0 Art is listed by city first then by venue, running in alphabetical order. Please send details to Alice Bain not later than to days belore publication date.


O ANNAN GALLERY 130 West Campbell Street. 221 5087/8. Mon—Fri 9am—5pm Sat 930—1230. General Exhibition runs continuously. 0 ART GALLERY 8: MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE 357 3929. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Sun 2—5pm. Restaurant. [D] Voluntary guides are available free ofcharge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Contact the enquiry desk. Antarctica: Continent tor Science Until 81an. Christmas Present. . . Until 4 Jan. First World War Artists Until 20 Jan. -From the gallery‘s collection of prints and drawings. Muirhcad Bone was appointed the first official British war artist in 1916, while James McBey from Aberdeen made a series of unofficial prints while serving in the forces at the Somme. Frank Brangwyn‘s work was calculated to stir up war fever. Percy Smith reminds us of the horrors of war and Fred Farrell records the action in France and the factories around the Clyde. Academics and Revolutionaries Until mid-Jan. Fifty-six paintings. prints and drawings from the gallery‘s collection illustrate the conflict between tradition and innovation in the art of the late 19th century. The principles of the ‘Old Masters‘ were championed by artists like Ernest Meissonier and Edwin Poynter. who produced a highly finished picture with a story woven through. Among the challengers were the Impressionists. the Glasgow Boys and the Hague School with boldly depicted scenes from everyday life. Tin Glaze and Smoked Lustre Pottery by Allan Caigcr-Smith and Aldermaston Pottery 1955-85 Until 4 Jan. Pottery by Alan Caigcr Smith and the Aldermaston Pottery 1955—1985. Caiger Smith founded the pottery at Aldermaston in 1955 and this exhibition celebrates its achievements. Over 200 items show the range ofskills past and present. 0 AULD KIRK MUSEUM Cowgate. Kirkintilloch. 775 1185. Tue. Thurs. Fri 2—5pm; Sat 10am—1pm. 2—5pm. Five Kirklntilloch Artists Until 29 Nov. 0 BABBITY BOWSTER 16—18 Blackfriars Street. 552 5055. Daily


The Changing City Until end Nov. Black and white photographs of the Gorbals as it has changed over the years. by well-known local photographer Oscar Marzaroli. Richard Demarco—New Glasgow Drawings During Dec (dates to be confirmed).

0 THE BURRELL COLLECTTON Pollokshaws Road, 649 7151. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm, Sun 2—5pm. Rest. [D]

Northern Muse by Bill Gillon

Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh DESTINY tumbles down the stairs at the Royal Scottish Academy. George Wyllie’s concrete tablets cum cases are chiselled with the mystery word. Are we going up or coming down? The empty chair at the top might suggest the latter, but who's to say?

Next there’s a large bale ot straw. One at the new-tangled round type which has kicked the romantic old square one out of the fields. Wyllie sets it up like a giant globe, a world made of straw, easyto pick on.

As president elect ol the Scottish Society of Artists, Wyllie has seen to it that installations are part of the show this year. Apart trom his own DESTINY, three others are exhibited.

Family Group by Denis Shields is simply lour bundles of clothes strapped to lourpillars. Mother, lather, daughter and son are separated yet joined bythe geometry ol the pillars. For some

Lace trorn the Burrell Collection Until end Nov. The delicate art of lacework as collected by Mr Burrell. Selections trom the 8th Silver Triennale '86 Until Sun 11 Jan.

0 COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde, 22 Richmond Street, 552 4400 ext 2682/2416. Mon—Fri 1()am-5pm, Sat 12—4pm.

In Between the Lines, Willie Rodger—A

Retrospective Until Fri 28 Nov. The Collins looks at the work of a local artist, best known for his woodcuts and lino prints. As well as book illustrations, playing cards and recent projects with stained glass, the exhibition includes the world of Gilmour Whitecross. a character created by Rodger and who has remained private until this time.

Glasgow Cathedral Through the Ages Wed 3—Tue 23 Dec. Glasgow’s beautiful cathedral is 850 years old and to celebrate its anniversary its Society of Friends organised a

competition for children ofall ages in

conjunction with the Collins. The theme of the competition is the cathedral itselfand drawings,


reason, these little bundles are quietly poignant.

Possibly the noisiest work ever to be included in a SSA Annual, is the installation Faction-All the Kings Forces. Twenty tour television sets and six video recorders pour out images and tribal sounds which attack and attract. Faction is the culmination at a series at video events by Pictorial Heroes which began at the Transmission Gallery in February. An anonymous ligure fights back from a derelict site. Don’t dismiss it—watch and hook in. Northern Ireland, urban deprivation and television blindness are just some olthe topics juggled in thisTV choreography.

Another new departure this year, is the invitation to recent graduates ol sculpture from Scottish Art Schools to show. Now in its ninety-second year, this grand annual exhibition is getting a good shake-up. (Alice Bain)

collages and paintings have been entered. Prizes donated by city-based firms range from £75—£350. 0 COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Regent Street. 221 6370. Mon-Sat 10.30am—5.30pm. Chrlstmas Exhibition Tue 2 Dec—mid-Jan. Paintings, prints, jewellery and glass. 0 CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street, 221 3095. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm. Small Paintings Until mid-J an. O FINE ART SOCIETY 134 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5.30pm. Sat 10am—1pm. Two of Scotland’s best-known artists Sir Robin Phlllpson and David Donaldson will be exhibiting over the next three months at the Scottish branches ofthe Fine Art Society in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Born within months of each other. both painters have combined teaching with successful careers as artists. The Robin Philipson exhibition opens in Edinburgh 27 Nov (to 10 Jan), coming to Glasgow 17 Jan (to 10 Feb). The Donaldson exhibition opens in Glasgow on 28 Nov (to 10 Jan) and moves to Edinburgh on 17 Jan (to 10 Feb). 0 FRENCH INSTITUTE 4 Lilybank Gardens, 339 1730. 27 Ecrlvalns Francais vus par. . . Until Fri 28 Nov. 27 contemporary authors writing in the French language, are pictured in an exhibition of photographs. 0 GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street, 2214526. Mon—Fri 10am—9pm, Sat and Sun 10—5pm. Celtic Vision Until Wed 3 Dec. The only Scottish venue for an exhibition ofcontemporary art which relates to seven Celtic regions. The idea grew from the Celtic Vision group founded by the three painters, John Bellany. Denis Bowen and Derek Culley. Class Work Fri 12 Dec—Fri 19 Dec. Work from the Glasgow Arts Centre classes including photography. weaving and painting. 0 GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 128 Ingram Street. 552 0704. Mon—Sat IOam—5.30pm. Members Exhibition Until end Dec. Prints from Glasgow Print Studio workshops. 0 HAGGS CASTLE 100 St Andrew‘s Drive, Mon—Sat 10am—5pm, Sun 2—5pm. Glasgow‘s childhood museum. From Cauldron to Cooker Until 8 Jan. How to cook in a cauldron. See Kids. 0 RUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University ofGlasgow, Hillhead Street, 330 5431. Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm, Sat 9.30—1pm. The Mackintosh House Gallery: Open as above but closed for lunch 12.30—1.30pm. 50p admission on weekday afternoons and Saturdays. A reconstruction of the architect's home fitted with original furniture. Recording Mackintosh Until end Nov. Photographs by T.& R. Annan & Sons Ltd recording the architecture and interiors ofCharles Rennie Mackintosh from 1896 to 1906. The centrepiece is a full plate camera (c. 1900) ofthe type used by Annan.

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