mggling potholes this is clear-sighted storytelling with a number of commendable performances. Edinburgh; Filmhouse

0 Latino ( 18) (Haskell Wexler. US. 1985) Robert Beltran. Annette Cardona. 106 mins. A documentary-style expose of the contradicitions of American foreign policy, Haskell Wexler‘s emotive film follows the fortunes ofa lieutenant in the Marines. who is detached to train the Contra forces in Honduras and lead them in strikes against their native Nicaraguans.

A rare screening for a film whose political content has made it too hot a property for the Hollywood studios to handle. despite being financed and produced by Lucasfilm. Here. the Marine hero becomes almost the villain ofthe piece as the audience‘s sympathies are skilfully shifted to favour the struggle of the Sandinistas to protect their people. Worth seeing as a companion piece. though a more politically motivated one. to Salvador. Glasgow; GFT 0 Mad Max— Beyond Thunderdome (15) (George Miller and George Ogilvie. Australia. 1985) Mel Gibson. Tina Turner. 107 mins. Max is hailed as the new Messiah by a group ofchildrcn and faces the challenge ofTina‘s controller of Bartertown in this overblown. eccentric disappointment. Edinburgh; EUFS O The Maggie (U) (Alexander Mackendrick. UK. 1953) Paul Douglas. Alex Mackenzie. 93 mins. The couthy crew of a dilapidated tramp steamer pull a fast one on American businessman desperate to send his cargo to a remote Scottish island. Edinburgh; Filmhouse o Marie-Octobre (PG) (Jean Duvivier. France. 1959) Daniele Darrieux. Lino Ventura. Bernard Blier. The war is over and a group of former resistance fighters are reunited. One ofthem is a traitor who must be unmasked . . . Glasgow; French Cine-Club 0 Men ( 15) (Doris Dorrie. West

Uwe Ochsenknecht. Ulrike Kriener. 99 mins. Droll German production in which a complacent. philandering middle-class businessman reacts to his wife‘s infidelity by secretly moving in with her hippy lover and attempting to transform the man into a carbon copy of himself.

A mildly mirthful. entertainineg performed comedy of manners. Edinburgh: Filmhouse 0 Midnight Express ( 18) (Alan Parker. UK. 1978) Brad Davis. John Hurt. Paul Smith. 121 mins. An American tourist ends up in a hellish Turkish prison after being caught in possession ofdrugs. Brilliantly acted. this brutal melodrama represents Parker‘s visceral film-making at its most effective. Glasgow; Grosvenor 0 Mirror (U) (Andrei Tarkovsky, USSR. 1974) 106 mins. A largely autobiographical piece by the late Andrei Tarkovsky consisting of a delicate weave of impressions and memories of his mother and his early life out in the country. Nothing else in the cinema can match its texture of

Germany. 1985) Heiner Lauterbach,

emotive languorousness. Edinburgh; Metro

0 The Misfits (PG) (John Huston. US. 1960) Clark Gable. Marilyn Monroe. Montgomery Clift. 124 mins. A touching. engrossing parable about drifters. survivors. disillusion and romance as a divorcee becomes involved with a group of latterday cowboys. An Arthur Miller

script: Gables final film; Monroe‘s last completed role and a throat-choking finale as the two screen legends follow the ‘second star to the right. straight on till morning.‘ Edinburgh; EUFS o The Mission (PG) (Roland Joffé. UK. 1986) Robert De Niro. Jeremy Irons, Ray McAnally. 125 mins. In 18th century South America a Papal Prelate is called in to resolve a territorial dispute between Spain and Portugal. His decision is dictated by the political climate in Europe and it has harsh ramifications for a native mission run by Jesuit priests. At once a study of male friendship and an exploration of man‘s capacity for the noblest altruism and the most treacherous selfishness. The Mission is flawlessly acted. skilfully made and finally quite affecting. An operatic film of depth and force. it remains essential viewing and has been nominated for seven Oscars. Glasgow; ABC Sauchiehall Street. Grosvenor. Edinburgh; ABC. Dominion o The Name at the Rose(18) a (Jean-Jacques Annaud. West Germany-ltaly-France. 1986) Sean Connery. Christian Slater. F. Murray Abraham. 129 mins. See Caption Review. Glasgow; Odeon. Edinburgh; Odeon o A Nightmare on Elm Street Part II: Freddy’s Revenge (18) (Jack Sholder. US. 1986) Mark Patton. Kim Myers. Robert Englund. 85 mins. Weak sequel to Wes Craven's ghoulishly effective original has bogeyman Freddy once more waltzing out of assorted teenagers‘ dreams and chopping them up into little itty bitty pieces. Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road. ABC Sauchiehall Street. I 9% Weeks ( 18) (Adrian Lync. USm 1985) Mickey Rourke. Kim Basinger. Margaret Whitton. 113 mins. Divorcee Basinger becomes a slave to love when she succumbs to the rampant charms ofsmug commodities broker Rourke. Lovely to look at. empty-headed ‘designer bonking‘. Glasgow; ABC Clarkston Road. 0 1919 ( 15) (Hugh Brody. UK. 1984) Paul Scofield. Maria Schell. 99 mins. In the Vienna of 1970 two former patients ofFreud meet for the first time and reminisce about their childhoods and consultations with the great man in 1919. Worthy. resolutely static highbrow drama. Edinburgh; EUFS 0 Once Upon a Time in the West ( 18) (Sergio Leone. US-ltaly. 1968) Henry Fonda. Charles Bronson. Claudia Cardinale. 160mins. Staggering. swaggering operatic masterwork with Fonda beautifully cast against type as one of the meanest hombres west ofthe Pecos with his sights set on the wealth of

”. . . the finest film ever made by a

pop star. . .very funny. . .” Robin Dense/ow, THE GUARDIAN

. . very funny. Having coaxed some stunning performances from chiefly unknown actors, Byrne injects each scene with wit, wisdom, and a surprising compassion. l-le {Byrne/ is a genius. Read the hoolr, hear the record, see the movie.

.loe Ewart, lllM£

”. .. moody, poetic, and very very

funny. . . .don't miss the film. Gabriele Annan, SUNDAY TflfGflAPll

Is a completely cool, multipurpose movie”



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