0 Homoeopathy Part “1118 1300788 A new. 4 year part time course over 15 weekends. £675. After completeing the course. students will be able to apply for membership of the Society ()f Homeopathy. Details: 089‘) 20472.

0 Glasgow Print Studio 128 Ingram Street. Glasgow G1 11iJ.04l 5520704 Newseriesof five week classes: waged £35. unwaged £25. Members£15. Silkscreen. 'I'ucsday Evenings. Photography Tuesday Evenings. Etching Wednesday Evenings. Lithography. Thursday Evenings. Places limited.

0 Dance Classes Assembly Rooms. Edinburgh. The highly popular and successful contemporary dance classes


“l ) ,_ r. ~ E PERT PORTRAITS 91.. From photos of people' or animals. Ideal presents for those who; have everything. £15—£30. Phone Jan a on 031 447 8750. its. "Sfiwm'flf‘lhégllx ".u'gl.)

0 Male 21 seeks employment.Intelligent. imaginative. creative. literate. numerate. Potential in speedy and eager learning. Good with people. Steven on 031 228 6263.

o Experienced Drummer available. Own transport and kit. (Some reading experience). Will consider everything. Tel John

on0501 23626.

0 Struggling Writer requires employment. Anything


started by Edinburgh District Council last year have recommenced on Mondays and Wednesdays. Beginners welcome. £1 .50 (50p). Contact 031225 3614 for further details. 0 Judo Coaching Royal Commonwealth Pool. Dalkeith Road. Edinburgh. 031—667

721 1 . Juniors Tues and Thurs. 5.30—6.30pm. Seniors Tues and Thurs. 7.45—8.45pm. Ring for


0 Boys/Girls Judo Coaching Jack Kane Centre. Niddrie Mains Road. Edinburgh. 031-66‘)

0404. Boys'. Mons and Thurs.

5—6pm;(iirls'.MonsandThurs. f 6.15—7.15pm. l0p(under10s).

20p (over tens). Full kitsupplied (free) at start ofeach session.

0 Women's Keep—Fit Sessions Jack Kane Centre. Niddrie

considered. Competent typist with some audio experience. Phone Barry on041 332 1645.

0 It you require an experienced Session Singer please contact Rosaghn on 031557 4652.


0 Friends olthe Edinburgh International Festival

On Friday 27 Feb at 8pm. Mr Richard Ireland has kindly invited Friends to Hanover Fine Arts. 102—104 Hanover Street. for a social event. There will be an exhibition on view. Wine and Cheese. £3.

0 Cabaret

Performers. artists. writers. musicians interested in appearing in new late-

night slot at Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh please contact Jeremy Raison on ()31 226 2633.

Mains Road. Edinburgh. 031—669 0404. Mons and Weds. 10—11.30am. 90p (non—members). 30p (members). 20 (unemployed). Free Creche available.

0 Junior Badminton Coaching Jack Kane Centre. Niddrie Mains Road. Edinburgh. 031—6690404. 7—8pm. Thurs. 7—8pm. 10p(under l0s.2()p (over Ills).

0 Women's Dance Sessions Jack

Kane Centre. Niddrie Mains

Road. Edinburgh. 031-669 0404. 10.30—11.30am. 90p(non members). 30p (members). 20p (unemployed). Free Creche available.

0 Carpet Bowling Jack Kane Centre. Niddrie Mains Road. Edinburgh. 031—6690404. Weds 1.30-2.30pm.Fris10.30—


0 Italian Tuition by native

speaker. Grammarand


Contact Marcia Wallace.

7 Bryson Road. Edinburgh.

031 334 0218.

o Krishnamurti 'Video' Meetings Regular monthly meetings. First Saturday each month. For details phone Glasgow Krishnamurti Information Centre. 041 33‘) 7875.

0 Private Tuition in French and Italian by native speakers. Grammar and conversation. All levels. Contact Sylvie in Glasgow. ()41 334 404‘).


0 Pine Corner Unit for sale. Craftsman built. Price £150. Tel ()31 343 2817 between six




11.30am. 90p (non—members). 30p (members). 20p (unemployed). New session looking to attract senior citizen groups in the city. 0 Theatre Workshop 34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. Classes for adults and kids. Contact Chris Lord for vacancees in the heavilly subscribed classes. 0 The Salisbury Centre 2 Salisbury Road EII16 5AB.031 667 5438. ()ffer a wide range of Weekend Workshops and weekly classes in pleasant surroundings. Mondays: 4.30pm. Children‘s Pottery: 6pm . 'I‘ai'Chian Form: 7.30pm Astrology: S. 30pm. Soto Zen Meditation. Tuesdays: 10am. Yoga;4.30pm. Children's Pottery; 5.45pm. Voice Workshop; 7pm.

and seven in evenings.

o ‘Yog’ plant for making Keffir wanted. Can anyone out there give. barter or sell me one? Please phone Anna: 031 557 1877.


0 Welsh Theatre Co requires venue. audience. 7 x P264 (if poss) on/at fringes of Mayfcst. Play concerning breast cancer. conditioning’images of women. 50mins. Please reply a.s.a.p. to

Box No 135.

o Attractive male writer. 25. Likes sport. New Wave. politics. black. Seeks similar lively female for gigs. theatre. candlelight dinners. mutual understanding. Any age. West Edinburgh/Fife. Box 134.

0 Glasgow Male 25 Bored with discos and same


For office use only:

Massage; 7.30pm Sell Management. Wednesdays: 4.30pm Children‘s Pottery; 6pm Ilatha Yoga; 6.30pm. Guitar Class. 7.30pm. Adult's Pottery; 7.30pm Raja Yoga Meditation.

Thursdays: 1—3pm. Spinning Class: 4.30pm Children's Pottery: 6pm, Tai'Chi-Wu Form; 7.30pm. Adult‘s Pottery: 7.30pm. Meditation for Everyday Life; 8pm. Dream Group.

Fridays: 12pm Lothians Noonday Meditation; 1pm. Open Lunch: 5pm Sirasana Practice; 5.30pm. Yoga: 7.30pm Soto Zen Meditation.

Studio. Library and Therapy Room are available for rent by individuals and groups.

routine. Varied interests. Girl with similar outlook contact Box 303.

0 Active. slim. cultured male. Early 40s, separated, wishes to meet lively. sensitive. independent female to share cultural and sporting activities. Box 233.

0 IMPORTANT BOOK (288 pp) on AIDS for all Doctors, Nurses, Health Care and Social Workers etc. The Proceedings of the A [US Conference 1986 (Newcastle upon

Tyne Edited by Dr Peter

Jones. Order from booksellers (quoting ISBN 094670706 5) or

from the publishers. Intercept Limited. PO

Box 2. Ponteland. Newcastle upon Tyne

NE209EB. Price £12.50 (post free).

‘The book on AIDS detailing the real facts.’ Social Work Today.

‘. . . essential book for all health workers.‘ Nursing Times.

‘. . .will provide all health care workers with up to date factual information.‘

J. Institute of Health Education.

0 Dateline Works! Many thousands of happy couples nationwide are proof 01 our success. Free details; Dateline Computer Dating, Dept. (351), 25Abingdon Road, London W8 BAN, 01 938 1011.

0 Meet People through Singles Magazine. Order from newsagents. or send £1 to 23 Abingdon Road. London W8 6AII.

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