.‘ {#11': Li ’1‘ r“: is; - f

Thlnoy sends lots of lick mush face

Patsy, I adore you, John

History student Sarah is loved an awful lot by . . .

David, look where coffee and a hug gets you.

Hey Squirrel.

From a lemon to a lemon.

How about a squeeze.

Happy Valentine’s Day, All my love, Rob

T. I’ve been waiting such a long, long time;

believing that you could be mine, wanting you,

loving you, cherishing each moment spent with you, J.

Great expectations realised at last. Darling. I love you N F R.

Lyn, I’d cycle a million miles to your cubby hole, Pedal Pusher

Paolo the Painter, Hoping application brings results. Tippex

To Alan, You’ll always be my favourite teddy. love Susie

Wee being. you‘re still small but perfectly formed. I love you- from the beast.

Will we ever reel around the fountain again, Joni? Your silken tresses belong by my cheek, in my fingers,


Dearest Simon, didn’t think I’d notice?

Je t’aime n’est-ce pas? Only you darling

Mrs Coat Brlquettes. A Happy Valentine‘s Day To A Good Friend, D. B. Blocks

Mrs Smugg! a wee dinner in Glasgow on Valentine’s night? Or a week in Manchester?

I love you. Angel XXX

Dear Poppie.

May the key to your chastity belt never be used other than by your only CYPRIOT Lover.

BAMBI I can’t say anymore than ‘I Love You’, Everything else is a waste of breath, love Tom

Poople Wopple, our love will find a lay love and kisses, Pet

Bee, my Darling, ifit weren’t for pickpockets I’d have no sex life at all, Baldie Big Ears Mark

Mandy Morrison, Get your kit off! an admirer.

Happy Valentines Day Big Deek! Mines a pint. lots of love. Cat XXX

C’mon Candy. stop beating about the bush. When are you really going to show me your etchings.

To Noxious Neil from the other one with feeling.

?-\.-.—"‘—— :\;x ‘4' I

":7 “v "t


Can’twalt to see you in Preservation Hall on Monday 16th at 9.30. Lots of love from the Big Wheel.

My Valentine means more to me

than dinner out for two for free

let me melt your icy patches tonight.

Desperately in love with you Jennifer

infatuated forever— B.T.

525, 49, 18, 121. What will it be next time? Make sure you‘re there. A.


Sarah, you’ll always be my Jam Puff, with love from Bill.

A.T., My favourite bibliophile, Kisses from Mellow Marsha

To Baby Driver. Shall I compare thee to a Hector Fraser for thou art not quite as wrinkly but almost as good a cuddle (well, nearly).

From the knitting heed-nipper!

Maggie, this little piggie loves you with all his heart and toes. Mike

Andrew, I will love you always, Hope you’ve bought me a red rose. Kisses and cuddles, your wee animal, Fiona.


You‘re everything the archetypal Times Square Bouncer shouldn’t be need I say more. Luv Peter.

To my Unshaven Garfield,

We are still very attached to each other! All my love forever,

from Pookie!

For Margie Hattord, the Barnehurst Bombshell undeniably the best Kent has to offer. Lots of long distance love, Jim.

Floodman, please put on your Batman costume and play paper boy with me. Love Pica

Honey, you’re worth waking up to, Oggs

Shelia, I will love you as long as the sun sets and the rivers flow, Alastair

Kate, I hope the flowers

are as lovely as you are love, Iain

darling I love you like crazy, Sue

Ken the Bruce, I knew at once you’d succeed your eight legged friend.

Mhalrl, I’d sand your stairs anytime cos I still love the way you crunch around. Allan

Black panties and angel face. My strawberry yoghurt awaits you.

Dear Poseidon, Aphrodite waiting impatiently for Lindos loving Easter ’87.

Helen we‘ve had 41/: months I’ve beaten Phil

Now let me beat Paul

I’ll always love you.


Kisses Sean from little (hot) red riding hood only if you give me a

a dozen white lilies.

YDU be my Outline; I be your shape. Beep, beep.

Helen, Happy Valentine‘s Day and lots of love now and always from Steve.

To the Best Looking Man in Queen Margaret Drive, How much longer do I have to wait for you to notice me, Kitten.

Fiona, Crunch, crunch crunch. Munch. munch munch. Yum. yum. yum. Love you. Chump chops.

To Baa-Baa Chick-Chick You‘re the bestest boy in the whole worldie!! I love you.

From Susan Snuggler.

J. Freezing can be an asset.

Elaine Just because I‘m not pleased to see you. doesn‘t mean there isn‘t a gun in my pocket.

From the Skier

TOJD You didn't just steal my chips on the last Glasgow/Edinburgh train. You stole my heart. Let‘s share a hamburger.

The List 6 19 February 47