- Snooker: Mercantile Credit Classic ((4) 3 4.30pm the Second Semi I‘inal with Stephen I Iendry lacing Steve l)ay ies lor the lirst time in a ranking event. Young I lendry is Snookeps latest hot proper ty and it he should lose to Day ies the Scot w ill have plenty ol opportunities to avenge the tIeIettt ill the exhihltitill matches heittg held in Scotland this month sec ( iiiestlist.

0 The Tube ((‘4 l 5.3“ "‘pm. I’aula Yates tallssto I)l‘ Rohel'ts ol the Blow Monkeys and live in the studio. \Vhaml hacking singers I’epsi and Shirley. .-\lter opm. Berlin. Siouxsie Siousandlulian('ope,

o Yesterday‘s DreamSlScottishl

‘I- Illpm. love story in seven parts ahout a din irced couple's lirst meeting in seven years and the suhsctiueni re—awakcning ol their loy e. (‘url tip in lront ol the lire stall. 0 ER. (( 4) ‘l.3llpm, New American hospital sit com starring Itlliott ( iould as the tiverhnrdenctl doctor tor'eetl hy tlcht 1o work 4n hour shilts in the I"iiic-t'_geiic‘y Room. .>\ sort «it cl'oss het\\ cell \I ' :\ ' .S ' I I and St l'lsewliere. Soi;nds promising.

a The Last Resort With Jonathan Ross (C4)12.30-l.15am. Alternative chat show with 27 year-old Ross promising to askthosequestion otcelebrity guests no one everdared to ask before. Recorded introntota live audience earlierinthe evening.

o Bergeracrlmt'l i s. lit ultfipm. ( )n top lot in in its last series. this one guest stars \lichael (Singing Detective)(iamhonasacomputcr expert who receiy cs a death threat. 0 The Power Game ( t ‘4» it (2.5% pm. In the lllttI-I‘llills British IV

tllsctW el'etl the appeal HI the httttl‘tl room tussle. 'li/ie l’on er ( {time w as a spin oll lrom Hzc Whine/trailers. an aviation drama that also starred I’atrick \‘v ymark. In the new series. the hot shot excciitiv e comes out ol retirement to heeome the merchant hank‘sappointment as co—managing director toa construction lirm. Barhara .\lur ray . l’cter Barkw'orth and Rosemary I each alsostar \lade ITV .-\'l'\' in I‘Io.‘ in hlack and white it will he a ritust lor those long winter evenings viewing.

0 Heaven‘s Gate l BB(Cl

9.55pm 1.35am. ('ontroyersial (completely slated at the time i and long account ol the real \\':ld \Vest and the retore ot the American Dream etc. Michael (‘imino’s lilm is ol course a coniplete must although

it won’t he at its hest on the small

0 An Audience with Dame Edna Everagett‘4)1lpmfvtidmght.'I‘he lirst ot the ‘Audiences \Vith. . .i lorrnats henelitted lrom this dose of the outrageous. Marvellous put— downs ol her celchrity audience including a wonderlully punctured \Iclyy n Bragg. So successful was Barry I Iumphries on this occasion that he w as signed up to do another which will he shown again in a lortnight.

. 5 “iff-

‘SUNDAY 11 - ~- 0 TheWorldThis Weeklmi

Ill I lam. Yorkshire television and the I’irst 'l uesday team take over the International viewpointcurrent allairs show lor the next ten w'ee ’S'. Barrister ( ieollrey Rohertson puts the questions.

- StateoltheArttt’4is.157—9.15pm. I’irst ot a six-part series taking a thematic apprcach to the visual arts ol the leth century. Beginning with I listory and with Value. Imagination. Sexuality. Politics. and Identity to lollow'. the topics are related to spccilic artists and their works.

0 Starting Out M4) 0. lie-l Iprn. .-\nstralian tour-part mini series ahout disadvantaged Bert I‘iacey‘s hardandeyentlul lilc.

o The World Accordingto Smith and JOI‘IeSlScotish) Ill Ill.3llpm. stel Smith and ( irit'l Rhys .lones with an alternatiy e history olthe world ctilled lrom the more ridiculous moments in I lollyw‘ood lilms. Anotherol I.\\”l"s cut and paste programmes at which they are. one has It i say . pretty accomplished.

o The South Bank Show l Scottish ) Ill.3ll I I .3llpm. Anthony I lopkin‘s King leat‘ is seen in the context ol other Icars in this programme that leatures I)ayid l Iare and Ilopkins. \Vho he directs at the National ‘1 heatre.

0 Screen Two: Blunt ( BB(‘Zl 10.10—11.35pm. Rohinfhapman's hlunt interpretation of Anthony Blunt: Spy. and a chance to see Anthony Hopkins tackling another role. See (‘olumnlist


o Mavis on 4 (c4) 4—430 Mavis Nicholson talks to Julie Walters and (ieraldine James ahout their roles in Sharman MacDonald's When I Was“ A (fir/l I set! '1?) Scream xIndX/mut. O Anzacsttmc‘l ) 2—3.4(lpm. Paul

I Iogan plays it straight in this smash hit Australian series ahout their involvement in the (treat War. On every day this week. See Feature.

0 Citizen 2000 (C4) o—7pm. The long term aim ol these programmes is to huich up a televised hiography ol

eighteen children who will he IS in the year Ztlllll. 'I‘hree programmes update the general and individual progress ot'the lour year-olds. In the lirst two of the children are seen lacing unsettling changes and early uncertainty. I's'ahlid is taken to his mother‘s native village in Kenya tor an extended holiday and has to adjust to a dillerent lile style while Rachel hack in London is hadly allected hy the death ol a hahy hrother.

o Supertrankllclt)Ill—11pm. Veteran comic. Frankie IIow'ard‘s stage show.

0 A Sort of Innocence ( BB(‘li 9.3(l—Itl.2llprrt. In the middle ol it all is a thirteen year-old hoy. . . the hoy"s lather is lacing the ruin ol his husiness. his mother has remarried and the hoy. played hy Neil .Iellrey. is reaching puherty. the vital mystery ingredient is that he‘s also a hoy trehle. 'I‘rehle trouhles. how can it lail'.’


o Whistle Test ( BB(C) S—-iS..3tlpItl. Return olthe ()Id ( iray one into its iokey second childhood.

THURSDAY 15. - '

o Equinox: A Short History or the Future ((4) Saute-9.30pm. Repeat showing

lor(‘hannel I5our's excellent science programme. this programme loolss

at images ol the cities ol the luture.

'FRIDAY 16 . __

o lndelible Evidence ( BB(‘ZI 9—9.3llpm. Forensic case studies hased on true police stories and introduced hy I.udoy ic Kennedy. the lirst one is all ahout sheeps' heads and threatening notes.


Iiuphemistically listed with R tor Repeat Lloyd George Knew My Father hy \‘v'illiam Douglas I Iome. R4. Sat Ill. "pm. is a much - repeated. hut irresistihle classic. With Michael l)enison as Sir \\ illiarn and I)ulcie (iray as his wile. I.ady Boothroy d who is going to do hersell in. its dry humour is remarkath touching. .lackson \Vchh. an American w riter w ho lives in the Scottish

Borders is the author ol Georges Minh. a short story ahout a relugee lrom Vietnam who. more daring than his peers. always goes too lar. Read hy Stuart Milligan and produced hy (iregor ( iraham in the Iidinhurgh studios. R3. Sun I I. ‘I.4llpm.

Blokada R4. \Ion II. 3pm takes as its suhiect Icningrad at the start ol the Ulllieday hlocls'ade l‘y the (iermnans in lime W4 I. It was written hy Stephen .\Iulrinc. a lecturer at ( ilasgow School ot .-\rt who translated(ielman‘splayxl .llu/i wit/i ( oziizcciions. hroadcast as part ollast year‘s R3 Russian Season.

()n 'I‘uesday '3 'l allis and Byrd are amongst the coatpt was chosen tor a concert lrom Durham Cathedral. R3. I‘ues I3. I l .3llam and later Anthony Burgess. who hegan writing in an attempt to provide money lor his lamily when he w as diagnosed as having only a year to live. reads lrom his autohiography lair/c Ill/sort and [fig (ind. R4 'I'ues I3. illlpm. the hook w ill he puhlished on 35 I‘eh to coincide with his “llth hirthday.

RiverotaThousand Years R Scotland. \Vcd I4. 7.3llpm. looks at the history ol Strathnaver. scene ol the inlamous clearances in ISI-l and ISI‘). hut hel‘ore that scene ot an ancient tradition ol lite and larming.

'I‘he highly talented Ronald l‘rame hasa short story on R3. III In. (‘alledThe Chinese Garden. s. 15pm. it is read hy I’ati‘ick \Ialahide. recently seen as the .imhiguons I’ Binney w hoso trouhlcd I)c‘lllll\ I’olter‘s Singing ltcrccm‘c on BB( I. ll it is anyw here near as good as his award winning lint/cru/ttameror recently repeated Blue Jug. it will he radio writing at its hest.

Richard Branson ol airline. record industry and (lean Ip Britain lame IS ltt'ltliletl ill Virgin: The Immaculate Conception? R l . Sat 1”. 3pm hy .Iohnnie \Valker. :naking a return to radio alter a Illyear gap.

.-\lso on Sat If. the lirst ol three ‘I)iyersions' hy \‘v'hithread \Vinncr. (‘hristopher I lope. I)escrihcd as ‘w'ry‘ in the lirst. Sheepdog Trial. R3. lIlllpm. .lanet Sir/man plays an intellectual sheep l to husriand \igel I law'thorne’s sheepdog J; in the second. Glorious Glenda. slim lit 9.4llpm she is a keep lit lanatic. while in the third. Confessions of a Houseplant. I‘ri Z3. ‘I.45pni. she is a plant (literally l led to a lien/y hy a poet ( I law'thorne l. \Vry.

'I‘hc all stars interviewed III I )ilys I’owell‘s History of the British Cinema. R4. Sat la. lpzn ( the lirst ol I3 partsl include I)a\'itll cart. \Iichael I’ow ell. lindsay Anderson and Vanessa Redgrave.

()nce their most per lot med author. (i/cch playwright I’aycl ls'ohoiit hecame their least —Ia\oiired alter heing responsihle lor the petition to I’arty and ( ioycrnmcnt signed hy two million citi/ens during the ‘I’rague Spring ol I‘IoS .\long with

his playw right w iIe he w as deported and stripped ol citi/cnshm and they now' live in Vienna. I Iis piay The Maple Tree Game. l'iies 3n. R3. 0.3llpm is hased on the novel 'l/ic ()M .l/im (mill/1e Hit/cam may and is produced hy .-\nthony ()uinn.

the list i) 33 .lanuary 19