_ WHEN THE WIND BLows COMPETITION WHEN THE WIND Blows ONE oi the drawings below Is taken irom Protectand

Survive’, the Government’s booklet of handy tips on surviving the Holocaust- but which one? First SIX correct answers win the soundtrack album irom the iilm PLUS a When the Wind Blows T-shirt and badgeil

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When The Wind Blows (PG) (Jimmy T. eradicated by the blast. 3, Visit friends in the Murakami, 1987). 85 mins. Jim and Amajorweakness in all this isthat country

Hilda Bloggs, the retired couple the utterly naive couple are '

determined to do the right thing when unacceptable as representatives oi _ the bomb drops in Raymond Briggs' contemporary society: they are still

highly successiul ‘When The Wind mentally locked not only in the Blows’, have now stepped irom the memories oi the (by comparison) cosy

book on to the big screen. The community oi the Blitz and licking

animation, by the same team which Hitler, but also in a rural, comiortable

produced the award-winning ‘The England that is itsell largely a product

Snowman’, is ot a very high standard oi nostalgic memory. Briggs loads the

indeed, reproducing his distinctive scale: his reliance on the small, absurd - °

style through a complex new technique rituals at their pathetic preparations lor C. remge In a vehme which marries three-dimensional Armageddon depends too much on preV'OUSIV prepared-

model sets with cartoon iigures. their being so completely out oi touch

Admirers oi the book will lind a very with anything resembling

straight adaptation, with the only contemporary reality.

intrusions coming lrom a couple oi If that never bothered you in the book,

ratherilorid iantasy sequences, and then I can recommend the lilm, /

some intercut iootage ol real although neither ever manages to

missile-launchers running the gauntlet generate any real tension. The - - - - - oidemonstraiors atthe bases. Jim and narrative ambles along ontotally 0- V's" Lmle Rad Bld'ng Hilda, whose voices are supplied by predetermined lines to an unavoidable HOOU .

John Mills and Peggy Ashcroft, are as conclusion, and, at 85 minutes, long _ disingenuoust bumbling as ever, tor a cartoon, takes its time in doing so.

dutiiully building their indoor shelter Five stars tor the animation, though,

(which they then iorget to stay in while the sheer horror oi nuclear

anyway), worrying about the toilet, the devastation adds a harrowing edge to

milk, the papers, the phones, the the whole project. (Kenny Mathieson)

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0 When the Wind Blows (PG) if shoot-out. A key film in the Western

(Jimmy T. Murakami, Uk, 1986) revival this marked the beginning of

With the voices of Sir John Mills and the justly celebrated Stewart-Mann , . . Peggy Ashcroft. 85 mins. See partnership and is still superior To: The LlSl, WII'Id BlOWS Comp., 14 ngll Street, Caption Review. Glasgow; ABC outdoors drama. Edinburgh; EUFS (To reach us Thurs Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; 0 Your Son and Brother (PG) (Vasily

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0 The Wicked Lady (PG) (Leslie Sanaev. Leonid Kuravlev. 93 mins.

Arliss, UK, 1945) Margaret Shukshin‘s assertion of the worth of Name

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Roc. 104 mins. The restless. in one of its most lyrical

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today, but once upon a time the Edinburgh; Filmhouse

The List 6- 19 February 15