Alice Bain looks at fine books for art lovers.

Lurking in every bookshop‘s art section there are the Christmas intruders. Books like Bonnie Barker’s Green and Red Albums (Herbert Press £8.95 ea) of Victorian postcards a double act which by virtue of a celebrity signature makes a personal collection into public presents.

Desperation for gifts may also drive you to the Tate Gallery trio. Three little books at £4.95 match pictures of The Sea, Romantic Love and Country Lite to thoughts by the likes of Charles Dickens. Dressed in sickly marbled colours with interior reproductions of poor quality. they His book should be put into the schools, WOUld grace any New TOW“ guest for it is ca pably seditious’. mom deSidc OdeSignFr 10”“- William Watson, Glasgozv Herald.

"you have to be Sent'mcmal' Available from James Thin Bookshop, 53 South Bridge, mUCh better to go for The LaSt flower Edinburgh and Thin’s Penguin Bookshop,

Paintings by Manet (Thames and ) ) . 7 Hudson£12.95). Here the paintings wavt fit-V Marktt’ Edmburbh'

are faced bythe writings ofManet‘s Pnce £935 contemporaries and his own letters. Suffering from a fatal wasting disease. he was forced in the last three years of his life to work on a small scale. painting crystal vases of roses and lilacs, heavy with colour 114 ' l 16 GEORGE ST and you imagine, with scent. The EDINBURGH

bsglgrrétjtkgziirtifrxquisite memorial WATERSTONE‘S EH2 4LH' ' Booksellers ALL EVENTS FREE

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Some artists never seem to die. Picasso is one such immortal. This year‘s major exhibition at the Royal Academy in London celebrated a treasure of his work selected from D 175 recently discovered sketchbooks. The book ofthe show Sunday 30th November Je Suis Le Cahier— Picasso's

Sketchbooks (Th H d £26) 7'00 ' 10.00 Pm

ames U SOD . h . B elevatesthese throwawayjonersto Celebrate ST. ANDREWS DAY at Waterstone’s..We’ll be open sexes wom'en are atmatc pomt' m 3“ c"PCnSiVG.beautifully produced until 10.00 pm and Will be offering some traditional 'Scotttsh there are Signsthatthéy may be collection of Picasso‘sthoughts and hospitality with live Scottish music and poetry readings. weakcnmg and returmng to the Old working methods. Six sketchbooks

values. Ofcourse, we need to be reminded continually, as in Lady Addle at Home (Black Swan £2.50) and Henrietta Sees it Through

are reproducedintheir entirety and WCd 10th ' Thurs 11th December others are dipped into. Text (by

American scholars) is kept to the bare minimum fortunately as the

Meet THE SNOWMAN Bring your children along to meet Raymond Briggs’s famous Snowman. 11.00 am - 2.00 pm,

(DCUtSCh £695) thatitwaSthe sketches are articulate enough in 3'00 pm 5'00 pm and 6'00 pm ' 8'00 pm‘ women who saw us through the war

(albeit SUSPCNdeT'lCSS) » thoughl New light has been shed on another

Wipe“ the WRQId'b: Invadggs giant Michaelangelo. Since 1980 C S W at was awa'tmgt em an CC‘ C the Sistene Cha el ceilin has been

to settle for Heidi and Black Forest under restoratign and thcgdiscovcry S


Gateau- And “‘3 390d“) kQOWthat ofthe artist‘s fresh. exhuberant * Open Sundays in December 11.00 am - 7.00 pm. {hos-e grStwml-e soc'al LUddltes' the com" has dame“! the an world' There will be some sur rise festive cl eer each fem'mSFSv are m the Vanguard 0f Michaelangleo Rediscovered (Muller. S d . FD b

protecting standards. Solcommend Blond and White £40)cxammcsthc 11" 3y 1“ CCCm CF-

.10 Nesbitt‘s The Modern Ladles’ work done so far and gives a detailed * .

Compendium(Virago £2.95)whose historyofthechapeland its open Weekday? “" 10°00 a" Shop When advice on eating melon ought to be sumptuous decoration, A parking 5 not a pro em.

followed by everyone concerned spectacular book which reopens the * . . . . with etiquette,though I personally file on the Renaissance. cred" cards welcomc' * Free g‘ft'wrappmg serce' resent the insinuation that the

Scorpio male ispmne to indecent To reserve books telephone 031 225 3436 exposure. Merry chuckling.

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