TUE DAY 17 Edinburgh

0 Slurpy GIoOp The Venue. Calton Road. This could be interesting. The fact that this Fife lot got it together to make an album at all is pretty wondrous in itself. but live gigs? The LP. recorded. rumour has it. in a very wigged-out condition most of the time. is pretty hard listening. sort oflike Brian Eno taking a deep breath and jumping headlong into psychedelic mania. Having said that. I’m growing to love at least one track.

0 Great Shakes Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 9pm. Free. Mellow blend ofjazz-funk and pop.

0 Eat The Peach The Cavern, Cowgate. 9pm. See Tue 10.

WEDNESDAY 18 Glasgow

0 Pride (to be confirmed). Fixx. Miller Street. 10.30pm. Free. Well worth seeing if they have toned down the cabaret element of the set which has marred their last couple of outings.


0 Nllt Kershaw Playhouse Theatre. Greenside Place. 7.30pm. £6.50, £5.50. Our Nik seems to be in a difficult spot. Trying to live down his teenybop past and get recognised as a serious rock musician. man. and finding no one of either camp very interested in him any more. And who can blame them?

0 The Crows The Venue. Calton Road. Edinburgh rock band. owing a hell of a lot to the early 70s as well as the Psychedelic Furs influences that permeated their first single. which still gets dragged out for a spin every so often. New single out this month— review soon.

0 Billy Jones Canny Man‘s. Morningside Road. 8.30pm. Free. 0 Last Orders The Cavern. Cowgate. 0 Leo Acka Bop Boston Bean Co, St James Centre. 9pm. Free. See Wed 11.

THURSDAY 19 Glasgow

0 Flagship/Earthworks Cardinal Folly, 193 Pitt Street. 10.30pm. Showcase for a fine new band featuring Tony O‘Neill on vocals. with the two former members of the Engine Room, Lorenz Cairns (bass) and Gordon Wilson (drums) completing the nucleus of the band. the demo is very slick and soulful. and the name evidently came after weeks ofdesperaton trying to find something better. Earthworks are highly competent. but still seem to be lacking something for me at this stage.


0 The Bolshoi (to be confirmed). The Venue, Calton Road. From the Beggars Banquet stable. reminiscent of Bauhaus but rougher.

0 Future World Moves The Cavern, Cowgate.

0 Billy Jones Lord Darnley. West Port. 9pm. Free.

o POP STABLETS BORN AGAIN! One oi the truly comforting things about the eighties solar has been the lack oi screaming, ranting and raving teeny hoppers the like oi which we had to suiier watching on TV mobbing the Bay City Rollers or Duran Duran.-(That being said we have had to put with a lot oi old togies too . . .) But . . . TEENY MANIA iS BACKII As was demonstrated at the end oi last month in the streets oi London when seemingly hordes oi screaming ‘N’ screeching young ladies relentlessly tracked the Iootsteps oi ‘Curioslly Killed The Cat', waiting ior hours at the airport ior them to ily in irom France, staking out the iront door at Phonogram Records in the hope oi catching a glimpse at their heroes and downright mobbing them outside the Capital Radio building, even to the extreme extent of ripping the ear-rings lrom one at Curiosity’s promotion ladies (the cats!). The curiosity must be- why this particular band? Could it be that not knowing which way round your hat goes is a more potent sensual image than having iabulous wealth, bags at talent or a sports car?

0 LOCAL LADS LOVE AND MONEY ily out to MIOEM this week (the record Biz’s annual outing to the sun) to periorrn alongside Tom Verlaine (whaddya mean, who?). Watch out ior L&M kicking it up at The Barrowiand with those lovely boys irom Hue And Cry in support (just don’t mention Elkie Crookes).

o TALKING OF HUE AND CRY congratulations are in order in two ways to singer Pat Kane. Firstly, ior managing to persuade his record company jCirca’ to advertise their single ‘I Reluse‘ In Marxist Weekly, and secondly on his immlnent leap Into wedlock. Butwlll Frank Sinatra be available to sing at the wedding or will Mr Kane Senior take over?

0 WATCH OUT ior Bing Hitler aka Craig Ferguson in his ilrst serious acting role as the lead in Gogol’s ‘The Gamblers” staged jointly by The Traverse and Tron Theatre and starting Feb 5th (See Theatre) . . .

'ncrcmymelngnmaiau. i

0 MORE BLOOMING JEANS COMMERCIAL RE-RELEASES but a very welcome one atthat, the classic soul shout ‘When A Man Loves A Woman’ by Percy Sledge ls re-released by Atlantic this week.

0 AND EVEN MORE JEANS COMMERCIALS. . . a strange choice ior Mat Johnson as THE THE’s ‘lniected’ is to be used in a cinema jeans ad going out across Britain this month . . .

0 MORE RECORD NEWS . . . Alan Rankine’s first solo LP since the apparently never to be forgotten Associates is released this week on ‘Disques Du Crepecule’ titled ‘The World Begins To Show Her Age’ . . . needless to say the yummy Mr Rankine isn’t . . . '

0 NEW PEEL SESSIONS threatening to clog up the indie charts with old material released this month are irom The Sllts, Stump, The Specials, Siouxie And The Banshees and The Birthday Party. . .

o A CLASSIC OLDIE I just know you’ll all be rushing out to buy is Altered images ‘Happy Birthday’ released this week on ‘Old Gold’ . . . has it really been that long?

(Andrea Miller)

0 IF IMITATION is the sincerest term oi '

Ilattery then Edinburgh University’s organ, Student, must love us very much. Listeni’s warmest regards to all ,' J‘ ' .

n- v, i' i- : I“ .Iy". 1“ I,

I u use!"

at Student, especially music listings compiler Mr. . .er, Hugh .larce. . .

o HELLO also to The Proclaimers, Edinburgh twins Craig and Charles Reid, alter theerV debut on The Tube last Friday. Hope that the masses were suiiicientiy wowed ior Janice Long to repeat the ilrst Proclaimers radio session, and that the viewers were curious enough about the lamentatlons ior Gartcosh and Bathgate to Iind out more about them. More on The Proclaimers in these pages soon.

0 FOR those in the Edinburgh area pining lor the Cambaiache and Maniiesto clubs, let it be known that on Saturday 28 February opens 51/L Mission Control, run by Ernesto and Rab, both at Lip Machine and both leading lights oi the previously-named clubs. Mission Control will be blasting oil in The Venue on Calton Road, and Listen! predicts a steamy mixture oi hip-hop, iunk, salsa and jazz. Get down!


The Mission: Wasteland (Phonogram). Bad timing on my part to listen to this alter a lull hall-hour of watching The Cult go through their histrionlc let‘s-pretend-it‘s-1973-again Zeppelin rock. This is the latest oiiering to The Halls oi Goth, the most reactionary oi modern youth cults, which began with Siouxsie, ended with Bauhaus and now has to put up with hilarious postscripts like this. The Mission are Wayne Hussey’s black hat and shades, irom behind which emanates a sell-important stream oi impotent doggerel. For all the portent and pretensions in a Mission song there’s about as much mystery to them as an episode oi Miami Vice. And when it comes to covering Stooges songs, as they do with a version ot1969 on this record, they invite comparisons they could never live up to. Boring.

Xmal Deutschland: Sickle Moon (Phonogram). Also a band well beloved of the black spiky Siouxsie cut, and unsurprisingiy, since their early'years were spent in devoted emulation at The

, Banshees ilrst LP. Their last single,

Matador, was quite tab actually, a bouncy piece oi accessible rock. This time we’re back to lormuia, and a song that wouldn't even stand out as an album track, so as a single is pretty drab, despite the attempts oi the keyboard to get jaunty every so oiten.

.Iosei it: Heaven Sent (Supreme). Long-awaited, or what? This Is the original version at a song that’s better known irom Paul Haig’s solo work and, God, that edgy riii. At one time it couldn’t be anyone but Malcolm Ross, but you can hear 2nd hand Josei It rliis all over the place these days. The song itseli Is harsh at ilrst, but repeated playing drives home the point that It's pop music approached at a previously untried angle. The three tracks on the B-slde are more at the same; irantlc, slicing guitar, oiten threatening to go oil-key, Haig‘s voice staying just this side at Irenzy in places. The deilnltlve compilation comes out next month on Supreme, and lithe 45mm version oi It's Kinda Funny Isn’t on it then the world’s missing out on one at the most sublime songs ever recorded. So there. (Mab)

The List 6 1‘) February 31