Spanish paintings and period


O PROVANO'S LORDSHIP 3 ( ~astle Street. .\Ion Sat”..ill 5pm Sun

2 5pm.

Glasgowinthe Fortiest‘ntt'l 1 March. \Vatereolours h} \\ illiarn Simpson. I THE SCOTTISH DESIGN CENTRE "3 St \‘ineent Street. :21 (will.

Mon Aliri ‘lfillztrri 5pm. Sat

"am 5pm.

Regeneration lfllan Ht-‘etr l'he SI);\ RUIN Regettet'atittll Ht Seotland Design .'\w ard ehooses a dill'erent eateeors tor the award eaeh year. Last year‘s eateeory. '( )ld Buildings eon\ erted tor New l’urposes‘. w aswon h_\ the 'l'empleton littsinessfentre. this exhihition ineludes designs lor the .10 huildine proieets suhmitted tor eompetition.

The L‘ttte‘gttt't tttt' IIINT \\ill I‘L‘

‘Iinx irontnental landseapes and t'rhan Renewal.‘

0 SPRINGBURN MUSEUM r\_\ r Street (adiaeent to Sprinehurn Railw a_\ Station). .\lon l’ri 10.30am 5pm. Sun 2-5pm (ilaseow ~s lirst eornmunit} maseuni opened in .\Ia_\ l‘ltS'ti to preserx e and displas the social history ol’ ( ilasgow's loeomotiVe huildine distriet.

0 THIRD EYE CENTRE 35H Sauehiehall Street. 33: "531. lue Sat lilarn 5.30pm. Sun 2 5.30pm. tale, [D] ('lttsetl :5 I)L‘L‘ It .lt'llt. OscarMarzaroIi—Shades otGrey— Glasgow Photographs 1956—1986 I'ntil ll.lan. l'hirt_\ _\‘earsol hoth (ilasgow and the w as in w hieh photographert )sear \larmroli has SL‘L‘lT it. I IlS centre Ht itllL‘TL‘St iS people and his hest known period. the Sixties. w hen he ettraeted his lamous ‘( iolden—l laired I.ass‘ lrom the rnonoehrome landseape ol' the (it‘t‘ttals. John Bellany—A Selection from Two Exhibitions: Celtic Reflections on an Auld Alliance watereolours and draw hips. and Etchings 1965—85 I 'ntil ll.lan. Seleeted transl'er l‘roni the WM» Iidinhurgh I'estix'al exhibitions Sam Ainsley ‘Why I Choose Red...‘ 17 Jan~l4 l~'eh. \Vorlts mixing hoth media and sourees. Paintings is eomhined with seulpture..lapan mixed with Russia and Kurosawa with Iiisenstein. Artist’s Talk Sat 1." Ian. 3.30pm. Sam .-\insle_\ w ill en e an illustrated leeture ahout his work. The Truthtul Lie Photographs by Students trom Glasgow School ot Art 1" Iain 14 Tel» Sam .A\insle_\ has selected worlx lrorn the line .-\rts Photography eourse run lw Thomas Joshua Cooper. the eate is now a permanent e\hihition area photograph}. Joyce Cairns: New Paintings t* Ian 14 I‘ieh. :\ seleetion ol worls Iront .lo_\ee (‘airns' pow erl'ul exhihition reeentl_\ seen at the So” ( tallers . Iidinlutrgah. 0 TRANSPORT MUSEUM 25 .-\lhert I)ri\'e.433 Siltltl. The museum in .'\lttL‘t'l I)r‘i\ e has closed and w ill re—open in the spring ol' l‘lSS in its new loeation in the mom ated Reh in l tall.

0 TRON .‘MS I’arnie Street. 55: «BUT S. Rox olliee Tues Sat. Noon lltpm. Compass Gallery .-\t the iron I'ntil lurther notiee, Prints and paintings in the har.


0 BOURNE FINE ARTJ l)undas Street.

FFTWSH. .\lon l’ri lHam opm; Sat lllam lpm General Exhibition Throughout .lan. ()iisandwatereolours. 0 CENTRAL LIBRARY ( ieoree l\' Bridge. :35 55W. \lon l'l'l “am “pm. Sat‘lani lpin, Lunch at the Library 1: Ian 1.‘~l~‘elw. Stairease e\hi‘ntion to eoineide with a series ol lunehtnne talks. See ( )pen listings. The Odyssey Photographs 1: .l;tll lo I‘eh. ( ‘onlerenee Rootn (iallery Trading Standards t mil .11 .Ian. Seottishl ihrary Media Illustration Throughout .lan. .Xnexhihitionol airltrush illustrationst ire-\or (tater. 0 CITY ART CENTRE 3 Market Street. :35 3424 e\t otfill. \lon Sat lilain tipnt. Sun: 5pm. I ieensed t‘LtlL‘. ll)l Arne Ekeland Lntil Fl .lan ll \luneh is \orw at 's hest-ltnow n painter. l;l\eland is one ol the least know it. I le seldom exlnhits hut. now in his T‘lth _\ear. he is a rnaior eontemporar} lieure in Norwegian art. See panel Record CoverArt t 'nttl Sat 34 .Ian. ('onlined lot the purposes ol tllls exhihition to pop niusie reeord SIL‘L‘VL‘S. It (I )\ ettltic‘ ttt t‘eplaee IT’S it will soon he a shrinking; art. See panel. 0 COLLECTIVE GALLERY 5: ii i lieh StreetSStiZttllll. I'ue l'ri l2..ill 5._‘~tlprri;Sat lllani 5pm. (losed Sun and \ton. Elements and Energies lti flan \Vmeneonstruetionsandwttrlts in wood. paper and glass in artist designer Valet ie l’raenell. 0 CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE qut'olinton Road. ltlan: ‘lpni. Simply Women t 'ntil tslatt I’hotoeraphs lrorn the \lll (’ominonwealth ( iarnes l‘_\ l l.llll\l Rallies. .-\ l)istriet ( 'ottneil e\hiliitiott. also at Morningside Library I54 Alttl'llilltlSittL‘ Road. 1‘) .il .lan, \lon l'ri lilarn Spin; Sat Wain lpm. .'\lso tottt'sothet'eil} Venues until .\Ia_\. O RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY lilaeltlriars ( ‘hureh. lilaeslriars Street tott'lltelt Street). 55mm". Details ol L‘\'ltlltltittlt\ in l)eniareo‘s new gallery are to he eonlirined. 0 FINE ART SOCIETY 13(ireat King Street. 5500305. .'\lon l-ri ‘laillam 5.30pm. Sat lllam lptn. Robin Philipson t 'tttil Sat lll.lan. David Donaldson Flatt l‘ll'el‘. to eelehrate l’hiltpson‘s Tllth hirtlida_\ whieh eoineides w ith that ol l)a\ id llttlt‘ttldsttlt. the line .v\t't Sitt‘le‘lies east and west are routine in a dotll‘le liill. whieh w ill swop over alter lll .lttlt. See l'llte‘ .-\I't Soeiet} . ( ilttsgtiu. O FLYING COLOURS 35 \\ illiartt Street.235 oTTo. lue I'll llam npm. Sat Illarn lpm. (‘ontemporars Seottish paintings. . Ah I lt)\\ L‘ BITCH. :ZttZFS‘). .\lon I'li lllarn opizi. Sat 10am lptn. Christmas Exhibition t 'ittil ettti .lan. lneludes works It} (ieoree I louston. RHI‘L‘TI \ttl‘lc. ( iL‘UTfJL‘ I L‘Sle‘t llunter. Sir \Vt i. ( iillies and Ifli/al‘eth lilaelxaddei. .-\lsospeeial display ol inetal worlx

Crawford Centre for the Arts I'Nl\'l€RSlT\' 017 ST A.\'I)RI{\\'S I'ntil S I‘ehruar}

IDICN'I‘I'I‘Y DIiSIRli representing the bud}

\\'II.I.IIC R()I)(;I{R In between the lines

Subs/dised by the Scottish Arts COunCil 93 North Street. St Andrews (0334) 7(tittl extension 591

Hunterian Art Gallery University of Glasgow

THE CHRISTMAS STORY Episodes from Christ’s Nativity

Print Gallery: 6 Dec—31 Jan 1987 (Closed 24—28,31Dec;l—5Janl

Mon—Fri 9.30—5.00; Sat9.30—i .00 Admission Free





-33 National (iallerv, The Mound, , fir Izdinhurgh.

Mon—Sat 10.00-17.00 Sttiil~l.lit)~17.lltl



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