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o This section aims to provide a review of every lilm to be seen in central Scotland overthe next tortnight. For programme times see individual cinema listings.

(U)- Universal, suitable for all ages. (PG) - Parental Guidance suggested as some scenes may be unsuitable tor younger children.

(15) - No one underthe age 0115 admitted.

(18) - No one under the age of 18 admitted.

it New Release.

0 About Last Night (18) (Edward Zwick. US. 1986) Rob Lowe, Demi Moore. Jim Belushi. 113 mins. David Mamet’s one-act play Sexual Perversity in Chicago emerges from the Hollywood treadmill and almost winds up as slushy as Love Story. Still. some cynicism remains. Rob Lowe is cute and Belushi‘s performance is a vitriolic gem. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

O L'Argent (PG) (Robert Bresson.

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France. 1983) Christian Patcy. Sylvie van den Elsen. 84 mins. A chain of unlikely coincidences lead to a counterfeit banknote being passed to an innocent young man. Arrested then acquitted. he loses his job and eventually lapses into a life ofcrime.

Typically moral tale from one of the cinema’s most spiritual filmmakers, coolly shot in the deliberate. de-dramatised style Bresson made his own. The effect is one ofsolemnity. the careful pacing bringing to the events a fearful inevitability. Well worth seeing. Glasgow; GET 0 L’Armée des 0mbrés (A my in the Shadows) (15) (Jean-Pierre Melville. France. Lino Ventura. Simone Signoret. Jean-Pierre Cassel. 14(1mins. Ventura. a peacetime engineer turned wartime assassin. is captured by the Gestapo. He kills a guard. escapes and begins to track down the traitors who have betrayed him and his compatriots. Glasgow; GFT o The Ballad ol Cable Hogue (15) (Sam Peckinpah. US. 1970) Jason Robards. David Warner 121 mins. A gold prospector

Franz Kalka: see page 37

takes years to have his (finally ineffectual) revenge on men who robbed him and ends up being killed Surprisingly gentle and sensitive for a Peckinpah movie, this enjoyable exercise in roistering Western comedy/drama has echoes of Ford as it rambles across the American landscape. Edinburgh; EUFS

O Birdy(15) (Alan Parker, US. 1984) Matthew Mondine, Nicolas Cage. Peculiar. well-acted drama.

directed by Parker with the expected heavy hand, but allied to uncharacteristic optimism. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 Brazil (15) (Terry Gilliam, UK. 1985) Jonathan Pryce, Robert De Niro. Michael Palin. 142 mins. Ambitious. dazzling Orwellian romance, with Pryce as a cog in the bureaucratic wheel finally stirred to oppose the system by the power of love. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 Cal (15) (Pat O‘Connor. UK. 1984) Helen Mirren, John Lynch. 102 mins. Impossible love in sectarian Ireland with an award-winning performance by Mirren. Glasgow; Grosvenor

0 Call Me From Afar (PG) (8. Lyubshin and G. Lavrov, USSR. 1978) Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina. 97 mins. An ironic comedy in which a widow strives to find a suitable new husband. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Caravan of Courage (U) (John Korty, US. 1984) Eric Walker, Warwick Davis. Fionnula Flanagan. 97 mins. Charmless spin-off

from the Star Wars series aimed at pre-school tots. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Carmen (15) (Carlos Saura. Spain. 1983) Antonio Gades. Laura Del Sol. 101 mins. Simply stunning celluloid interpretation of Bizet's

." h ) ‘;\~;i:-’,{@«. a)".

Carmen, fusing drama, folk song and spellbindingly choreographed dance. A film of wide appeal. Glasgow GET

0 Castaway(15) tr (Nicolas Roeg, UK, 1986) Oliver Reed, Amanda Donohue. Georgina Hale. 120 mins. See Caption Review. Glasgow; ABC Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh; ABC C Colonel Redl (15) (Istvan Szabo, Hungary-West Germany-Austria, 1984) Klaus Maria Brandauer, Hans-Christian Blech, Jan Jiklas. 149 mins. The head of Military Intelligence in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Redl has denied his roots betrayed his friends and repressed his homosexuality in his rise to the top.

Meticulous storytelling is topped by Brandauer’s performance; a discreet tour de force that acknowledges the self-deceit of a man driven to destruction. Strathclyde; Haldane Film Society 0 ‘Crocodlle’ Dundee (15) (Peter Faiman. Australia. 1986) Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, Mark Bluym. 98 mins. Disarmingly self-mocking, old-fashioned comedy-romance with Hogan as a legendary crocodile hunter m the Northern Territories of Australia. discovered by an American journalist and persuaded to sample the dubious delights of Manhattan. Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road, ABC Sauchiehall Streeet. Cinema, Salon. Edinburgh; ABC. Dominion. Lothian; ABC, Regal. Strathclyde; ABC Greenock, ABC Kilmarnock, Kelburne. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. Rialto 0 Death in a French Garden (15) (MIchel Deville, France, 1985) Michel Piccoli. Nicole Garcia. Christopher Malavoy. 101 mins.

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