Scottish Office through Urban Aid. and managed by Glasgow District Council. As a follow-on to the hostel, the Council is committed to a shared tenancy scheme for kids. Both Edinburgh and Glasgow District Councils have decided to give priority to 16 amd 17 year-olds wanting council tenancies, after the recent amendment to the Homeless Persons’ Act which, from 7 January 1987, lowered from 18 to 16 the age of those able to apply for council housing.

The focus of Stopover is not solely to find young people a place to live. but also to rebuild their self-confidence and equip them for the rigours of looking for a home. Seven Project Workers with varying backgrounds of youth and social work will be key workers in the Glasgow hostel with one or two of the kids, who will be selected on the grounds of how much they are at risk. After three days their application will be reassessed and then they can stay for a maximum of

If you could take shares in Festivals, the Edinburgh Book Festival would be a ‘Star Performer’. It was singled out by the Scottish Arts Council last week as a fine example of Arts Council money being used to get a project started. Three Festivals (including this summer’s) on and the SAC has been able to reduce its funding by half.

This has been possible because of the bi-annual Book Festival's own remarkable success in generating revenue (largely through the sales of books) and also by the attractiveness of the Festival to commercial sponsors. TSB Scotland who are shortly to open their new headquarters in George Street, Edinburgh, just along from the Book Festival's site at Charlotte Square Gardens, are the latest to step forward with llnancial backing. Jenny Brown, Director of the Festival, was confident last week at the press conference to announce the 188 sponsorship, that the 1987 Festival would be the biggest

yet. The T88 is putting up £19,000 to

Following the 100 clergy who gathered to talk about Aids on Scottish Television two weeks ago, the Communards are the latest recruits to the t.v. station's Anti-Aids campaign. They have specially recorded an Aids advice message, which includes the address and telephone number of the Scottish Aids Monitor and is due to be broadcast overthe next few days.

ten weeks or until they find somewhere to live. There will be meetings with staff and residents have to be in by midnight, but on the whole they are not restricted. They can smoke. drink in moderation, get up when they like and have access to a kitchen.

The hostel has comfortable single rooms, a laundry, and a shower. a bath and a television on each of the three floors. The aim is to make Stopover as much of a home as possible to stop homeless young people from feeling rejected by society. The hostels are limited to

a it. ~-\‘_ \ fig 4k 2. . \J‘x «17 a. *u

sponsor the Children’s Fair—the fastest growing and perhaps most successful part of the Book Festival. Michael Palin accepted the cheque from TSB General Manager David McLean, and Palin will be one of the stars to return to Edinburgh for the Festival. His career he claimed ‘could all be blamed on Edinburgh’ since it was in Edinburgh that in 1964 he appeared before the general public in an Oxford review as part ofthe Fringe. Well known as a member of the Monty Python team he has turned to children’s writing and two new books were published at the end of last year. He will be returning to Edinburgh for the Festival as one to the authors children will be able to meet in person. Other children's writers already lined up for this Summer are Phil Redmond (Grange Hill) and author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle.

the young to prevent them being disillusioned by older more long-term homeless people. According to Damian Killeen, who used to work at Stopover in Edinburgh and is now Young Persons‘ Housing Worker for Shelter. most kids at the time ofcrisis want to be at home. He suggests that the growth ofyouth homelessness is a result of the growth in youth unemployment. the change in the structure ofthe family and ofcuts in public housing. Out-of—work children are a strain on a family where the parents may well be unemployed too. Many homeless young are from broken homes and around 50 percent have been in care and are ill-equipped to face life outside. Damian stresses that we are all answerable for the state of homelessness in Britain: ‘The housing problem is a basic problem of distribution of resources and it‘s a question of how much responsibility are we each prepared to take for ensuring that everyone in the community has a roofover their head. Ifwe are not prepared to invest. say, in public housing then we are leading some people to homelessness.‘ Stopover in Glasgow is at 189 Pollokshaws Road; in Edinburgh at 9 Mayfield Gardens EH‘) 2/1 X, 03] 6672068. There is an excellent video, ‘DHSS Welcome' made by young homeless in Edinburgh about their situation. A vailable from Shelter at 65 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh.


A pair of Free Tickets to see the film ‘Crocodile' Dundee was sent to each ofthe following winners in the last issue of The List.


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