illustrates the work of the central ' TALBOT WIPE ARI CENTRE Old housing organisation as it has College. Univers1ty of Edinburgh. changed over the years. 667 1011 ext 4308. Mon—Sat. 0 THE SCOTTISH MINING MUSEUM IUPm—Si’m- . Lady Victoria Colliery, Prints from Peacock Until Sat 13 Dec. Newtongrangc. Midlothian. 663 A" CXhibiilOfl Selected from 7519, Tue—Fri 1()am_4,3()pm. Peacock‘s output over the past ten Sat/Sun Noon—5pm. years. . Prestongrange (between Prestonpans ' THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton and Musselburgh) Tue—Fri 22|5 7942. Mon—Sat

' . ‘z / 'o —5 m. .. am— ate. . 521:: rsiis'igicogorfish 0 Actors, Dancers and Musicians Until I: #11:!“ as diary: by day, then 2.15pm. £1.50(Child); £2.50 Beam Engine and displays showing Sat 29 Nov. Originally a student of y ' e" Vevem- (Adult): A speCial 1% hour . coa|-mimng through the ages. music. Douglas Wright has become a adaptation of Keith Warner s new 0 IRE SHORE GALLERY 59 Bernard photographer by profession. productionooflolanthe. designed for street Lam ~10an Hammipm. specialising in thearts. ) Children, With full cast. orchestra and The next exhibition at The Shore will ' TORRANCE GALLERY 2% Dundas FRIDAY 14 Chorus- Adults 92m g0 tcm._but have be Recent Flower Paintings by Agnes Street. 556 6366. Mon—Fri to be accompanied by a child, Kindbcrg from 1-12 Dec. ' 11am—6pm. Sat 1().3()am—4pm. aSQOW 0 lolanthe King s iheatre. level: 0 STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street. Scotland, France and "3'11 Until Sat 22 0 BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra SW?“ 229 1201. 7- I5Pm- 13415- 557 11401119531, 12_3(i:(,pm_ Nov. Watercolours by Bill McAnally. Henry wood Han’ Clarcmom Scottish Opera comes to theend of South Attica Until Sat 22 Nov. 0 369 GALLERY 209 Cowgate. 225 Street. Tickets: 330 2578 (BBC the” 59350“ In Edinbujgh With 21 Photographs by David Goldblatt. 3013. Mon—Sat noon—5.30pm. Thurs Shop). 12.15pm. £3 (50p and £2). “"3! Rcrff’Fmancc "mime?! “"d Quietly collecting the details of and Fri until 8pm. Two cello concertos in one Sill“.de 5 light-hearted satire on people‘s lives over a number of New Paintings by Joyce Cairns Until lunchtime give plenty to chew on, E‘Urdmcgt° Ch . ~ ' years. David Goldblatt shows the Sat 22 Nov. See panel. especially with Ralph Kirschbaum as L Ema jg” U32” lid” suffering and despair of one reality Emergences—An exhibition of Ceramic soloist, firstly with Saint-Saens and Em ""3 “"8 1‘1} t 7': “Pm- against the ignorance and blind Sculpture by Lesley-May Miller and then with Honegger. Alexander £ Xtra ds‘m 35"”! 16 (“959”- determination of another. Stone Rubbings by Marianna Lines Goehr‘s Sinfonia opens proceedings 2_£8': 9' Th“ 'mcrnfitmmny. Apartheid is balancing like the girl Until Sat 22 Nov. Lines‘ patterns and Haydn’s Military Symphony famous choir‘denionstrate their from Boksburg in her new tutu. lt emerge on cloth panels in dyes of brings them to a close. incredfblc, q‘SCIPI'nC 1” ‘1 Pliogrimimc could topple any moment. To rose petals. beeswax. nettles and o Midday concert Stevenson Han‘ Including. I ales from the \, mm)“ H balance our own knowledge ofthe onion skins. while Miller sculpts RSAMD, Nelson Mandela Place, WOOdb Wm? mus” by JOhZinn SIFIIUSS situation. this exhibition must be miniature stone circles and 3324101, 1pm. Free at door_ patricia PCTIOTmCd In full costume. How seen. embalmed bodies. MacMahon (soprano) and Jean sweet'

Hutchison (piano) perform songs by . Edinb.u_rgh symphony °'°“°.s‘.'a Brahms. Gricgand Mahler. Queen s Hall. (,lerk Street. Ticket 0 SCO City Hall. Candleriggs, 552 centrc‘ 31/33 wuvcrlcy Bndgc'

5961. 7.30pm. £347.50. Peter Z5309";%5” (QR-($96”? “3.”? MaxwellDaviesconductshis V0” 5 arm” \Lrtuu‘t 1‘8

Orkney wedding with Sunrise‘ local amateur orchestra continues complete with piperin fullregalia. With the mmcunusual 5th ._ More conventional are Mozart‘s Symphony by Pan)" and Mahler ‘2 Horn Concerto No 2 with SCO gang; mam dc Kndbcn player Robert Cook as soloist. un er om‘ . Haydn’s Symphony No 44 and . A Masflue "om Dru” “I”? St W Danses Concertantes by Stravinsky. cccma S Hall‘ COngc' “diets; “'8 _ 1155 (Usher Hall). 7.45pm. £3 (£2). Edinburgh A secular masque by Boyce directed . Oman Recital MCEwan Ha“. Brim) byChristopher Bell and produced by Square. Free at door. 1.10pm. John M,'Chac' Burden and Magda” Langdon offers an unusual Offertory NICOISOn' , by Spottiswoode. along with the . New MUSIC 5'9"” 0' scm'and equally out-of—the-ordinary Air and ,Epsnon Windnu'met L‘ccturc Variation by Wesley‘ and Eric Theatre. Edinburgh ( ollege of Art. Smith~s prelude .Tantum Erg0~_ Lauriston Place. Tickets: 228 1155 . cafmen King‘s Theatrc‘ chcn (Usher Hall). 8pm. Extra date: Sun Street . hCitl‘d You“ be lucky to get a ticket for in Scotland at this year‘s Edinburgh Carmcn‘ one ofthe most popular International Festival. IhlS- operas Scottish Opera has put on in remarkable/young “W! ‘Iu'mCt rcccm sea-sons. chs hope that perform Zeitmasse by Stockhausen

City Art Centre, Edinburgh Watt's watery ‘Handel’s Fireworks' but In ‘The Edinburgh Scene’, Scotland’s the pictures in which Edinburgh really

most beautiful and challenging city is the ‘scene’ for some aspect of human . , , . , .- alon with two contem orarv

moves from the streets to the tranquil experience seem more valuable and has “covered to 5mg Scottgish works ()ut ofp the Air by walls of the City Art Centre. People endow the city with more interest than , sun Usher’ Ha“ Lothian Road Judith Weir and Air. Strathspey and wanderirom the city itseiito images of a picture postcard. 7281155 7 30 m ‘Ema date. Sa; 15 Reel by David Dorward. Also on the the city-seeing both, they are invited, In Fred Crayk's ‘Capital: Lovers’, a baggow' £'2_£p8 8'0 wagncri; programme are Harrison Birtwistle‘s

in an innovatory idea conceived jointly coarse romance holds its own on the by The Friends of the City of Edinburgh Bridges while the city's elegant

Arts Centre and Museums and the City geometry, rubbed attractively and of Edinburgh District Council, to vote purposefully into a different, vital forlhe picture they judge to be the best. consistency gives a new feeling

The artist whose picture polls the most altogether: the lovers have taken the votes will will the People’s Choice a city for their own. And James Spence . . . 0 Coffee and Listen Roxbur the cash award of £2500 given by Scottish draws strange aerial views which look d half‘ James LOUghran Hotel. Charlotte Square. 'l‘éickets: Brewers. ltwill be interestingto see like botanical slides—the rich, pulsing 041 248 4567 (Scottish Opera).

which picture tells the people of colours suggest the natural forces SATURDAY 15 l lam. £1.50. Friends of Scottish

Edinburgh the most of theirown city, which bind the city and control it.

Refrains, and Choruses and Echoes ofthe Glass Bead Game by Robert Saxton. An interesting and attractive programme and a good opportunity to visit the surprisingly under-used venue in Edinburgh's Art College.

Prelude and Liebestod from Tristan and Isolde (see also Scottish Sinfonia Sun 23) opens tonight‘s programme. Young Uck Kim is the soloist in Berg‘s Violin Concerto and Beethoven’s 7th Symphony takes up

O era resent one oftheir star for here it is depicted in every hue, For those who expect only grace and Glasgow soIoistsP— unannounced at time of from every side, in every mood. creativity from Edinburgh, there is o suo City Hall. Candleriggs. 552 going to press— to talk about his life There is the inevitable but Donald N. Provan’s ‘View of Sighthiil’, 5961. 7.30pm. £2—£9. See Fri 14, and music. nonetheless enjoyable sentimentalism a city derelict and bruised, the pink Edinburgh for full description. 0 Edinburgh University Renaissance in some pictures- in Hock-Aun Teh's road travelling like a wound across the Edinburgh Singers Christ Church. Morningside.

‘Edinburgh Festival 1986' and Alistair canvas. (Shari Evans) . Tickets at door. 7.3(1pm. £1.25 ' "3'3th ‘0' Young AUdIences King‘s (60p). A recital of Renaissance Theatre. Levcn sweet. 229 1201. music an... Natural. directed it.

The List 14 27 November 29