o The Shattered Family College of Art, Lauriston Place. 10pm. £2. Students and guests only. Intense. mean-sounding band. usually playing to a semi-Gothic audience. Stage dancer Mole is a lean machine worth glimpsing.

0 Panshy The Amphitheatre. Lothian Road. Personal appearance. plus the DMC Roadshow.

o Womenzone Wilkie House. Cowgate. 9pm.

0 Speakeasy Clowns. High Street. 9pm. Free.

0 Makossa The Cavern. Cowgate. Popular and enjoyable local reggae band. with smatterings of soul.

SATURDAY 7 Glasgow

0 FM/White SisterQMU. 8pm. £3. FM give it all away with their name. and despite the fact that they are easily listenable. like most bands of their vein. they would be more honest if they just called the band ‘Bland.‘ White Sister are at least from the USA ifthat makes it any more excusable.

o Psychedelic Furs/Ward Brothers Barrowland. 7.30pm. £5. See Feature. This is a rescheduled gig that seems to have been pending for years. Never been much of a fan myself. but why should that put anyone else off‘.’ A record company person once told me that The Ward Brothers might be the new Wham! Despite the fact that their single is doing quite well. I hope he is wrong. as these people usually are.

0 Trident Ladyton. Bonhill. 9pm. Free. With a name like Trident they can be assured ofa booking at the Clyde Submarine Bases. if nothing else.

0 Mary Kiani Baby Grand. Elmbank Gardens. 8pm. Free. Residency. with good local singer.


0 Jesse Rae The Venue. Calton Road. See panel.

0 The Cateran Mandela Centre. Potter Row. Students and guests only. Loud. fast twin guitar attack. They‘ve been called nothing more than a throwback to Stiff Little Fingers. but the Little Circles mini-LP showed they‘ve got strength and a style all their own.

0 Makossa Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. £3 after 9.30pm. See Fri 6.

O Avail Clowns. High Street. 9pm. Free.

0 The Kamikaze Club Wilkie House. Cowgate. 9pm.

0 Bluelinger'l‘he Cavern. Cowgate. Rhythm and blues.

0 Bald Cormorant Lord Darnley. West Port. 3pm. Free. Sixties R&B. country rock. jam atmosphere.

SUNDAY 8 Glasgow

0 China Crisis/The Bible Pavilion Theatre. 121 Renfield Street.332 1846. 7.30pm. The most recent China Crisis album at least showed a bit more urgency than some of their other efforts to date. so I will be moderately interested to see what


When your band includes ex- members or bands such as The White

Savages, The Fire

PD PU '- IST! raisins:

Bourgie,F|esh, and the Jazzateers.

it would appear that nearly all 0' Eighties' Scottish pop is hidden somewhere in your past. Exactly the case with the Wild Angels, who lormed last October alter the lusion at various members at Flesh and The Jazzateers.

The complete line-up encompasses a whole set at well-known and widely respected laces, comprising at Matthew Wilcox (vocals), lan Burgoyne (lead guitar/banjo), Keith Band (bass), Stephen Lironi (drums/keyboards) and Douglas McIntyre (rhythm guitar). The problem is that bands at such pedigree usually disappoint immensely but not so with the Wild Angels, who have recorded an excellent debut single, ‘She’s Black and White' and make their live debut at Fury Murrys on 12 February.

‘I think that we've now got the dancebeet ol Flesh added to what was the sound ol the Jazzateers,’ suggests Ian. ‘I wouldn't say thatthe Wild Angels are better than any at the bands we’ve been in belore, it is justthat we are more cohesive as a band now, and much more accessible.‘

Apart from the single, which lan hopes is part ol a slide guitar revival,

this is like. The Bible have recently signed a proper contract with Chrysalis. after their single ‘Gracelands' last year which was licensed from BACKS.

O The Raiders Harbour Arts Centre. Irvine. 7.30pm.


0 Tam White and The Dexters Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. £1 after‘)pm. Regular Sunday slot for one of Scotland's finest rhythm and blues band.

0 Billy Jones Lord Damlcy. West Port. 9.30pm. Free. Start ofa hard-gigging fortnight for local folk rock singer/guitarist.

0 Snake Pete Party The Cavern. Cowgate.



0 The Psychedelic Furs Playhouse Theatre. Greenside Place. Tickets for previous date still valid. Used to be considered part of the new wave‘s avant garde wing. Now going for the big bucks like any other band that‘s been around this long. See interview.

0 The Steve Marriot Band The Venue. Calton Road. Former singer/guitarist for The Small Faces (the mod group) and Humble Pie. he‘s settled into a bluesy groove, though with the former Humble Pie rhythm section to help him out. a few old favourites could be chucked in near the end.

0 The Blues Brothers Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 9pm. Free.

other members at the band are currently in London working on the debut Clare Grogan album, which is supposed to include songs written by Joe Callis and Davy Henderson ol Win. The single itsell will be released on the Supreme International label in the early part at March, with Matthew emphasising the value lor money olthe package: ‘ltwill be a twelve inch single with lourtracks and a playing time ol over sixteen minutes,’ he explains. ‘There are two versions oi the A-side, and two other songs, ‘Cowboy Mouth’ and ‘Blood ls Sweeter Than Honey". We hope the single will sell tor about £2.

From what I can remember. beards. bald heads and long guitar solos.

TUESDAY 10 Glasgow

0 Victorian Kitchen Shadows. Bath Street. 9pm. Free. The band's logo features a cartoon figure who looks astonishingly like Scrooge surprise. surprise. Talk about co-ordinated image!


0 China Crisis Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. £5. First sprang to everyone's attention with the very pleasant and laid-back African And White. Since then they've released a stream of very polite. unassuming synthesised music. Damned ifI can remember a single song from their last LP.

0 Lip Machine The Venue. Calton Road. Fresh from modelling ski-wear in the centre pages of this month‘s Cur. Maybe they should keep it. they might make an Age Of Chance-style breakthrough. Hopefully audiences have warmed more to their Hip-Hop Go-influenced sound since the last few times I saw them. When's the new single. lads?

0 Eat the Peach The Cavern. Cowgate. All-female poppy quintet.



0 Kick Reaction The Fixx. Miller Street. 10.30pm. Free. A chance to find out why Kick Reaction have been so quiet for so long. If any of

We are trying to give something back to

w 4%

the kids!‘

Despite lllrting with major labels in the past, and the lact that the single has been supported linancially by London Records as ‘an act at good laith', the Wild Angels are happy to be working independently lorthe moment, and hope to do an album independently belore joining torces with a major it the chance arises. ‘You cannot go on living in an indie ghetto lorever,’ concludes lan.

He is right, at course, and in any case, the Wild Angels are lar too good to inhabitsuch a place.

(John Williamson)

their recorded excellence can spill over into this performance then it will be well worth seeing.

a The Battlelield Band/Peter Nardini Mitchell Theatre. Granville Street. 221 3198. 7.30pm. The Battlefield Band shouldn‘t really be worth a rock listing. but Peter Nardini. an art teacher. has so far managed to stave offsome fairly derisory Bragg comparisons on the basis ofsome excellent songs.


0 The Painted Word The Venue. Calton Road. ()ne ofGlasgow‘s most promising groups. unusual line-up sporting a string section. Pop music. but with a singer obsessed by Jacques Brel could be interesting.

0 Alice House The Cavern. Cowgate. Local band. played the Meadows Festival last year. moving away from guitar-based rock to a more jazzy pop sound.

0 Witch Theatre Wilkie House. Cowgate. 9pm.

0 Billy Jones The Canny Man's. Morningside Road. 8.30pm. Free.

0 Loo Acka Bop Boston Bean Co. St James Centre. 9pm. Free. Fifties-style music. ex-Peristalsis Brothers.

THURSDAY 12 Glasgow

0 The Wild Angels Fury Murrys. Maxwell Street. 10.30pm. £3. See Populist.


0 Heart Industry The Venue. Calton

The List 6 19 February 29