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Wildly overrated comedy; sparsely Helen Mirrcn. David Hayman. 92 An engaging, lightweight . Sean Connery. Beatlc Edncy. 116 humorous, repetitive and top heavy mins. (‘onti is the caring teacher comedy-drama told With a modicum mins. A handful ofimmortals battle with special effects. Edinburgh; caught up in his remedial school‘s of ingratiating Wit and charm. through thC_CcnturICS 10 Win a Fitmhouse miracle fever. who must determine Edinburgh; Dominion mythical prize. lnelegant, often

When you’re unemployed and an old Elvis movie gives you a crazy peach at an idea there’s no knowing what you’ll get up to.


Film Four lntemational and Strongbow Marketing in association with Bord Scannan no hEireann/l he Irish Film Board present

Stephen Brennan Eamon Morrissey and Catherine Byrne in EAT THE PEACH

with Niall TDIbin Music Composed by DONAL LUNNY Screenplay PETER ORMROD ~JOHN KELLEHER - Executive Producer DAVID COLLINS - Produced by JOHN KELLEHER Directed by PETER ORMROD - A STP\() N (j BOW Production - DISTRIBUTED BY UNITED INTERNATIONAL PICTURES I? Wm" '9“


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