The difficult key scene where Malcolm tests Macduft‘s love of his country against personal self-interest is also a test for directors of this play. If it works. then there is a good chance that the rest of the production will be in balanced good proportion. In Jules Wright‘s productionthe scene tailsto provide the electrifying joltof humanity at its best which begins the gradual exorcism ofthe evil which holds the playin its grip.

The emphasis is placed not on the supernatural. but on the corporal inthis production. and there is the beginning of a psychological interpretation of the Macbeths. Julie Covington. in keeping with the emphasis laid on children. looks quite incapable of asking the spirits to ‘unsex‘ herand though she has the very voice of purity and is genuinely moving as she crawls. baby-like. in her madness. not enough is done to replace the supernatural to account for her evil. Macbeth too, in a gravel-voiced portrayal by Jonathan Hyde. is at no time possessed by evil but has found no replacement of internal motivation. But his is not a non-performance atall—bleakand deliberately hollow it is suited to Colin MacNeil‘s dramatic ‘withinthese walls' set. which, despite its beautiful use of light and effects. contributes to a feeling of individual elements within this production failing to connect. (Nigel Billen)




a musim/ midzi‘z'nte’rfaip'talefor all ages By Iain Sutherland Performances at the Traverse 1 Nov 28 Dec 21 at 7.30pm

(Sat and Sun matinees at 2.30pm, Dec6&7.13&14.20&21)

‘a treat, ajoy, a delight... .it plays like a dream’ The Guardian

Performances at the Lyceum Studio

Cambridge Street l Dec 8—23 at 7.30pm (Sat matinées l l l

at 2.30pm. Dec 13 & 20) Fantastic entertainment





03/ 226 2633



adaptation by David Ian Neville of Lingard‘s novel Across the Barricades. which follows two of the characters of the earlier book into a further development. Set in Belfast. it tells the story of the growing relationship between Sadie. a Protestant girl. and Kevin a Catholic boy. and is written with a teenage audience largely in mind. The production. directed by Maggie Kinloch. goes on to tour schools but has a further two public performances; one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow (see next issue of The List).

0 BALERNO COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL Balcrno. (131 449 5833. We‘ve Been Had Thurs 20 and Fri 21 Nov. 7.30pm. Faceback Theatre Company in a musical comedy about advertising— see Touring.

O BEOLAM THEATRE 2 Forrest Road. 225 9893.

Make Them Eat Coal Wed 19 Nov. 1.30pm. EUTCmembers£1z non-members £1.50. Edinburgh University Theatre Company in a lunchtime showing of a play by one oftheir members. Ben Simms. Christie in Love Wed 26 Nov. 1.30pm. Prices as for 19 Nov (see above). EUTC in Howard Brenton‘s play. Translations Sat 22—Fri 28 Nov. 7.30pm. EUTC members£1.50; non-members £2.50 (£2). EUTC in a new production of a play by Brian Friel. Friel's quiet and unexpected exploration of Irish issues. through the arrival in a small 1830s Irish community ofa group of British soldiers working for the Ordnance Survey. won great acclaim when the play was first performed in 1981.

fir it'ltl Elm


The Shepherd Beguiled By Netta B. Reid The strange. but true, story of the disappearance of the 17th Century Scottish Minister Robert Kirk Wednesday 19 November— Saturday 6 December 7.45 pm Tickets: 2360/2200 (Wed. 19 Nov. 2200/2160) BOX OFFICE: 031-665 2240

NEXT:: Ron Coburn Productions and ELDC Present ROBINSON CRUSOE 17 December 1986— 17January 1987


O BRUNTON THEATRE Musselburgh. 665 2240. Box office Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. Bar. [1)] A Man ForAlt Seasons Until Sat 15 Nov. 7.45pm. £3.50 (£2). A new production of Robert Bolt‘s play about Sir Thomas More and the conflict of principles in which he finds himself. See Review. The Shepherd Beguiled Wed 19 Nov—Sat (1 Dec. 7.45pm. £3.50 (£2). First night £2 (£1.50). A new production of Netta B. Reid‘s mysterious and magical play about the 17th century rninster. Robert Kirk. and his strange association with the sinister faery folk. 0 CHURCHILL THEATRE Morningside Road. Tickets usually available from (‘ruikshanks the Newsagents. opp the Theatre. The Crucible Thurs l3—Sat 15 Nov. 7.30pm. £2.50(£l .50). Tickets available in advance from the Usher Hall Box Office. Lothian Road. 031 228 l 155 and (‘ruikshanks Leitheatre in Arthur Miller‘s masterpiece. written during the McCarthy era and symbolically depicting the Salem witchhunts. The Anatomisf Wed 19—Sat 22 Nov. 7.30pm. £2 (Tickets available at Cruikshanks). Davidsons Mains Dramatic Society in a production of James Bridie's classic play about Burke and flare. Gigi Wed 26—Sat 2‘) Nov. 7.30pm. £2 (Tickets from (‘ruikshanks. also Mrs Helen Burgess. 16 West Annandale Street. Edinburgh). The Makars in the play by (‘olette and Anita Loos about Gigi. a young girl growing up in Paris in the respectable society of her female relations. whose world

18 The List 14— 27 November