enough to completely knock out audiences. A must. See Feature.

Classes, Workshops and Lecture-Demonstrations

0 Scottish Dance Theatre in Residence: A ‘Build a Perlormance Project' Edinburgh Suite.

Class: General. 9.30—1().3()am. £2 Workshop: General. 10.45am-12noon. £2 (£1).

A five-day creative dance project. See also Mon 23-Fri 27 Mar.

Please note: All morning classes by SDT are open to those not participating in the full residency.

0 Fiona Alderman: Contemporary Technique (Elementary/Intermediate) Music Hall. 9.3()—1().3()am. £2 (£1). A general Cunningham-based technique class by a Glasgow-based teacher.

0 Marilyn Williams (ex-Ballet Rambert): Creative Dance for 3—5 years olds (General) Music Hall. 11-1 1 .45am. £2 (£1). 50p.

0 Sue MacLennan: Creative Contemporary (Intermediate/ Advanced) Music Hall. 2—3.3()pm. £2 (£1),

0 Kedzie Penlield: rundamentals oi Movement (General) Edinburgh Suite. 3.30—5.30pm. £2 (£1). A practical workshop in lrmgard Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement: a system of understanding and analysing alignment. efficient use ofthe body and anatomical principles of corrective movement. The class will also include other elements such as injury prevention.

0 Dorothy and Lindsay Grant: Disco and Jive (General) Music Hall. 4.30—5.30pm. £2 (£1). Open to all. Take your partner for disco. jive and rock ‘n‘ roll.

0 Marilyn Williams: Adult Beginners Classical Ballet (General) Edinburgh Suite. 6—7.15pm. £2 (£1). An introduction ior adults to some oi the positions and steps oi classical ballet. o Pauline Daniels (Netherlands): Workshop (General) Music Hall. 6—7pm. £2 (£1). It‘s exciting to see some new names come to Scotland and Paulene Daniels is sure to inspire. Trained in Amsterdam, LSCD and New York. she brings her own form ofcontemporary dance. See also Wed 25 Mar.


o Rotating Dancers: ‘Elements Basic’ Ballroom. 12.30pm. £2 (£1). An hour of pure dance exploring the changing atmospheres. energies. qualities and moods ofthe four elements. The choreography is by Dale Thompson with an original score by three Scottish musicians. Derek Haughton. Jim Sutherland and Alan Tall. and is performed by Liz Ingram, Pippa Mallon and Jane Simpson.

0 Pauline Daniels (Netherlands): ‘No Fixed Abode’ Ballroom. 8pm. £4 (£3) Daniels‘ new programme is described as a ‘marathon’ and consists ofshort pieces choreographed specially for her by other artists including Viola Farber (New York) and Matthew Hawkins (London). On stage continuously, Daniels is joined only by a video.

FOCUS ON SCOTLAND applauded. Ideal with young people

who have never been praised.’ Maldoom's periormance pieces too are oiten closely linked with the environment, several combining contemporary dance with traditional

Scottish music. The FDD programme contains one about the Act oi Union. ‘I just remember Martha Graham saying that to be successiul, dance must be indigenous. The eliect on Scottish people oi dancing about their own history can reawaken a sense at pride and interest in it. That seems to me to be the exciting way iorward.’

Peter Royston oi Scottish Dance Theatre also ieels that dance can be socially and politically outspoken. ‘I personally think that dance has a lot to say. I think it is an art iorm that should be as vital as any other.’

Royston’s choreography has oiten covered social and ecological subjects and in one sense he ieels that Scotland's lack oi a continuing, established contemporary dance tradition might almost be a bonus towards new development, in that contemporary dance has not iallen into a rut in Scotland. It has also, however, provided him with the problem oi presenting innovative programmes to audiences unaccustomed to contemporary dance. For him then FDD is a positive step that he would like to see repeated annually and he ieels that some permanent dance centre or company should provide a constant and encouraging iocus oi excellence. ‘There are lots oi things going on all overthe country which are sort oi isolated and need pulling together. It’s exciting because it’s a whole new area

\rf’ ck

Focus On Dance has particular signiiicance ior one group oi people: those working in contemporary dance in Scotland. Many ol the Scottish dance companies are appearing and ior Royston Maldoom oi Dundee Rep and Peter Royston oi Scottish Dance Theatre, the event represents a vital, promising boost to what has mostly been a low-prolile area oi the arts in Scotland.

Royston Maldoom, radiates enthusiasm about the potential interest iordance in Scotland: ‘In my experience people already know dance is interesting, all they need is an opportunityto explore it.’ He would like to see the event fuelling nationwide activity, ‘making skills and experience available to communities throughout Scotland.’

Maldoom welcomes the combination oi pertormances and public workshops in FDD: his own work has always placed great emphasis on community involvement, irequently working with underprivileged young people towards periormance. ‘For many people it’s the

“'81 "me lheY'Ve done someming oi expansion. Ithink there’s amazing larger than themselves and have been potential [or dance in Scotland.’

which plays throughout the . 0 Pat Eckersley: High Energy performance. This is Daniels: first contemporary (Genera) Edinburgh visit to Scotland and is essential suitc- 5_45_7.15pm. £1 (50p). pat

viewing has been a popular teacher at the Assembly Rooms for the past six Classes: worksr'ops and months. Her approach to


0 Susan Crowther: General Contemporary (Elementary/Intermediate) Music Hall. 9.30—10.45am. £2 (£1). A class in general contemporary technique. 0 Scottish Dance Theatre in Residence: A ‘Build a Periormance’ Project Edinburgh Suite.

contemporary dance is fun and genuinely suitable for all abilities. A good class to have a first taste of contemporary.

Public Events

0 Tea Dance Music Hall. 2.30—4.30pm. £1 (Slip). A popular dancing event for all ages and

Class: General. 9.30—1().3()am. £2 abilitics'

“m Workshop: General. See also Mon

23—Fri27 Mar. 10.45am—12noon. £2 Performances


0 Dorothy and Lindsay Grant: Social Dancing (General) Music hall. 11am—12. 15pm. £2 (£1). Music Hall. An introduction for adults to the basic steps of the Waltz, Quick Step, Cha Cha and Jive.

o The Scottish Ballet Steps Out Edinburgh Suite Class: General. 4—5. 15pm. £2 (£1). Music Hall Workshop: General. 5.30—7pm. £2 (£1). These classes and workshops have been specially devised by Steps Out (Scottish Ballet‘s Educational Unit) for young people of all abilities from age 14 upwards. See also Thurs 26 Mar.

0 Khoros Dance Theatre and Renirew Youth Dance Group Ballroom. 12.30pm. £2 (£1). Khorus are an entertaining group ofmainly professional contemporary dancers based in Edinburgh. Their double bill is followed by the Renfrew Group who show the kind ofstuff community groups are made ofin Scotland.

0 Dundee Rep Dance Company: ‘In With Both Feet’ Ballroom. 8pm. £4 (£3). Royston Maldoom transformed community dance in Scotland. His original group of youngsters in Fife have gone from strength tostrength and there are

now similar groups across the country. Last year he turned his energies to the formation of a professional company of young dancers based at Dundee Rep. This programme includes his own ’Oh Why Should I Cry Upon My Wedding Day?‘ which is accompanied by live music.

Classes, Workshops and Lecture-Demonstrations

0 Liz Ingram and Jane Simpson: Contemporary Technique (Elementary/Intermediate) Music Hall. 9.3()—1().3()am. £2 (£1). General contemporary technique.

0 Scottish Dance Theatre in Residence: A ‘Build a Periormance' Project Edinburgh Suite.

Class: General. 9.3()—1().30am. £2(£1) Workshop: General. 10.45am—12noon. £2 (£1).

0 Dundee Rep Dance Company: Workshop (General) Music Hall. 10.45—12noon. £2 (£1). An open creative workshop presented by the recently formed Dundee Rep Dance Company.

0 Tamara McLorg: Contemporary Technique (General) Music Hall. 2.30—3.30pm. £2 (£1 ). An open class in contemporary technique for all ages and abilities.

o Michele Smith: Contemporary Technique (Intermediate/Advanced) Music Hall. 4—5.3(ipm. £2 (£1). The . first of two general contemporary technique glasses given by Second Strider Michele Smith. See also Fri 27 Mar.

0 The Scottish Ballet Steps Out Edinburgh Suite.

Class: General. 4—5. 15pm. £2 (£1). Workshop: General. 5.30—7pm. £2 1) The second ofa short series ofclasscs and creative workshops led by Rosina Bonsu and members of the Steps Out team.

0 Edinburgh Early Dancers: 16th—19 Century Court Dance Music hall. 6.30—7.30pm. £1.50. In the 16th century dance was highly structured and mainly social. This group. in full 16th century costume. accomapanied by the Edinburgh Renaissance Band. demonstrate the intricacies and protocol of the Minuet and other court dances which led to the Waltz.



o SDT ’Build a Periormance’ Demonstration: Stirling Youth Dance Ballroom. 12.30pm. £2 (£1). The participants of Scottish Dance Theatre’s workshops will present their short piece. Stirling Youth Dance will perform the second half. 0 Scottish Dance Theatre Ballroom. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). A triple bill from one ofScotland‘s leading contemporary dance companies.

Classes, Workshops and Lecture-Demonstrations

0 Scottish Dance Theatre in Residence: A ‘Build a Performance Project Edinburgh Suite.

Class: General. 9.30—10.3Uam. £2 (£1) Workshop: General. 10.45am—12noon. £2 (£1).

0 London Contemporary Dance

Theatre: Creative Class and Workshop

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