0 Glasgow Theopsophical Centre Various courses and talks throughout the year including: Tai Chi Ch'uan courses given by Ronnie Robinson. 041 638 2946; Hypnotherapy. regular courses given by The National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. details 0282 699378; Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet. courses by Anne Lett ofthe British School of Reflex Zone Therapy. details 041 332 4924: Massage courses. introductory and advanced. given by Ian Holland. detai15041 334 5846. 0 Glasgow Print Studio 128 Ingram Street. Glasgow 01 1E1. 041 552 0704. New series of five week classes: waged £35. unwaged £25. Members£15. Silkscreen.Tucsday Evenings. Commences Jan 20: Photography Tuesday Evenings. commences 2()Jan. Etching Wednesday Evenings. commences 21.1an: Lithography. Thursday Evenings. commences 22 Jan. 0 Italian Language Classes Dante Alighieri Society. 53 Rowallan Gardens. Glasgow. G1171H()413341552. Beginners' Class on Wednesday Afternoons. vacancies at other levels on Tuesdays. Contact the A, i Sign :73!“ “Sir- : 533:». :-

r: 1.”: 13:45

' It.)

0 Amateur Photographer requres female model. aged 18—25. Slim. unusual dress style. Studio and outdoor in Edinburgh, March—April. Phone Alistair on

031 663 0989 (day).

0 Writers wanted now for new Glasgow based current affairs magazine to be launched February 1987. Enquiries to CITYLIFE.


sirunrions VACANT

secretary for details.

0 Glasgow Buddhist Centre 329 Sauchiehall Street. Glasgow G2. 041 333 0524. Wide range of Buddhist and related classes. Mondays. 7.30pm Regulars‘ class: Tuesdays 10.30am Introductory Meditation Class. 6pm Karate Class at the Glasgow School of Art. 7.30pm Double Meditation; Wednesday 1.30pm Study Class: Thursday 10.30am Introductory Meditation Class. 6pm Karate Class at the Glasgow School of Art.7.30pm Intermediate Class.

This Month: Sunday 25Jan Womens‘ Meditation Morning. 10. 15am: Sat 31 Jan Dharma Study. 10am.

0 The Garret Mask and Puppet Centre 39b ()tago Street. Glasgow G12 811.041 339 6185.Phone for details ofNew Year Courses.

0 Homoeopathy Sell Help Classes chfielr'. St Stephen‘s Church Centre. 260 Bath Street. Glasgow. Organised by the Scottish College of Homoeopathy. PO Box 322. Glasgow. G44 6HR. One Day courses from 10am to 4pm. Simple introduction to the subject with everday applications. Next dates. 14

Feb. 14 March. £10 per session.

l ‘*‘-':.;’Tl.;

PO. BOX 267. GLASGOW 33 300.


0 If you require an experienced Session Singer please contact Rosaghn on 031557 4652.


0 Individual Italian and German Tuition. Also English as a Foreign Language. Box 133.

* ' ~.‘ . gal?- 3 o liomoeopathy Part Time Co rse

A new. 4 year part time course over 15 weekends. £675. After completeing the course. students will be able to apply for membership of the Society Of Homeopathy. Details: 0899 20472.


0 Dance Classes Assembly Rooms. Edinburgh. The highly popular and successful contemporary dance classes started by Edinburgh District Council last year recommence on Mondays and Wednesdays from Mon 19Jan. Beginners welcome. £ 1 .50 (50p). Contact 031225 3614 for further details. 0 Judo Coaching Royal Commonwealth Pool. Dalkeith Road. Edinburgh. 031—667 7211. Juniors Tues and Thurs. 5.30—6.30pm. Seniors Tues and Thurs. 7.45—8.45pm. Ring for details.

0 Boys/Girls Jude Coaching Jack Kane Centre. Niddrie Mains Road. Edinburgh. 031—669 0404. Boys‘. Mons and Thurs. 5—6pm: Girls‘. Mons and Thurs, 6.15—7.15pm. 10p(under10s). 20p (over tens). Full kit supplied (free) at start ofeach session.

0 Women’s Keep-Flt Sessions Jack Kane Centre, Niddrie




O Kawai SXZTD Eight Voice Programmable Synth £265.




031—6690404. Mo Weds. 10—11.30am.90p (non—members). 30p (members). 20 (unemployed).

Free Creche available.

0 Centre Stage 14 Orwell Terrace. Edinburgh 031 337 ()749. Contemporary Dance Classes with Lyn Dcnton. Tom Yang.Carolyn Gavin. Raymond Kaye. Beginncers Wednesdays 6. 30—7.30pm (£1.95). Intermediate 6—7.30pm (£2.50). T‘ai Chi with Tom Yang. Mondays Ham—noon (£2).

0 Open Drama Sessions Drama sessions for local children run by the YWCA Triangle Arts Centre in West Pilton Bank. Edinburgh. ()31 3320877. New children welcomed. Thursdays. 6.30—8pm. Free.

0 Junior Badminton Coaching .lack Kane Centre. Niddrie Mains Road. Edinburgh. 031—669 0404. 7—8pm. Thurs. 7-8pm. 10p (under 10s. 20p (over 10s).

0 Women’s Dance Sessions Jack Kane Centre. Niddrie Mains Road. Edinburgh. 031—669 0404. 10.30—ll.30am. 90p (non members). 30p (members). 20p (unemployed). Free Creche available.

0 Carpet Bowling Jack Kane Centre, Niddrie Mains Road.

Casio 1000P (Full Keyboard) £100. Both boxed bargains! Tel ()31 556 3534.

o ‘The Complete Guide to AIDS' Everyone‘s doubts about recognising. managing. avoiding AIDS answered. Your medical solution. £1.50 MEDIFAC'I' PO Box 324

; Dept([.)(ilasgow(i4l 4R0

o Transcendental Meditation

I Freelntroductory Talk.


For office use only:

. ‘« . Edinburgh. 031—6690404. Weds 1.30—2.30pm. Fris 1030—] 1.30am. 90p (non—members). 30p (members). 20p (unemployed). New session looking to attract senior Citizen groups in the city.

0 369 Gallery 233 Cowgate. Edinburgh Ell1.031 225 3013. Practical and academic classes in Art. Tuesdays: Drawingand PaintingClass. 10am—noon. Art History Workshop, 7.30—9.30pm; Wednesday: Scottish Architecture. llam—noon. Gallery Guides (opportunity to visit with experts ten Edinburgh Galleries). 2.30-3.30pm; Thursday: Artists‘ Life Classes 2.30—4.30pm. Life Drawingand Painting 7.30-9.30pm; Saturday: 369 Art Club (8—12 years) 10.30—noon. Prices from £10—20. concessions for U840. Students. Senior Citizens. Single Parents. etc.

0 Traditional Shiatsu Massage Randolph Centre. 7 Randolph Place. Edinburgh. Organised by The Young Womens‘ Christian Association of Great Britain.six week courses given by registered practitioner. Patrick Gillon. New six week course began on 7 Jan. Details from

Merle Davies. 031 225 4379.


First Wednesday each month. Spm. 4 West Newington Place. 668 1649. 0 Active. slim. cultured male. E'irly40s. separated. wishes to meet lively. sensitive. independent female to share cultural and sporting activities. Box 233.

0 Small slim independent female teacher. younglor early forties. seeks male companionship tor theatre. concerts and holidays. Non-smoker prelerred. Box 132.

o Dateline Works! Many thousands of happy couples nationwide are prooi at our success. Free details; Dateline Computer Dating, Dept. (351), 25 Abingdon Road, London we 61111.01 938 1011.

0 Meet People through Singles Magazine. ()rder from newsagents. or send £1 to 23 Abingdon Road.

London W8 6A”.

3 0 Wellspring achieves

| psychotherapy without jdrugs but sadly not without I funds. Volunteer lund

i raisers required. Team

1 leaders to dogsbodies ring " ()31 553 6660.

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