about as something of a sex symbol. I ask him ifthere are any fictional characters he identifies with. Don Juan, perhaps? Or even Benjamin Braddock? In fact. along with Daffy Duck and Dr Jekyll comes back the surprising answer Humbert Humbert. the paedophilic hero of Nabokov‘s Lolita. ‘Not for the obvious reason. I don‘t go around chasing after 14 year-old girls. just because he‘s a desperately romantic person who's totally useless when it comes to real-life relationships.‘ So who excites our Jonathan?

‘I don‘t think I‘d know (an ideal woman) unless she came up and bit me on the arse or something. Women are a problem. aren‘t they? Ifyou get to know someone as well as you should get to know the person you’re living with. to let your guard down and to be able to accept them with all their faults. that‘s a very hard thing to do. I think I‘ve been taken in too much by the whole idea of ideal people already. so that when I do get involved in something for real I always have trouble equating it with what the fantasy should be.

‘I enjoyed the snake. though. That was a wonderful experience. If you can't get AIDS from a snake then I‘m laughing. I‘m gonna get a couple of pythons and retire to bed each evening with a jarofVaseline.‘

Ross's main relaxation. apart from drinking and dreaming about cavorting with snakes (the python was a guest on an earlier programme). is still the cinema. ‘But it‘s awful these days. I find myself halfway through the film worrying about the show. I saw The Fly the other day. It‘s great, a lot of fun. I love horror films. I'm very big on splatter movies.‘ he admits with a roguish glint.

His next project is, in fact. a film show. as he rightly believes that movies have never had decent TV coverage. Planned guests are directors like David Cronenberg. David Lynch and Russ Meyer— ‘Once again. the people you would

never see on Aspel or Parkinson.‘

As for the future of The Last

‘l’m very big on splatter movies.’

Resort. very little is certain. though the run of the present series has been increased to fifteen and a second series is planned for later in the year. ‘lfl don‘t enjoy doing it by the end of the second series I won‘t do it any

you lose control over what you‘re doing. and you just go out there and say hello to someone and it's. . .‘ Jonathan is momentarily lost for words. ‘God. it would be so awful. Imagine being Wogan.‘

more, frankly. I can’t imagine myself doing this job in ten years’ time. It’s not really a job. is it? I mean. it‘s

hard work. but it‘s not really a

career. I do it because it’s fun. But

it‘s so easy. I‘ve seen it happen. once I

lev/ ’v .I i