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Enjoy our new menu in the unique atmosphere of this courtyard restaurant.

As well as our House Specialities you can sample our new Vegetarian and Low Fat menus created by our chef Alan Douglas.

Free Jug of Wine in the Balloon Courtyard in February.

Courtyard Restaurant 6pm—1 1 pm Bar 4.30pm—1 am

Children welcome in the courtyard Available for Private Functions Phone for details

235 The Cowgate,

Tel: 031 225 5650

Terayama that will include An Attempt to Describe the Measure of a Man, The Reading Machine. Les Chants rie Maldomr and the ‘haunting fantasia‘ Labyrinth in the Field. Edinburgh; Filmhouse O Tl‘IX 1138 ( 15) (George Lucas. US. 1970) Robert Duvall. Donald Pleasence. 95 mins. In a computer-controlled society of the future a daily drug intake reduces the desire for sex. so a rebel who has exterminated his girlfriend must be exterminated. Grab this chance to see Geroge Lucas‘ rarely-screened cinematic debut. a precise and chilling Orwellian parable. Glasgow; Grosvenor 0 There Was A Lad (PG) (Vasily Shukshin. USSR. 1964) Leonid Kuravlev. 101 mins. Shukshin‘s first feature has been hailed as a ‘satire on peasant innocence and urban pseudo-sophistication' with more than a hint of Billy Liar. Edinburgh; Filmhouse 0 Throw Away Your Books, Let‘s Go Into the Streets ( 18) (Shuji Terayama. Japan. 1971) 126 mins. The uncut version ofTerayama's unstinting ode to the world of teenage frustration as a 19 year-old attempts to assert his independence from his family. find a job and get laid. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Trouble In Mind (15) (Alan Rudolph. US. I986) Kris Kristofferson. Keith (‘arradine Genevieve Bujold. 112 mins. Rudolph‘s phantasmagorical blend ofganster movie. fantasy melodrama. and modern day western. with desperate characters trying to go straight in the moral playground of Rain (.‘ity. far from being confusing. works with idiosyncratic logic to create a memorably allusiye yet wholly unclassifiable experience.

For the way in which it continually avoids cliche whilst teasineg I awakening memories of past pleasures. it‘s a dream ofa film. Edinburgh: Filmhouse O Vagabonde ( 15) (Agnes Varda. France. 1985) Sandrine Bonnaire. Macha Meril. Yolandc Moreau. 106 mins. An austere and lyrical portrait of Mona. a dropout from society wandering the wintry landscapes of the South of France in an aimless quest for freedom but a freedom that involves only loneliness. hunger and hypothermia.

An uncompromising performance from Miss Bonnaire graces this unhurried. intense and affecting memorial to a troubled and despairing representative of Eighties youth. Edinburgh: Filmhouse

1986) Ally Sheedy, Steve Guttenberg, Fisher Stevens, Austin Peddleton, G. w. Bailey. 99 mins. From the director who brought you Blue Thunder and War Games, comesthis standard formula romp, featuring acronymous, but lovable, electronics, nasty, militaristic bad-guys, a gutsy, animal-loving heroine and plenty of car chases. The ultra-advanced military robot, S.A.I.N.T. No 5,18 struck by lightning and miraculoust comes to life, an occurence signified by the fact that he begins to find butterflies and furry animals cute. Escaping from the electronics firm which spawned him, No 5 soon befriends mobile-cafe owner Ally Sheedy and, discovering the concept of death, decides that he


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doesn’t want to be disassembled.

The bull-headed security chief wants to destroy him, the President of Nova electronics want to stop him before he causes havoc and a bad press, the scientist who built him wants to analyse the ‘malfuntion', Ms Sheedy wants to save him. The chase is on, and fairly predictable it proves too. The best moments derive from No 5‘s love of old movies and crass commercials, acquired on an all-nightTV binge, which results in an entertaining series of robotic impersonations which range from John Travolta's dancing, to a Three Stooges slapstick routine. An enjoyable enough piece of lightweight nonsense and the radio-controlled star does possess a certain charm. (Richard Reece)

14 The List 6— 19 February