7.30pm. £5. What was once exciting is now dull and formularised. 0 Scheme Rnnfmm it) 30nm



0 Henry and the Dangerous Brothers Pavilion Theatre, Renfield Street. 7 30pm.

TUESDAY 11 Edinburgh

0 Alison Moyet Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place. 7.30pm. £7, £6. The major factor of Yazoo‘s appeal was Alison‘s (or Alf’s) full, soulful and very human voice. and the tension it created when placed alongside Vince Clarke‘s electronics. Her solo singles haven‘t been as strong— and a similar but inferior cover of Billie Holiday song didn‘t help but I‘d nominate this as yuppie gig of the week, Robert Cray notwithstanding.


0 Red Jelly Shadows, Bath Street. 9pm. Free. The worst band name of this year. anyone?

0 Straight Men The Riverside, Gorbals. 9pm. Free. Nothing notable about the band but, tonight they are recording the live side of their cassette album.

‘WEDNESDAY 12 Edinburgh

0 Bon Jovi Playhouse Theatre. Greenside Place. 7.30pm. SOLD OUT.

0 The Peristalsis Brothers Boston Bean Co. St James Centre. 9pm. Free. See Wed 5.

RSDAY 13 Ed nburgh

O Hawkwind Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place. 7.30pm. £5.50, £4.50. They‘ve done it again. hit the city just at the close of the mushroom season. Cosmic coincidence? Hawkwind just keep on trucking, dragging out more new material with titles like ‘Roadwarriorhawks On The Edge ofThe Universe'. and so on, which all sounds such exciting stuff. Why are the records so dull ?

O ContlictThe Venue (formerly known as The Jailhouse), Calton Rd. 0 La Paz Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

0 The Paws Clowns, High Street. 9pm. Free. Crackin‘ name.

0 Billy Jones Lord Darnley. West Port. 9.30pm. Free. Pop/folk.


0 Brothers at Craig Eve‘s. Coatbridge. 8pm.

0 The Candy Kings Fixx. Miller Street. 10.30pm. Free.

0 Deacon Blue Fury Murrays. 10.30pm. Another good band at Fury Murrays. Recommended.

0 Guy Fawkes Rooftops. 10.30pm. No information on this one. but he is probably still younger than some members of Scheme.

0 Kyro Gazhah Midas. 10.30pm. Free. A young Castlemilk rock band. If they cannot choose a name that is intelligible and easy for us hacks to spell. how can I hold out any hope fortheir music?



o The Tube (( ‘4 ) Shut-5pm. .lools Holland and Paula Yates are back and now the show gains a Sunday lunchtime repeat ( 12.30pm). 'l‘rouble l’unk. Spandau Ballet. l‘lt'ttttkie (ioes to l lollywootl and Bill) (ieldoflaunching liissolosinging career. are all on tonight’s show.

0 Lost Empires (Scottish ) 9--ltlpnt .\'ick (our sensitive artistic hero thrown into the burly-burly of intisic—-hal|) finds himselfcaught tip in an ingenious plot to help a suffragette. It‘s funny how history impinges on the ordinary folk of tv serialisations. I mean. when did you last get caught up in an ingenious plot to help a (ireenham Peace woman? 'l'here‘s as much Dynasty as Brideshead to Iimpires.


0 That‘s Entertainment ( BBC 1)

Lord Fenner Brociran. SeeuPanel. In the course of an hour—long interview (Cd, Sun 2, 9.15pm), Fenner Brockway reflects aged 97 with great clarity and simplicity on Socialism, its history and his role within it. Shaped with an almost ‘religious conversion’ by the received wisdom of George Bernard Shaw and Keir Hardie, whose political pupil he became, his life is synonymous with the development of the I.L.P., the struggle for colonial

freedom and the stniggle for world peace.

1 WORK .

It is an indefatigable and totally

/ .35—ltl.-15pm. Fifty years of entertainment from the Beeb celebrated with clips from favourite programmes chosen by star guests including Neil Kinnock. .lohn (‘leese and Lenny l lenry. More programmes from the archives throughout the week.

0 Rightot Reply(C4) (v—o.3tlprn. (ius .‘vlacdonald with a special edition of the viewers‘ opinion show. Jeremy lsaacs. now the most influential tv boss in the country. faces his critics as (‘hanncl Four celebrates its fourth birthday.


0 Alice in Wonderland (BBC 1)

3—4. 15pm. Controversial in its day. Jonathan Miller's film is now justly acclaimed. even if it went a little too far in teasing the charm out of (‘arroll’s classic. \N'onderful cast. including Alan Bennett. .lohn Bird. Wilfrid Brambell. .lohn (iielgeud. Peter Sellers and Malcolm Muggeridge. First shown in Woo.


committed lite, recalled with archive footage, interviews and great economy at detail. He describes the three inch square newspapers printed tor circulation in Germany during the war, tiny so that they could pass from hand to hand without detection, and his association with, amongst others, Mahatma Gandhi, ‘an almost ugly little man with protruding ears, who had greaterspiritual powerthan I've ever known.’ (Sally Kinnes).


0 Dixon ol Dock Green (BBC 2) (1.30—7.2(lpm. Lord Ted Willis” creation. Jack Warner's beat was a long one and one that stretched from the innocent days when all coppers were honest. good and true. to the more complicated world of Z-(Ytrs. (An episode of Z-( 'ars can be seen on 'l'hursday at 6.30pm. BBC 2).


o The Horse‘s Mouth (C4)

930—1 1 . 15pm. Alec (iuinness in one of his best comic screen performances. This 1959 film. adapted from Joyce (‘ary's‘ novel. has a screen play written by (ininness himself. who plays an ex-eon who discovers he has become an iii-vogue painter.

0 Blue Remembered Hills (BBC 2) 9.30—1tl.45pm. All the parts in Dennis Potter's account of a childhood summer in 1943 were played by adults a device which effectivley highlights children‘s cruelty and has a metaphorical force as strong as (iolding‘s use ofchildren to portray adult emotions in Lord of the Flies. Made in 1979. it is part of the BB("s Fifty (ilorious Years celebrations.


o Colditz (BBCZ)(1.25—7.2(lpm. ('lassic escapist stuff.

0 Not Only. . . ButAlso (BBC 2) 9—945pm. Peter (‘ook and Dudley Moore.

0 Well Being Special (C4)

10.30—1 l .3tlpm. Latest offering in the Mind‘s Eye season looks at ltaly’s radical solution to the problems of the institutionalised mentally-ill. In Italy a law has been passed which will close down all mental hospitals. . .


o Churchhill's Few (C4) Yorkshire Television‘s moving documentary. first shown on lTV last year. describes in their own words. the horrors of being a Second World War fighter pilot. The film is directed by John Willis.


0 Victoria Wood As Seen on TV (BBC 2) Return of Ms Wood and her very funny show which repeatedly demonstrates that she is not only an excellent performer. but also a very good writer (see The [.st Issue 13).


0 Down the Line ((4) The second of the current affairs series coming down the line from Scotland. Last month‘s made a promising. solid start. eschewing gimmicks, but the programme will have to work hard to create its own personality.


0 Des O'Connor Tonight Live (Scottish) 8—9pm. The unpredictable show. where anything can happen is a classic of its kind. but please. no more Roger Whittaker/O'Connor singing the Skye Boat Song.

The List 31 Oct 13 Nov 37