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Brahim Haggiag. Jean Martin. 135 Odeon. Salon. Edinburgh; ()deon.

mins. A documentary-style Lothian; ABC. Strathclyde; ABC reconstruction of Algeria‘s struggle Greenock. ABC Kilmarnock. for liberation. Brilliantly realistic. Kelburne. La Scala. ()deon Ayr.

quite brutally so in the controversial Odeon Hamilton. Rialto torture sequences. this is a textbook 0 Birdy(15) (Alan Parker. US. 1984)

example ofpolitical cinema at its Matthew Mondine. Nicolas Cage. most persuasive. Edinburgh; 120 mins. Two boyhood chums are Edinburgh Film Guild traumatised by their experiences in

o Big Trouble in Little China (PG) Vietnam- an indulges mi} . (John Carpenter. US‘ 1986) Kurt childhoold illusion that he is a bird. RUSSCH‘ Kim Cattmh‘ Dennis Dun. the other seeks a mutual road back to

100 mins. Russell is the inept hunk of 5'3le _

brawn racing to assist hiS Peculiar. well-acted drama Chihcsc_Amcricah buddy who5c directed by Parker with the expected heavy hand allied to uncharacteristic

Glasgow; GFT fiancee has been abducted by an evil _ . . g ' o The Au Harem D'Archimede (Mchdi Emperor who rules a subterranean OPllmlsm- Edinburgh 1 .EU Charcf‘ France, 1985) Two close empire below the streets of San Blade Runner 15) (Rldlcy 5C0“, friends, one French‘ the other Francisco and is possessed by a 2000 US. 1982) Hiifrlson Ford- Rulgcr Algerian, live on a large suburban year-old malevolent Spirit! Hauer. Daryl Hannah. 118 mins. . . O . . estate and combat the dead, grey An engaging comic strip of an idea L-A- AD 2019‘ a tough P0P thkS o This section aims to prowde a rewew days of unemployment by mms out to be far [00 frenetic and down a group ofsophtsttcatcd of every film to be seen in central committing petty crimes_ A touching frantically wacky for its own good. androids gone haywire. Hi-tech Scotland over the next fortnight. For talc of tenderness in the concrete some smart dialoguc‘ hm retread ofChandler with effects and programme times see individual jungle exploring contemporary uncertaihly handled by a director set design the real stars. Ford is cinema listings. racism. Glasgow; French CinC_Club much more at homc with nastier snitably gritty and Hauer is a worthy (U)- Universal, suitable for all ages. . The game (“Algiers ( 18) (GHQ fare. Fun for the kids. opponent. Glasgow; GFI‘ (PG)- Parental Guidance suggested as pomccowo, Algeria/ham 1965) Glasgow; ABC Clarkmm Road. 0 Body Heat ( l8 ) (Lawrence Lasdan.

some scenes may be unsuitable for Voungerchildren.

(15)-No one underthe age 0115 EAT THE PEACH

admitted. w.

(18)—N0 one underthe age (1le g I .' construction prove a dangerto admmed. ' v“ i fi_ ' " .&‘ a n -“’ '- public safety and a television appeal fi-NBW ReleaSE. g g J & N I for financialsupport is greeted with o A,K, (15) (Chris Markcr‘ Francc‘ 7. x" an apathetic response. With an 1985) 74 mins. Chris Markcr‘s film heroicfailure on their handsthe two on Akira Kurosawa shooting Ran is l remain undaunted. and a_

both adiscovcry QfIthapanesc , _ 4., s wonderfully uplifting ending reveals

the spunky (‘eltic desperados still striving to achieve their dreams.

As an exile from the Iimerald Isle myself. it‘s delightful to see a quintessentially Irish film. one which avoids the 'I‘roubles (unlike the crassly exploitative (‘al) and emphasises some ofthe more

master‘s obsessions and a treasury of perceptive comments on the film-making process itself. Edinburgh; Edinburgh Film Guild

0 Alpine Fire (18) at? (Fredi Murer, Switzerland. 1985) Thomas Nock. Johanna Lier. 117 mins. High in the Swiss Alps. on an isolated family . . {arm‘ a deafadolcsccm boy‘s agreeable national characteristics - a infatuation with his older sister \ . .- C(msmmWillingncssm“1””th he“ deepensimo an incestuous ‘9 ‘1“. _ g g " ~ ~~~~~~ » a: _ of adversity. for example. as well asa relationship. Beautifully paced and ' i i l SClf’dcprccmn‘c’ “mic 0t. hummlr‘ Shot on breathtaking locations‘ the and an ingrained desire for escape.- film has a sensitive feel for the Mixing ingratiatingly off-beat comic landscape and the Changing seasons characters. like the small-time

bl" C0“Sidcrably lessens its imPaCt Eat The peach (pG) (pctcr Ormmd Based on an actual incident. the b"$‘““-‘~"T‘““ Who Cf””“~“'.-" WNW? With a badly mislUdged Climax When Eire 1986) Stephen Brennan film follows the story of two Irish he “XML? 0mm in“) {hulking he 5 the father comes to hear ofwhat has Eam’onn Momscy Catherinc‘ villagers made rcduhdam by the 21 blg‘ShOl [9mm “"lh 11891111111“ been gomg on- Shame TcallY» after Bymc 97 mim Thc biggest feature closure of the local Japanese Sense Of pathos as things turn

all the good work that had gone mm cv'cr made 'in Ireland and electronics factory, who‘ inspired by uncontrollably sour tor the .

before. Glasgow; GFI‘ subsequently the country“ biggest seeing EMS in Roustabout on TV‘ ' protagonists. Peter ()rmrod s . ~ ' Annie "3" (15) (WOOdY Allen» US. boxiofficc succcSg ougghgggihg spend all their money on building a “’“Ch'ngly engulfing mm“: nicm" 1977) woody Allen, Diane Keaton, heavyweights “1:65? it‘g‘good to motorcycle walhohdcmh They comparison with the best ()l‘Bll'I .

93 mins. Warm, wistful. wonderfully see this witty unusual a'nd enjoyable quickly become local celebrities but Forsyth. A higher recommendation witty Woody discourses on love, traghcomcd); getting a Cinema on the day Ofthc grand Opening to a Scottish audience might be hard death, and life in the Big Apple in release on the mainland. their ramshacklc efforts at to come by. (Trevor Johnston)

this multi-Oscar-winning autobiographicalcomedyromance.

The List 28 Nov— 11 Dec9