colouring for younger children: Street. 225 2424. Now even more

qu2235 and games for Older famous and successful since it

Chlldrcn- re-opened on new premises last year.

' 359 GALLERY 209 COWEaIC. 235 this is an unmissable museum for

3013 both children and adults.

Children’s Art Classes Saturdays

10.30am—12noon. End 21 March. I m

Classes re-start Sat 2nd May. 0 FILMHOUSE Lothian Road. 228

O TRIANGLE ARTS CENTRE West 2688. All seats £1 bookable in

Pilton Bank. 332 0877. advance.

Open Drama Sessions Thursdays Chitty Chltty Bang Bang (U) (UK.

6pm—8pm. Free. This is an 1968) 142 mins. Sat 7 March. 2pm.

introductory class for beginners of Ian Fleming‘s classic tale of the flying

secondary school age. with a chance car with Dick van Dyke and Sally _ to move on to more advanced work Ann Howes. . . (Thursdays 8- 10pm) if interest is High Wind in Jamaica (U) (UK. 1965) ' “l0 09'" U“ l' ' "I" "film ° 'me'ilaouona' wome".s 0" Ti)an '5 i i ) . ‘. lit 14 March 2 m. The "union" “mm, .duuuomi’ International Women 5 Day. a fact “pressed “4 mins 8‘ p bein markedb n'itlonWide events - WILKIE HDUSE COMMUNITY CENTRE stuff of great British adventure with Willa“ and lilhfrallalltt that“ not I BE. b h . I M. b Cowgate. 225 2079. Victorian school children being u" in“ m. u“ 3 cm" "all" n." hm lirg fdtcnad' 1f (’3ch Free creche Mon—Fri captured by pirates. Strong cast estuaries. figmf‘a‘; Sfighrgi‘gfie‘? 'Orgc 10.00am—4.00pm. For the includes Anthony Quinn. Nigel 6 placed to be gem to wormétftiiSS under-fives. Davenport and James Coburn. Africa who find it difficult to Ob'tain Youth Theatre Group Mondays o ooron Clerk Street. 667 7331.2 0 The Hieroolvnhs ol Ancient Egypt m ,1 . B .u b . h 4.30—6.30pm. Free. A recently (£1.50) for perfs commencing before Royal Museum Of 5C9lland- Ffschl ems'c on? mg 8 formed group for younger members 6pm. £2.70 (£2) for perfs after 6pm. Chambers Streett Edlnburgh- llam~ “11?; %USC‘C cm” l, mini: P coir,ng (8-12 years) who are encouraged to Short Circuit (PG) (John Badham) Frcc- A talk by Kamana Halell- th H“ g?’ gmmoalwca : g: ‘m use their own initiative and 102 mins Sats 2.15pm possibly until 0 Reading by Gerda Stevenson e ousmg ept‘ ater 00 dcc' imagination in improvisation. drama Easter. Check with venue. A strange Watcrstones Bookshop. 114 George 9

and mime work. The group are tale of a robot who develops Street. Edinburgh. 7.30pm. Gerda

writing their own first show which humanoid tendancies after being Stevenson, well-known Scottish ' llilelnallonal women's Day: Fllm will be performed as part of the struck by lightning! actress. reads from her new Edinburgh Fllmhousct LOihlan Spring Fling (30 May- 13 June). New 0 REGAL North Bridge Street. Children‘s book The Candlemaker Roadr Edmbu’gh- Flcc- “9ka for members still welcome. Bathgate. ()506 630 869. Sat mats. and Other Stories and is IQday‘S ShOWings from Edinburgh

0 YWCA 7 Randolph Place. 225 4379. 2pm. Child and adult 50p. Selected accompanied by her sister Savurna Filmhousct 031 228 6382- SCCODd West End Youth Theatre Saturdays programmes from the Children’s Stevenson on the clarsach talented day Of “S39 films ‘0 celebrate 10.30am—noon. Any child up to 16 Film Foundation include a feature. family. Internatlonal women‘s Day (588 years is welcome to join the West cartoons and a serial. 0 Granlti Reading Netherbow Arts 5U" 8)- Desert Hearts

End Youth Theatre which learns Music Centre. 43 High Street. Edinburgh. (i.15—2.45pm). Red Skirts on drama and theatre skills under 031556 9579. 8pm. Free. A reading C [ydesldé’ (2-50—3t30Pm) and 5W?“ professional tuition. The workshops OOUEEN’S HALL South Clerk Street in the cafe organised by Graffiti Dreams14—5t55pmlt will lead to a production later in the Piccolo Pack Children’s Concerts Sat magazine. Those writers reading year. 50p per week plus £2.50 annual 7. Sat 14 and Sat 21 March. 11am. include: Morell Smith. Billy 10 membership. The second special musical fun club Cornwall. Chris McKinnell. 0 Archie Hind Cumbernauld Theatre. Exhibitions designed for8—12 year olds. See Rebecca E. Wilson. Kenny Storie. Cumbernauld.0236 732887. £1. The

Panel Colin Kerr. Ottille Halnsworth and well-known Glaswegian novelist

MUSEUM OFCH'LDHOOD 42ngh AlanJackson. Plustwojugglers and givesa readingto coincide with

Northumbrian Pipes. publication of his new novel Far


0 International Women's Day Changes-

. Lesbian and Gay Responses to Bookshop, 342 West Princes Street. . .' Kelvinbridgc‘ Glasgow‘m1357 Bisexuality Lesbian and Gay Centre.

3631 . 10.4Sam onwards. To mark 58" Broughton Streett Edinburgh-

- , . . 8pm. Regular Thursdav meeting of International Women 5 Day (Sun 9) . . I- . .g a day “discussions, videos and the Edinburgh Bisexual Group this

. . . . w d's ’se 1 sbian and a solidarity messages. Wine available. cck in: b? e 'H I g y allwomen welcome. response 0 lscxud l 3'


0 International Women's Day Wilkie ' w'mnll Round "‘9 wo'ld Royal

House. Guthrie Street. Edinburgh. giuscumgfsbwllzmlli Chargih‘ereA lOam—Spm.Free.To mark "CCLE m “‘8 - dm- “L-

International Women‘s Day, Wilkie talk by Jenni Calder.


' "or ' ..._.. I K“: ,- co-counselling. murals and display 0 Clydebanlt CND Blitz Demo Just what exactly is a piccolo? Why playing and joining in quizzes. The stalls from One World and Rape Organised by Scottish CND. does an oboe make a different noise morning's maestro, John Steer, hopes Crisis. Live entertainment. food and Commemorative Service. 11am. ltom a Clarinet? And how on earth does the series ‘wlll give the children quite a stalls selling clothes and jewellery. Dalnollal CCmCiCFY~ Clydchank an orchestra conjure up teats of variety of music so they can use their Creche available. ' March begins 12 noon. Mountblow unparalleled magic llOlll animals? . own imaginations to take them away in 0 International Women’s Day: Films R08d~ CleCbankt Answers l0 these and manv more their Iantasy worlds.’ It's animals Iirst, Edinburgh Filmhouse. Lothian ' Homoeopathy chlicld Si questions are revealed at the Queen’s then a world tour taking in at least Road. Edinburgh. Free. Tickets for Stephen’s Church Bath Street Hall in Edinburgh overlhe nextthree spain and Rumanla, tinishing up on the today’s showing from Women‘s Glasgow. 10am—4pm £10. One day Saturdays with the return 01 the 860’s last Saturday morning with the lull Unit. Edinburgh District Council. iml’OdUCIOYY COW-“C ‘9 Pl°€0l0 PaCll- Willi 3-12 Veal-OMS in orchestra in a musical circus City Chambers. High Street. hOmOCOPaihY- mtlld. these SDBClal mornings tiller a celebration. Piccolo Pack-Iollowed by Edinburgh, 031 225 2424 ext 5090/1. “'0 "lusmled Lectures by "39""5 chance to get right inside the orchestra ice-cream and juice - is on at the A tw0-day mm event organised by Magnusson James Moir Hall. -almosl literally. as the musicians will Dueen’s Hall, Clerit street. Edinburgh, Edinburgh District council and the Mitchell Theatre Grenville Street be 0" "007 leVal liming Children (in on Saturdays 7,14 and 21 March from Filmhouse to celebrate International Glasgow 33“ and 7~30Pmt Magnus organised groups!) have a scrutinizing 113m until norm wochS Day_ 0e58,, Hams Magnusson gives two lectures close up at what they’re doing. as well PS Adults are a||owed in too _ but oniy (11.3Oam_1pm),Red Skins 0,, organised by the RSPB: Iceland Saga as nerllclnallntl themselves by singing. it they‘re very. verliiiood. (Carol Main) Clydeside(1.05—1.43pm) and Sweet (2-30Pm) and Bin“ efla”and

mm" Mon9Mar.

The List 6- 19 March 41