o TALK ABOUTA BACKLASH! Bizarre indeed that the Scottish press reacted so rabidlyto STV‘s revamped “Hogmanay Show‘ simply because it wasn’t (forthe first time in history) aimed at the wrinklies. I suppose that The Daily Record and Evening Times would rather that the rest of Britain thought us a nation of kill-swinging. whisky-swigging, country-dancing lunatics whose sole furniture is hay bales . . . letthem eat shortbread is what l say. . . and may they be forever haunted by the ghost of Harry Lauder‘s wee shooglie walking stick. . .

0 Still harping on about Hogmanay, firstly, Muriel Grey wins the ‘Princess Anne Chainstore UnderwearAward of ’87' by splitting herdress on air and displaying dinky pale blue cotton undies to the audience behind her (thus denying her the ability to stand in front of the Young Farmers of Carluke) and, secondly, Lloyd Cole And The Commotions win the ‘Petulant Popsters Award of ’87‘ by refusing to play on the Hogmanay Show because they could only have one song and then changing theirminds atthe last momentonlyto be told they were no longer needed. Tough turkey Lloyd as they say. . .

o Commotions manager Derek McKlllop is fighting the boredom of having a totally inactive band on his hands by managing Glasgow‘s new novelty act ‘Crack‘. Comprising Fruits Of Passion guitarist Glen Gibbons and ex-Painted Word drummer Nigel Hirst they are set to gross out audiences all over Scotland with renditions to backing tapes of such absurdities as ‘Suck My Love Pump‘ and ‘Oh Dear‘ (censored version). Tea and sympathy go to Nigel Hirst who suffered a traumatic New Year‘s Day when some of his house fell into the River Kelvin, howeverit is worth noting that pig-boy Hirst was also in the Koh-l-Noor Restaurantthe daythatlell into the river. . .

0 Winning the most boring and verbose band of all time award are The Redskins who, when they split up. issued a SEVEN PAGE statement to the press explaining why. Needless to say three members of the band wrote a paragraph each and Chris ‘Why Don’t

You Shut Up‘ Moore wrote 61/2 pages. . 0 Shock! Horror! Gasp! Oh No! Yeah! At long last Wet Wet Wet have completed theirdebutsingle ‘Wishing I Was Lucky' for Precious/Phonogram Records! Phewl Sell-produced, we can expect to hear it around the end of February although some cynics say it'll be at leastt April when it comes out...

0 Still with The Precious Organisation, Goodbye MrMacKenzie seem setto sign a major licensing deal in the very nearluture, although itwill notbeto EMl. whose week at London’s lCA for unsigned bands has fallen into severe disrepute. MacKenzie will not be playingthelCA eventas advertised because EMl propose to record a live album of the concerts and release it withthe sort olminimal royalty rates thatwould make a music lawyer faint with incredulity. . . whatsort of mugs dotheythinkyoung bands are? 0 ZTT are suing to get out oftheir deal with Island Records although it has been reportedthatduringthe preliminary hearing itseemed an unlikelything to do . .. 0 Still in the courts. Precious boss ElliottDavis is considering suing Scottish pop paper ‘Cut‘ for printing a wildlyinaccurate story abouthim assaulting a record companytalent scout 0 Paul Haig and Billy MacKenzie—The Voice and The Haircut—are doing an indie record together despite the fact that Trevor Horn still wants to record an album with MacKenzie . .. 0 Strange Fruit, the record lable currently making the indie charts bulge with classicJohn Peel sessions have come up with a stormerot an idea. They want to release a series of compilation indie albums called ‘Now That‘s WhatWe Call Music‘ featuring the best of the hit indie acts... 0 Watch out forthe new look “Rocket 88‘ which has been re-designed by Giaswegian art directorKen Donald. worth reading and now worth just looking attoo. .. (Andrea Miller)


0 The Open Llst I: a free listing: service tor all cultural, educatlonal, polltlcal and other events that do not fall into The Llst's other llxtlngs categories.


0 Rural Architecture of Scotland (luneh at the library f. ( entral library. (ieorge l\' Bridge. l‘idinhurgh. I‘ree by tieket lront lnlo l)esk. \oon. l)r .-\le\ander lenton. Resetll‘ell l)ireetoi tll llle Rtlytll \luseumsolSeotland .tnd authorol books on Seottish rural arehiteeture gives the lunehtime talk.


0 Families and Bisexuality 'l'lie Iidinburgh Bisexual t iroup. lesbian and ( iay ( ‘entre. 5Sa Broughton Street. Iidinhurgh. .\ diseussion ol' lamilies‘ reaetion to bisexuals. ()pen lilaltyttlte.

o Nanook of the North National Museums ol Seotland. Museum l.eeture 'l'heatre l I .othian Street) deinhurgh. Seats may be reserved lor Slip at the Museum. (‘hambers Street. lnlormation HFl 335 7534. Nam ’()/\ rill/2e .Vur‘I/t is (I’ll/NZ three/ed hvRobe/'1flu/terry.


0 Artist‘s Talk 'l'hird lfye ( entre. Sauehiehall Street. ( ilasgow. 2.3tlpttt. .-\ talk with slides by artist Sam Ainsley to aeeompany her exhibition at the eenlre.


o Bias in the Media I’riends \leeting l louse. Stallord Street. Iidinburgh. “willpm. (‘hristian ( ‘_\’I ) have organised this opportunity to hear

(ilasgow I'niversity's Professor John Eldridge talk about bias in the tnedia.


0 Edwin Morgan ( ‘umbernauld 'l'heatre. (‘umbernauld Spm. L' l. 'I'he poet reads from his work.

a Mackintosh Society ()ueen's (less. SSH ( iarseube Road. (ilasgow ( illl. (Ml kMootillll. .-\ndrew I’inkerton. I)ireetor ol Keppie l lenderson Arehiteets. talks about his researehes amongst the lirm’s arehiye material ol‘ the Maekintosh


o The Best Years ofTheir Lives ( l .tlltelt at the library). (‘entt‘al library. (ieorge IV Bridge. I‘Zdinburgb. I’ree by tieket from intormation desk. .\'oon (eollee and tilled rolls. Sllp). 'I’revor Royle. whose book on the National Serviee expet'ienee has reeently been published. talks about the years ol‘eonseription that no one liked at the time. but everyone seem: to look baek on with fond memories. 0 Bisexuality and Unemployment’l‘he lidinburgb Bisexual (iroup. Lesbian and ( iay (‘entre. SSa Brougbton Street. Following up the problems of ‘eoming out' at work. how does unemployment at‘t‘eet attitudes to bisexuals. A diseussion open to all.

0 Sir Harry and Some Others National Museums ol‘Seotland. Museums I-eeture ’I‘beatre ( I.otbian Street) Iidinburgh. Seats maybe reserved for Stlp at the Museum. Chambers Street. Information (Bl 325 7534. Aetor. eomedian and direetor Jimmy Logan talks about Sir I Iarry Lauder and other Seottisb giants ot‘musie

ball. “A ‘. .lZ/liVicun‘in St, ’I'el:.2£0t3()d5 , i \“Y V vivo‘ "n1'.\-s-\ ;. w. i l;1)i.\lsl lien fer ,__ 1' l he? "ll-"rt l ll i i . :9 f2 :1» I [lie ,titii 3.7;": I. / C ‘DL- ' W": ~ .‘ / «.5 ~ ' _ _. mafia,» r} p ,';_‘{/£' :13, _J ' I" H w—a‘i" ' ‘I‘V-‘i. .' s H -,\v \ I ’3‘}, x i ‘_" + ‘2. -.‘ ' r~ .o‘.-‘. 3‘ ~~ J: I A :‘IU ' (l. I l :m', ’59.“ fir ' ,Zl'fi‘I-ff, ! - - l :— ».3‘:J.‘LI,-( ., d'\i 3,, aw I I ll’._/: ' . g ‘1' a -\—-,.,.' (5 artosama l, Clothes folket‘afts Illllfils'ap'», fr r“ .. \‘ /\. T M ii from f (3’3) r . “‘ ~ \ . 7) ; IIIL‘XICOéCL‘IllI‘ZlI 3' e [v ‘4 I>-~ /- ..’// .. fl) /“.. - .‘4‘3 ' ;;.;‘;{- smith ztmcrica L‘Lg’g‘f’?‘ 1,.- *- - ""_ «‘2 "where Iollr Crafts are folk arts”

the list \) 22 .lanuary 31