9pm. The grapevine says there’s very little chance of this going ahead, so phone and check before setting out. 0 Easy Plckins Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 226 3816. 9pm. Free. 0 Eat The Peach The Cavern, Cowgate, 226 5641. See Tue 10.

0 Drill Nicky Tam‘s, Victoria Street, 225 6569. Free.

WEDNESDAY 18 Edinburgh

0 Howard Jones Playhouse Theatre, Greenside Place, 557 2590. 7.30pm. £6. £5. Howard seems to be a man who has outlived his time. A few years ago, even though no one with the slightest suss would give his records the time ofday. at least he had those fickle pop kids to care for him. Now. . .? See also KCTShflWy Nik.

O The Godlathers (To be confirmed), The Venue, Calton Road, 557 3073. Really rather good band, formed from the remains of the Sid Presley Experience, and inhabiting a realm once populated by the Stones and The Who. Do a great version ofSun Arise. the old Rolf Harris fave.

0 Driving Sideways The Cavern, Cowgate, 226 5641. Blues-rock.

0 Leo Acka Bop Boston Bean Co, St James Centre. 556 01 1 1. 9pm. Free. See Wed 11.

0 Billy Jones The Canny Man‘s, Morningside Road, 447 1484. 8.30pm. Free. See Sun 8.

THURSDAY 19 Glasgow

0 Soul Doctor Midas, St Vincent Street. 10.30pm. Free. New band fronted by Brian McGlynn, formerly of Woza. Supposedly more rocky than before, this should be ofhigh interest value, given the undoubted quality of his songs.

0 Scheme Mclnlay’s Place. Shettleston. 9pm. Band members and mates only.

0 IDJ Fury Murrys. Maxwell Street. 10.30pm. £3. Four London jazz dancers who have to be remembered, unfortunately, for a part in Absolute Beginners. Hipsters, and aspiring hipsters only.


0 The Comsat Angels The Venue. Calton Road, 557 3073. 9pm. Semi-legendary band from the early 805, which everyone has probably forgotten, though they had a nice line in mood ‘new wave’ rock. They‘ve just signed to Island records after years in the wilderness and have single and album out.

0 BMX Bandits (To be confirmed), The Cavern. Cowgate, 226 5641. Wimps in excelsis, love songs, self-parody and a frontman who really cares for his audience‘s welfare. lfyou've never seen them, do go along. If you have, you‘re probably getting a little sick of them now.

0 Billy Jones Lord Damley, West Port. 229 4341. 9pm. Free. See Sun 8.

0 Cry Preservation Hall, Victoria Street. 2263816. 9pm. Free.

0 Trixxs Clowns. High Street. 9pm. Free. Heavy Metal.

e A DEFiiilTE DATE tor the diary is April 2, the occasion being the Scottish AIDS Action Gala Concert, tor which The Waterboys and Love And Money have already promised their services. The concert is taking place at Edinburgh’s Usher Hail and is only one at many events taking place intematlonaily in that week-the loilowlng day, 3 April, has been designated International AIDS Day by the Pasteur institute in Paris. Alterthe concert a Data Party, open to the public will take place. in addition to the money raised at these events more proceeds will be raised tor the cause by clubs donating their taking. Already the Texas club, operating in Coasters on Saturday nights, has promised to donate its takings irom the night oi 4 April. The concert and party are being organised by Scottish AIDS Monitor, The Cut magazine and promoters Regular Music and Dance Factory, assisted by Edinburgh District Council. Ticket details will be annoounced as soon as possible.

0 AS WE PREDICTED last issue, singing due The Proclaimers, known to their chums as Craig and Charles Reid, have signed to a maior record , company. The company in question is Chrysalis and the sum should keep the boys in Merle Haggard LPs tor at least a month. Congratulations, boys. Now get some vinyl out pronto!

o SEVERAL HUNDRED eager star-spotters were lured to Edinburgh’s Venue on Wed 18 Feb by the promise oi an all-star secret gig, giving rise to some oi the most ludicrous rumours heard in these streets tor quite some time. Those expecting Big Country and Simple Minds to team up tor a monster double-header were, oi course, expecting teo much, but up until the last moment rumours oi guest appearances by Jim Kerr and Chrissie Hynd were still being luelied. As it turned out the event was a lairly inauspicious occasion, the China Crisis rhythm section providing the backing tor them and a lew iriends to run through a set at standards. Big Country‘s Dmce Watson strummed the

Birds at s Feather—The C (see Slnoles Rev

strings tor a couple at numbers but the revellers quickly cottoned on that a duet twixt Jim 'n' Chrissie was not on the cards. The “all-star iam' was even called bit because the participants were ‘too drunk’. Chalk that one up to experience, and it anyone wants to know which Edinburgh musician urinated in a pint glass at his table to avoid missing any possible guest appearances, Listen! is keeping its gob tight shut.

0 THE SEARCH FOR the future oi rock ’n’ roll continues. . . will it be soul . . . hip liop . . . speed steel . . . Or, more likely, none at the above as the future of the industry more tinniy nestles into nostalgia. Coververslon mania strikes again with a new (sic) release from Siouxsie And The Banshees out now. Taking the tom of an album at cover versions supposedly illustrating the band’s lnliuences it’s all very straightiorward on the iggy Pop/Doors/John Cale side but what can be the signiiicance at them covering ‘Trust in Me’ irom Walt Disney’s ‘Jungle Book’? And what does it all mean? And what’s next? A-iiA doing ‘Climb Every Mountain’? Tina Turner covering ‘A Spoontul Di Sugar’? Or even, one dreads to think, a comeback irom Melth Michelle. . . Orville . . . lcan’t go on . . .

0 LAST YEAR’S new Sex Pistols (or was it the year beiore?), the Jesus And Mary Chain are taking their dissonance to the reassurineg commercial but nonetheless unlikely hands oi producer Chris Hughes . . . a man best known ior making Tears For Fears sound so energetic, raw, biting and

ennervating . . . I'itilt . . .

0 FOR AHYDHE WHO didn’t see The Tube (and doesn’t Paula look so lonely now) two weeks age should note that Terence Trent D’Arby is going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread/Michael Jackson/Pot Noodle . . . ionnerly a prolessional boxer, l‘m told that his stage prowess relies on not drinking, meditating and keeping himseli ‘pure’ . . . hum . . .


0 DDDDDYE and lend tarewells to iirstiy two labels, Streetsounds who went into liquidation this week, and a swilt cheerio and why not to Gary Human's ‘Huma’ label . . . the question being will Caz be auditioning tor the new series oi ‘lI’ now he doesn't have the label to run . . . and a iinal iareweil to the late Andy Warhol whose lilteen minutes may never end and who was quoted last year giving the comlorting thought that ‘People don’t die, they just go to department stores' . . .


0 We Free Kings: Oceans (DDT). Those riddles are unmistakable, as is the Kings' lurious brand oi bastard iolk. And there’s Joe Kingman roaring about God-knows-what, but it’s obviously something he wants to impart with great urgency. The second single they’ve released, and it’s well worth the wait. Catchy (and simple) chorus, you can dance to it . . . in tact it’s hard not to have a good time listening to this record. Buy it. 0 Jesse Daron and The Desperadoes: The Rain Fell (Harodnlk). in nearly every way, excepting the absence of Andrew Tuily’s vocals, the same song as the last one they released. What's going on? Still, even it The Desperadoes only have one song (which I've long suspected), it’s a very beautilui one. The production captures periectly the splendid chime of three guitars strummed at once, but I’d advise new listeners to buy the excellent Splashing Along instead. 0 The Crows: Red Man/T he Love You Run (Raven). Clever marketing strategy on this one. The Love You Run is the theme at a Channel 4 lilm which will hit the screens soon, and when it does the DJs will llip the disc over and give The Crows their iirst hit. it, at course, they haven't had a hit with lied Man already, which sounds like it was greeted tor heavy American alrwave rotation irom its inception. in other words The Crows are still strongly reminiscent oi The Psychediic Furs, but they can really cut it musically and their singer does have a really good, strong rock 'n’ roll voice. They'll make it. o inca Rhodes: Hideaway (Silk). Piano and string—syth dominated, and seemingly another band obsessed with ralntall. From the derivation ot the band’s name (Inca Rhodes irom Frank Zappa’s One Size Fits All LP), one might have expected a musically adventurous, idiosyncratic piece oi weirdness. As it is they’ll do well on the Coronation inns circuit. 0 Bohn Legion: May in Berlin (Stranded). i was expecting something along the lines at New Model Army, but the bulk at this tune has more in common with The Cult ot a couple at years back, only without the chestbeating and with touches oi sax and piano. it's not really that bad. 0 Blue On Shock: Heaven Won Here (Trigger Happy). From Kirkcaldy, and quite hard to describe. Everything bar the kitchen sink seems to have been stuck in here, making it a strange and interesting mixture: a posse oi saxophones chasing the interweaving vocals which bound about over a kind of Eurodlsco beat. Hear it, and decide tor yourseli. (Mab)

32 The List 6 19 March