrays. 10.30pm. Possibly the last chance to see this excellent band before the release of their debut single for Circa ‘I Refuse’. Not to be missed.

FRIDAY 7 Edinburgh

0 D.C. De Souza Moray House Student Union, Holyrood Road. Students and guests only. Tasteful soft rock, Iguess.

O The Heaters Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Fauves Clowns, High Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Not the President’s Ball Chambers Street Union, Chambers Street. 8pm—2am. £1.75 at the door. A charity event with all proceeds going to Student Aid. Bands include: The

merseacres ' although APB have impressed no less a personage than James Brown, who chose the Aberdeen group to support them on his British dates, they've never had the hits that were expected at them. Alter five years they probably need something to believe in. The lack oi hits isn’t really too surprising: their early singles (with the exception oi the great garage tunk debut, Shoot You Down) were one-dimensional and lacked a lot in the way oi memorable tunes. Come the 1985 singles, though, and it’s the beginning of a diilerent story. A lusher, harder sound, with banks oi keyboards and songs that sound litre songs, thank goodness. At last APB put liesh on the bare bones oi

Primevals, Tom McEwan and Magic Bob, and there is a choice of discos - Supertrog Disco upstairs and Sixties Disco downstairs.


0 Anaconda Shadows, Bath Street. 9pm. Fre. One ofthe better local heavy metal bands, but not really anything to make this worth going


0 The Mission Queen Margaret Union. 10pm. £4. Boring hippy revivalist drivel. For once you should be glad that only students and friends are to be sujected to it. Support band, Rose of Avalanche are not much better.

0 La Paz Ayr Pavilion. 8pm. Start of a World Tour for local heavy metal band. More soon . . .

SATURDAY 8 . Edinburgh

0 Owen Paul Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place. 7.30pm. £4.50, £4. The single, ‘You‘re My Favourite Waste ofTime’ was so jaunty, catchy and beguilingly inane that it was worth turning the radio up for the first couple of times, an effect dispelled by subsequent Top of the Pops appearances. How can they face people after that video.

5‘ .

lunk and shape it into beaiy, pop music, with a hint at sugar irosting. it’s a hell of a step up irom sounding like an anaemic, yawn-inducing James Brown backing band (it such a thing were possible), and a promising sign that the best is yet to come. (Mab)


a Flni Tribe: Let The Tribe Grow (Cathexls). Although put all by their seemingly contrived weirdness at lirst, I am bowled over by the A-side at this disc, Oe Testimony, an alternative disco smash, i suppose you could call It, which could easily stand being twice the length. Although mixing up the chimes at Big Ben into a melody sounds

0 Heart industry (To be confirmed). University Union. Chambers Street. Students and guests only. Popular local band going for the big pop sound.

0 Zero Zero Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. Competent heavy metal band.

0 Last Orders Clowns, High Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Catch 22 Canny Man’s, Morningside Road. 8.30pm. Free.


0 Soup Dragons Strathclude University Union. 9pm. The Soup Dragons sometimes take their Buzzcocks fascination to extreme as on their current single ‘Hang Ten’. 0 Billy Bragg/T ed Hawkins Barrowland. 7.30pm. £5. One of them can sing, the other can not. Can you guess which is which?

Duniermline 0 Rent Party Warehouse, Kirkgate.

r l i ' Erifiiiburgh o Tam White and The Dexters

Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. See Sun 2.


0 Cocteau Twins Barrowland.

a pretty hack idea, it's one that's handled with care and real graceiuIness in places, helped along by a stately synth line. The B-side is mainly cut-up soundscapes oi a disturbing nature, tirough none really stand out. A purchase, nonetheless.

o The Shaman: Young Till Yesterday (Some). Still clinging to the psychedelic tones and Eastern-sounding guitar lines at their critically-acclaimed (though not here) debut EP, They May Be Right . . . the music seems to be pulsing from behind a shimmering curtain, and conjures up memories of early Pink Floyd, that sort oi wackiness. There’s even a cover oi Syd Barrett’s Golden Hair on the 7ln. Whatever, there's a real pop sensibility in The Shamen’s A-sldes. A psychedelic Duran Duran?

o The Wiseacres: So Finally Sweet (Cherry lied). One at the more

, worthwhile so: pastiches in a year

overcrowded with them. The Wiseacres are irom llenirew, and iii immaculater into the middle ground between The Jesus And Mary Chain and The Shop Assistants. But with tour periect fills-style garage love songs on a mere Tin, who’s complaining?

So Finally Sweet conjures up thoughts or the Mary Chain’s lnA Hole, but The Wiseacres wear their hearts unashamedly on their sleeves—and their extremer personal press releases as well. Glow is perhaps a bit too derivative oi the Shoppies’ slow songs (and yes, i think i can hears standup drummer at the back there) but there’s a good set oi vocal cords at work too, and it’s ideal music tor a lazy Sunday ailemoon. Simple stall, and good with it. (Mab)


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