Labour MP for Leith, Bill Morrison, free. Workshop for children over six. Scottish National Candidate for Book at the gallery. Bring your own ' Leith and Mike Freeman of the materials (ring for details).

Revolutionary Communist Party 0 Friends of the Ear-m work in work in and author of Confrontation. on the site of the Urban Wildlife Communist Journal. Garden for the Garden Festival. 0 Pictish Symbol Stones National Meet at FOE office 16 Newton Museums of Scotland. Royal Terrace, Glasgow G3. Bring Museum of Scotland (Queen Street waterproofs, boots and packed lunch building). 11am Free. Information. heavy tools provided! 031 225 7534 Ext 206. Katriana Hazellwith the continuing museums 2 talks series on communication. 0 War, Peace and the Media Friends’

0 Edinburgh Peace Festival Meeting House, Stafford Street,

the Alexander Stone Lectureshi in Timepeace Assembly Rooms» Edinburgh- :‘mgnahlgzuu?zgrcgf:nfl Bibliophily. p George Street, Edinburgh. 5.30pm Pr0f6550f_~l°l_m Eldridge . "maul .M om" 0'01"” "N do no} N Free_ A sequence Of poems by talks at the inVitatlon of Scottish Th. 0th., George Gunn presented. the Christian A VidCO Will also b6 mod". 0 Lunch at the Library Central Author with United Artists Theatre Shown-

Library. George IV Bridge, Company. Presentation followed by FRIDAY 20 Edinburgh. Free by ticket from Info discussion. , . How do insects keep in Touch? Desk. Noon. Tony Troon (The - Myer-Erica’s G-Tvne Indicator The ° “3899‘” s 3W“ mum” National Museums ofScotland. SCOtSman newspaper‘s diariSi) With a saliSPUW centret Sambury Road, Luqcmlmc Leame’ Glass” Royal Museum ofscoriand talk on Jazz. Edinburgh. 031 667 5438. 9pm (also UmvetStty. Boyd Orr Burldtngs.

10.45pm. Sat 28 Feb). Sister Agatha University Avenue Glasgow. 041

(Chambers Streetbuilding). 11am

Free. Information. ()31 225 7534 Ext

206. Ian Bunyan continues the o Bisexuality and Mental Health an Indicator for Pinpointing your A MOCNaughtan talks about .8 _ Museums talks series on Edinburgh Bisexual Group, Lesbian gifts. "ad‘tlonal or local {01k Singing WhtCh communication. and Gay Centre. 58a Broughton R andu‘fts thcllsmnef from the . The Armed Wing OfThc People Street, Edinburgh. 8pm. Does Victorian flying stationer’s to the Edinburgh Trades Council. 12 bisexuality cause stress? How does 0 Edinburgh Peace Festivai— Poetry tor folk-song clubs,.by way of the singing Picardy Place, Edinburgh. 7.30pm. the medical profession react to Peace Assembly Rooms, George saloon. the muSlc hall and the school Free. public Meeting organised bv bisexuals? Stredet, Edinburgh. 2.30pm Free.A playground. The Edinburgh and Lothians Chile FRIDAY 27 3%"? by, Eg‘i'" Mof'lgdn’ Tm." Solidarity Campaign Public Meeting -C rat an some? aSt year.s . N 4 with a s 0 Which way Forward tonne Scottish Winners from the Edinburgh District peaker from Frente w . CO .1 . P , P t 0 Lunch at the Library Central

Patriotico, Manuel Rodriguez. of orkmg ma“? Chamber Street mm s i edce 06 ry Library George IV Bridge Chile “0”” Chamber Sire“ Edinburgh compet't‘on' Edinbur h Free b ticket fiom Info 0 Why did French Women not get the gagingzatyggzigivpanable S U N DAY 1 Desk. Ngon. Anguys Calder talks on V ii 1 ? F h I s ' . 3 ~ ' ° —‘ Rigi‘idlgiph (1)31 candelmakcr Row‘ Edinburgh £1 . Puppet workman Edinburgh - P160852}: agi'hlégfilii is aliithdviser 225 5366 8 - . , (50p conc). Public debate organised Puppet company, The Conccm’e ° -

. pm. DrJlm McMillan. . . Ga" 52_54 H- h S to the Channel Four series, A lecturerin History at York by The Revolutionary Communist Cry» 'g treat

' . ' Ed' b 5 . P€0p1€S War. University and author of ‘An History P‘my w'th Speakers Ron Brown‘ m urgh' 031 56 2600 24pm

of French Women in the Third Republic‘ talks in English about the

enfranchisement of French women.

(Phone for details of other lectures. Edinburgh's "m peace Festival, and .mm in Fran?“ O“ the sponsored by Edinburgh District 1‘15"th th‘s fonmght° Council, launches what it hopes will ' Think 0' swing 87 YWCA~ become an annual event on 27 Feb. Randmph. centrc' 7 Random“ Running until 1 March, it will have a Place‘ Edmburgh (Info 031 225 wide variety at events, held at the 4379)' B '50 (£3 U849)’ 89’" (Doors Assembly Rooms, George Street. The 0P“? 7pm)- Secondmght (“the highlight will be 3 NIGHT FOR PEACE fashion show organised by The Ivy (sat 28 Feb,8_11pm)’wnh amongst League? and Choreographc‘i by others, Tom Robinson, Liz Lochhead Quentin Young. The show is also on (see photo), 3m paterson and Peter

Sat 21 Feb- Nardini (see photo), tickets 23 (£1.50). Making a popular comeback is the idea of the TEA DANCE(Sat28 Feb, ° Symbols 0' Power/Relics 0' Faith 2.30pm), held inthe Ballroom with

The Salisbury CW” 2 Salisbury sitting ’87. Tickets 50p, including Road’ Edmburgi" 031 667 54,38' reireshments. Many ot the other events 7'30?” £2‘ A $th pres?"ta"°” are tree, including a wide variety at

on the psyche 0t Scotland~ with include THE MYTH or DETERRENCE Marianna Lines. A field trip to (Sat 28 Feb. 3.454.1ka ‘places of Antiquity and Natural DISARMAMENT-1’|{E SCOTTISH VIEW

Energies” follows on the Sunday (£5, (33' 28 Feb 24.15pm) mm a “"3 for dean's) representative tmm the Soviet

TU ES DAY 24 Embassy (Scotland—USSR Society);

0 Col Death! True or False Boyd Orr Buildings, University Avenue,

I Mr... .

2pm) and WHOSE PROMISED LAND co-op£ngnv5 PEACE pAmeG with weekend with a cate and licensed bar g‘r‘; g‘fiffié’i ISRAEUPALESTINE TODAY (Sun 1 Mar tan Hughes, who“ work .8 mm“, on on Friday and Saturday and creche examines the “pattern for .Cét aeaths, 24.15pm). view at the 369 Gallery, Edinburgh (Fri each day until 6pm. Forthe particularly in Scotland and asks what is being For children there trill be a 27 Feb 1pm) and toriolk tansthere is anorectic there will be a PEACE MILE. done to explain these mysterious pertormance oi TAG s energetic THE an rmnmmomu pour SESSION 3" which can be run in the Meadows, (Sat deaths. PEACEMAKER (Sat 28 Feb 2.30m“) £1 anemoonfrom12noon’ Sm” March. 28 item 103"!) and an evening 0' . Some Tummy points in publishing (509l- F0'5-9 Veal-‘ilds- Childie" The aim isto make the Assembly AND BLUES (Fri 27. 9—11pm). (Sally HMO” Boyd 0” Building write the ending themselves. For Rooms in“, an anlmated and games). University Avenuc’ Glasgow. artists there is the ARTISTS interesting venue to drop into over the

5.30pm. Sir William Rees-Mogg—

The List 20 Feb 5 March 41