further dilemma should women primarily seek power in order to implement change. or should activity be concentrated on reform? Phillips puts each case fairly. albeit concluding with her own opinion. in a very readable way. It‘s an honest book that insists divisions should he looked at. not ignored. Moreover. it asserts that there need not be any one prescriptive direction for the women‘s movement many issues and different lifestyles can and should be accommodated. (Kristina Woolnough)


A E F"! f"»' {3" Q'. r;;:, warm .'*-'\

0 Glasgow At War: a pictorial account 1939—45 Paul Harris (Archive Publications £9.95 I'Ibk. £5.95 Pbk) Without Glasgow the war might have ended differently. and here is a remarkable collection of nearly 2()() photographs to prove it. Casual photography was nigh impossible in wartime. but even so enough images have survived to enable relative youths like me to catch a glimpse of what it was like. Glasgow At War should stir a few memories too. Where are all those evacuee children

i‘a Fort“ St'ec-t, Fl: "Dotti". 71316516 0079

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The epic Misadventumg. OftwO-ahens Ona



“MISSION EARTH' Volume 3 by

' L Ron Hubbard

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now. for example? In spite ofthe debris. sagging buildings. torpedoes. ships and sandbags. I was surprised how many folk could still find time and inclination to smile. How unlike the nuclear scenario envisaged by our current war-crazed politicians. A readable. fact-packed introduction. a bibliography and a chronology complete the hook.

(Andrew Bethune)

o In the Highlands and Islands John McPhee (Faber £3.95) This delightful book contains four stories. ofwhich the longest. "I‘he (‘rofter and the Laird‘. makes up three-quarters. The author‘s great grandfather emigrated from Colonsay to the United States in the early eighteen sixties and he himself was raised in Princeton. New Jersey. Although all his clansmen in America talked about (‘olonsay. as far as he knew none ofthem had ever been there. Nor had he: but as soon

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as he could he took his wife and four young daughters. crossed the ‘Steep Atlantick Stream‘ and went to live for a while on (‘olonsayx

When John McPhee writes about (,‘olonsay (as he does in "The (‘rofter and the Laird‘) the ‘divide of mountains and the waste of seas‘ fall away and ‘still the blood is strong and the heart is Highland.‘

As one would expect from a contributor to the New Yorker. the writing is crisp. economical. elegant and very readable. This is also an evocative book. making one long to see (‘olonsay one of the Hebridean islands that so far I haven‘t visited. I‘m on my way. (Sandy Hodge)

O Marya: A Life Joyce (.‘arol Oates ((‘apc £10.95) A sadly humourless book. this: sadly. because with a touch more humour and a little less wit. Marya‘s life would read so much less painfully.

Abandoned by her mother at the age ofeight and left to the kind but insensitive care of her aunt and uncle in backwater America. Marya‘s natural introversion and hostility crystalize. while a morbid dread of rape and molestation is born from the abuse inflicted on her by an older cousin. '

Rising. meteoric. from ignorant poverty to the pinnacles of academia and beyond. Marya‘s veneer slowly cracks as she begins to trust in people enough to abandon her inviolable self-sufficiency. But inevitably. this brings a vulerability. an uprush of insecurity and self-doubt. For the first time. Marya becomes real.

This is a disturbing story of emotional neglect. self-inflicted isolation and blazening single-mindedness of ambition; of a woman who finds that ‘to be disliked . . . was not only easier in many ways. but yielded a queer sort of pleasure.‘

Finely-honed. Joyce Carol Oates‘ technique is deceptively simple. Building up detail gradually. embellishing events long after they first appear. she creates an undertow ofsuspense. a sensation of being drawn into Marya‘s mind even. at times. under her control.

Cleverly resolved. her story lingers long after the book is closed. (Rosemary Goring)


1. Is The Future Female? Lynne Segal (Virago £4.95) A provocative challenge to many of the current feminist orthodoxies.

2. Hunger Strike Susan Orbach (Faber £2.95) ‘Starving in the midst of plenty.‘ A shocking exploration of anorexia nervosa by the author of Fat is a Feminist Issue.

3. Conspiracy otSilence Barrie Penrose and Simon Freeman (Grafton £14.95) The first detailed account of Anthony Blunt and his secret life as a homosexual and a Russian spy.

4. Death of an Eli-Minister Nawal El Saadami (Methuen £2.95) Egyptian feminist writer subtly explores the battle of the sexes from an Arabian perspective.

5. I Could Never Be Lonely Without a Husband Djuna Barnes (Virago £5.50) Interviews with famous figures of the early 20th century. including James Joyce. Siegfeld and Coco Chanel.

6. The Enemy Within Ed R. Samual, B. Bloomfield and G. Bonas (R.K.P. £6.95) In-depth analysis of the miners‘ strike from the grass-roots level as mining communities tell their own stories.

7. Patience and Sarah (Isabel Miller (Women‘s Press £3.95) The classic novel of two lesbians who must make their life on the American frontier if they are to stay together.

8. Through Our Eyes Only Guy Brett (Gay Men's Press £8.95) Lavishly-illustrated exploration of artistic creations.

9. The MlscreantJean Cocteau (Brilliance £3.95) A sparkling evocation of Paris in the Twenties. illustrated with fifteen drawings by Cocteau.

10. The Ilton Maker Desmond Hogan (Pulsifar £3.95) A thoughtful and graceful novel about a woman‘s passionate love for her son and her reawakening sexuality.

42 The List 6 19 February