0n fame and written by Brian 0 THIRD EYE CENTRE 350 Sauchiehall

Clements and Dennis Spooner Street. 332 7521 .

(creators of The Avengers and The Sugar and Spite Until Sun 8 Feb_ Sec

Professionals). Cabaret.

Noises Ott Mon lb—Sat 21 Feb. Pityin History Tue 1(l—Sat 14 Feb.

7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm. Prices as for 8pm. £3 (£2). United Artists

Sting in the Tale. A chance to see (Scotland). who last year had great

Michael Frayn‘s highly-acclaimed success with The Boxer Benny ' theatre is ttSted by City thSti the" by Peasants Mon lb—Sat 21 Feb. 8pm. and long-running West End comedy Lynch. in the first showing on stage Vehuei "ththg in alphabetical Otdeti Premiere of a new play by Thomas set backstage at a production of a of a television play by the originaal eXceht t0’t0ttrth9 shows Whteh ate McLaughlin about Northern farce. Directed by Stephen Barry. and fascinating radical playwright ttSted by the heme htthe ShOW- Ptease Ireland. Approaching the ‘troubles' whose successful production of The Howard Baker. 1 send details h0t tater than to days from a more oblique angle than Rivals was sent in Glasgow a few Tam o'Shanter sat 14 Feb 113m and hethre Whttcatteh date- cabaret ts usual. stylistic rather than years ago. 2.30pm. £2 (£1.50). Edinburgh ttStett sehatatetV- naturalistic. it is setsometime in the O JORDANHILL COLLEGEU41 954 Puppet Company in their acclaimed.

future arid focuses 0“ tWO'Wet'rthg (XXX). spectacular version of Burns‘ tale of tribes. Directed by Susan Triesman Jotters Thurs 19—Wed 25 Feb. £3.50 the unco‘ happv Tam and the

. ATHENAEUM THEATRE Buchanan and designed by Pierre Turton. (£2.50). .Wildcat Stage Productions adventure that'befalls him. Street 0 KINGjS Bath Street. Box Office start. their new touring show: a A Day Down a Goldmine Tue 17-53121 Mama's Tuc “Phi 13 Feb-1.15pm. Mon—Sat 12 noon—6pm.. 4 bars. [D] musical show by Davrd Maclennan Feb. 8pm. (9.30pm on Fri). £3 (£2). Tickets “CC. Available from Mrs Val Phone Bookings. T icket Centre. and Davrd Anderson on the SUDJCCI George Wylie‘s scul'.’tural theatrical Parkcr‘ RSAMD 58 Nelson Candleriggs. Mon—“Spat- of education. See Touring. event for which he won a Fringe Mandela place. 332 53943324101. 1().3()am—6.3()pm. 332 3961. 0 MITCHELL Granvrlle Street. 221 First on the pernicious nature of Final Year Students from the Aladdin Until Sat 7 Feb. 7pm. Mats 3198. Box office Mon—Sat. 12 money. RSAMD in “productionof David 13pmon 24.31 Jami/Feb. noon—6pm. Bar. Cafe. [D]Tickets o TRON THEATfl5631‘mngatc‘552 Bime radical play about American £l—£3.75 (£1-£2.75). (ones for . also available from T icket Centre. 4267/8. BOX Office Tuc_sat rcli‘nmns with 13%ng Timely. parties. Stanley Baxter. professional ( andleriggs. 532 3961. Mon—Sat N0()n_3pm; Sun 12_3(y_gpm. . CITIZENS Gmhals Street 421) to his fingertips. as Widow Twankey ltl.3()am-(T.3()pm. Cafe/Rest. Bar Tue—Thurs 0032/8177. Box Office Momszu in a return of the popular panto seen Finlan‘s Rainbow Until Sat 7 Feb. Noon—1 1pm; Fri and Sat l()am_8pm_ Bur. [D]. inoEdinburgh last year. 7.30pm. tickets available from Noon—~midnight; Sun 12.30—11pm. Death of a salesman Um” Sat 7 Feb. Stlng in the Tale Mon 9—Sat 14 Feb. Minerva L lub and probably on the Gamblers [3116.31.11 22 Feb 3pm. 7.30pm. £3. students £1zOApszmd 7.30pm. Sat mat 3pm. £3—£5. door. A variety show from the Members £3; nommcmbcrs £4; unemployed £1 in advance. free at 'tiuc‘FVt httttPttCe COthl M0” 2‘ .mehget members Of the Mmeth members' concs £1. Preview on dmm Thé (“Hwy Open their spring tickets for price ofone; Sat mat £3 off C lub. Thurs 5 Feb: members £1.50; season with (mes Havcrgays lucid standard price and half price. The Yeomen ot the guard Tue 1.7—Sat nommcmbcrs £2; members‘ concs and moving production (“Arthur concession. A thriller revolvmg 21 Feb. 7:30pm. Glasgow University 50p. A British premiere and a Milk.“ mgstcrful exposure 0f the round the tale of two thriller writers (.eCilian Society in Gilbert and Traverse/"rum c0-pr0ductj0n; American Dream. Thch are some who come across the real thing. Sullivan‘s popular operetta. Nikmai Gogol‘s black comedy excellent performances. particularly DtrCCth b." leek Douglas 0t CW5" adapted by Chris Hannan and

R‘m D‘mm’chic “5 Wt Lom‘m‘ _ dimmed by Hami‘gh Gm sec pm" Tim Woodward as his son Biff and llarryGibson astheir neighbour

Charley. O ADAM HOUSE Chambers Street. Anna Karenina Sat H—Sai 28 Feb. Desmthed by its streets? as a hegtettted Mom wed 1 1-1m 13 Fob 7,3()pm, FREE preview Fri 13 Fch- 7.30pm mat°"'°"" "m'a' 6°90” £2 (£1) Tickets available in advance £3: Students £l : ()AP and Gamble“, pte‘tiews at the Tm" 0" from German Dept of Edinburgh unemployed £1 in advance. free at February 5th, the 144th ahhtVetsetV 0t Univcrgm. (David Hume Towér IhC door: An adaptation 0f LCO original prOdOUPtiorL A (}c()rgLi Sililarc). Tolstoy‘s immense sweeping novel highly ehterteththg httt s'h'Stet Unjygrgm- German Department in setting Anna Karenina‘s passionate vaudet’ttte comedyi the Ptay has been rhcinmnfia] production (in German) affair against the changing face of set in Glasgow by its ttah5tat°ts th's : 01-2106“an play This war it is. a pre-revolutionarv Russia. Adapted Hahhah (Whose pret’tous work mm 3 g-mrc first perforrficd “1.1908 by Robert David'MacDonald and Vattous seetttSh companies thetttttes 2 int/mien (w Ludwi y Thoma it- designedanddlrectedby Philip an adaptation otGorkv‘s‘Klimkov’ at E ex mashi oariwé’bchindiiia Pnnygc‘ the results should be Traverse and g of ihc titthhhtthg- See Guesthst- Rathbone' This’ theyteet’ both E ‘Sittlichkeitsvereine' ri hteous o CUMBERNAULD THEATRE reproduces the Ukrainian 5090"8 5 bodies concerned with tth u kee of (‘umbernauld. 0236 732887. Box settoqt'tat Russmh in a Stmttatty g monl‘qmdards Thoma wrgtc up

()ffice Mon—Fri 10am—6pm. Sat WOVtthet ahtt earthy tttatesti and gives é Wm; hc‘w“ ahead iin 301 for 10am—3pm. 6-8pm perf cvgs, a better medium than Standard English g hm“ , bcc‘n‘ outs Dim?“ his Haircare. tor the vulgarity of the society it the Tron Yo m Th t . h. ° “frmn: p Tam o‘ Shanter'l‘hurs 5 and Fri 6 Feb. depicts . ea '8 '" '3 0"" ' .— . 1.3“ and 7.30pm. £1.75 (£1.50). Like the more famous ‘Govefnment gdzpéiginrot Gogol’s short story ‘The THEATRE 2 Forrest Road. Edinburgh Pu et Co in their thspeetet’i ‘Gamhtets’ is a sattte 0" r a ' M“ 5 - i. . much-acElaimEK. spectacular hyphertsYi mediocrity ahtt pretehsmhi The ca.“ is drawn "om the Tron raisins”??? 3:“ fichgptm' £3. production of Burns‘ famous tale of summed up by the huSStah word pantom'me company’ instumng Jon" . coil-£5.57 mat: 'c c; mm and the witcth ‘poshlost’. The characters— mean and Stat“: Ctattl Ferguson and Jenny 0.” n.“ m, {18 mu} :3ch 31m: . Educating Rita Thurs 12_5m 14 Feb, crooked to a man are involved in what MCC'mittei augmented by (1)2:31‘133” “thirty, (1,00 b , 7,45pm. £2.75 (£15m 'rhurgfz Hannah calls‘an elaborate con-trick', actor/dlrector/plavwrightAndrew (sh ~. 0 h imam s 1:.Idep-tc , 3 (£1). PaNik Theatre Company in the each trying to tusttty his 0' het DOStttOh Dallmeyer’ “mos? Iast major Stage ""8 Tihenpiimlfi figthzgwfi Ferric“. original stage verson of Willy thh Pseudo'thtetteetua' theory: httt was the “He part '"Tamune atthe 1 30 9 £1 rb .L ~. 5:) . Russell‘s highly successful aimch tailing because ottneir ignorance and them“- " pm' "mm "541' - about a Liverptidlian housewife a stuptdtty- Beneath the stapsttehi .Glen’ Who commiSSioned this’ the no-njncmbcish [Tuni‘h Indung 1.“ taking on thc education though, "es Gogol's deepqoo‘ed sense tlrSt Scottish (aHd, he says, much the pncc' m ‘t Mdrhh‘t System. (Valentine cocktails or evil, and addiction to gambling best) translation, has combined the Norman; available in mm. becomes a symbol lo, something uptrontand specifically Scottish The 883mm” and The Damngd 5”” .7 . . DRAMA CENTRE 12o Ingram Street. approaching satanic possession haying 33V“? 0‘ "is “3' With the nlav’s lfgww 18 m7 7'30pm' “50‘ (1“) (m 552 5827. 0mm, Hamish Glen, who made his non-realistic expressionism to produce M "w membcts' A new play by. 'Tis Pity She's a Whore Until sat 7 professional debut at the Traverse 3" '3ccesstble but Protound black Angus Madadycn _ an. édépiauiméfi Feb. 7.30pm. John Street Theatre some years ago, and is now Assistant comedv’. g5¥%v.c,l,by F'fSCOE-F'tfghidslfi ‘1':- .h CO in the 17th century playwright Director at the Tron, is tackling Gogol This Tron/Traverse co-production St d $5"?! ‘2‘ ‘f .yfdgrvtth‘ff, .1“ John Ford‘s tragic masterpiece about that thtt'tttht'hgzi heats!) asststett "the gagidgfigtgttbuttachtthzhzethegIZGth jazuz en rdmd 65 Na ' l I L the illicit love between a brother and te 30“ e are met “the u" e n h asghw- ' ' sister. This production will be taken Wetttttttttth 0t ‘Metrtage'v and attested (Andrew Burnett A Day In the Death 0' Joe E” wed 18

Feb. 1.30pm. £3 members;£l.5()

Student Drama Festival.

18The List 6— 19 February